GH Short Recap Friday, September 23, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Lucy tells Anna and Valentin that she doesn’t want to be rescued because she is very close to Victor telling her his big plan.

Elizabeth tells Finn that she saw the face of the woman at the bottom of the stairs, but she doesn’t know the identity of the woman. Elizabeth sees the picture of the woman on Finn’s phone and he tells her that is his deceased wife Rieko so Elizabeth pretends to have a headache and tells Finn she is going home. Elizabeth looks through old photos and finds a picture of her and her sister Sarah and on the back of the picture it says it was taken in the Mariana islands in Guam in 1997,*that is the same place Finn and his wife worked for Doctors without Borders early in their marriage.

Diane arrives at Brando’s garage to talk to Sasha and tells her Martin asked her to file a continuance in her case since he is still out of town. Sonny is still upset with Diane for grilling him on the stand during Michael and Willow’s trial when Nina was trying to get visitation rights with Wiley. Sonny thanks Diane for helping Sasha with her case. Sonny takes Sasha home but tells Dex to wait until Diane finishes looking for the guardianship papers Brando signed and then lock up the garage. Diane is in Brando’s office looking for the papers when the audience sees someone with a hook behind her.

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