Days Short Recaps Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Stefan they could do great things together. EJ said they could destroy Gabi. When Stefan didn’t rush to do it, EJ wondered why Stefan was hesitating. Stefan said he wanted to hear the whole plan. EJ said Stefan should take back his shares now that he’s alive. He said that would give them the shares they needed to oust her. He said Stefan would have to be willing to take her down. He asked Stefan if he was willing to take her down. Chad came in and was shocked to see Stefan. Stefan said he wanted to start over with Chad. Chad refused to do it after what he did to Abby. He told Stefan that Abby was dead. Stefan was shocked to hear that. Chad said Leo was the main suspect. He said the only thing Sonny remembered was the suspect was wearing vanilla. He went upstairs. EJ asked Stefan if he was still willing to go after Gabi. Leo told Gwen why Chad was the killer and was setting him up. She didn’t think Craig was that cold-blooded. Leo said Craig used to be shady. He told her how Craig could have set him up. She asked how Craig could have gotten his hit list. Leo didn’t know how he could have gotten the list. He said no one else had reason to hate him the way Craig did.

Gwen wanted to call the police, but Leo stopped her. He asked if she was going to turn him in. She said she forgave him for turning on her. She said she wanted to prove his innocence. He said he wanted to get back at Craig. She texted Rafe and told him to investigate Craig. Craig ran into Nancy and Clyde at the Pub. Craig said he was back because of Leo’s crimes. He said it was his fault for dumping Leo at the altar. Nancy introduced Clyde as her fiance. Craig told them that Chloe told him about Leo’s hit list. He said he knew Brady and Chloe were on Leo’s list Nancy said Leo hasn’t indicated that he was after Brady and Chloe, She wondered why Leo would spare Brady and Chloe. Craig thought it was because Leo still loved him. Craig wanted to celebrate their engagement. While they were in the Square, she left them alone. Craig and Clyde argued over Clyde not being good enough for Nancy. Clyde reminded him about what he did to her. Chad showed up while they were talking. Clyde wanted an apology form Chad for accusing him of murder. Chad didn’t want to get into it now. While he was standing next to Craig, he noticed the smell of vanilla. Stefan went to Gabi’s office. She noticed that he was wearing his ring. She asked if that meant that he still loved her. Leo was glad Gwen was going to help him. Rafe showed up to arrest him. She said she told Rafe that Leo was in her room.

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