Days Short Recap Thursday, September 22, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer looked at a picture of Abby and took a couple of pills. Jack walked in the room so she hid the bottle. She got emotional over Abby. Jack hugged her when the bell rang. Jennifer wanted Jack to answer the door. Jennifer hid the bottle behind Abby’s picture. Jack came back in the room with Gwen. Jennifer thanked her for turning Leo in to the police. Gwen admitted that she mostly did it out of spite. She was thankful her daughter’s killer was in custody. Gwen wasn’t sure that was true. Jack had doubts about that too. Jennifer wanted to know who the killer was if it wasn’t Leo. Gwen told them about Leo’s theory about Craig. Jennifer knew Craig wasn’t an angel, but she didn’t think he was a murderer. She wanted to know why he would kill Abby. Gwen said she was collateral damage in Craig’s revenge plot. Gwen apologized for not being able to make amends for what she did to Abby. She hoped her killer paid for what he did. Jack thanked her and offered to walk her out. When they left Jennifer grabbed the pill bottle. Gwen ended up seeing the bottle. Jennifer told her they were for a sinus infection. Gwen knew what the pills were. She said her mother used to hide pills behind pictures too. She didn’t want to judge her.. She wanted to help her. She wanted to get Jack, but Jennifer didn’t want her to do it. She warned Gwen that she only has a relationship with Jack because she allowed it. She told Gwen that she would make sure Jack never talked to her again if she told him what she saw. She told Gwen to get out of her house.

Chad told Rafe about Sonny smelling vanilla before he was stabbed. He told him that he smelled vanilla when he saw Craig. Rafe wanted to know what motive Craig had to do it. He wondered if he was getting revenge on Leo. Chad didn’t think it was so crazy. He wanted the right person to be locked up so Rafe agreed to look into it. Leo thought about Gwen turning him in to the police. Craig showed up and knew about what happened to Leo. Leo accused him of setting him up for Abby’s murder and Sonny’s attack. Craig scoffed, but Leo knew it was true. He planned to prove it. Craig grabbed Leo through the bars. He didn’t think anyone would miss Leo. He said he didn’t stab anyone. He said he wasn’t the one framing him. Leo said he was crazy and sadistic. Leo planned to prove that Craig was guilty. He said Craig would be sorry he ever met him. Craig said he was already sorry he met him. Rafe saw Craig and wanted to talk to him in the interrogation room. Chad ran into Nancy at the pub. He told her that he ran into Craig the day before. He asked her about him wearing vanilla. Nancy said he never wore cologne. She said Clyde wore that scent. Chad remembered seeing Chad with Clyde. Clyde was outside of Sonny’s room. He thought about Clyde walking towards Sonny while gripping a knife.

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