Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 21, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve went to the interrogation room to see Orpheus. He knew one of them would come by to see him. Steve was willing to give him one chance to tell him what he did to Kayla, Kate and Marlena. He clicked a pen in Orpheus’ face. Orpheus made fun of him for choosing that as a weapon. Steve knew if he hit a major artery, he would instantly die. He said he would die if he didn’t tell him what he did to the women. Chloe arrived at the station to ask Shawn to testify that Brady didn’t kill Philip. Shawn said he couldn’t do that. She was upset because Kristen was going to win again. Kayla was in Marlena’s room and assured Stephanie that she would be okay. She started coughing, but told her there was nothing to worry about. Marlena told her that she and John decided not to tell their children what happened too. Marlena started coughing while she was talking to a patient on the phone. Kayla told her that she shouldn’t be working. Marlena wanted to keep herself distracted from the custody hearing. Kayla didn’t understand how any judge could give Kristen custody of a child. Kayla was worried about Steve’s visit with Orpheus. Steve kept trying to get Orpheus to talk to him, but Shawn came in the room. He stopped Steve from going after Orpheus. Steve walked out of the room.

Belle questioned John about the type of father Brady is. John ended up thinking about what Orpheus did to Marlena, Kayla and Kate. He became emotional and realized someone asked him about the type of father Brady was. He talked about Kristen’s crimes, but the judge stopped him. John let the judge know that he mentioned Kristen’s crimes to show that Brady puts Rachel first. John got upset when he mentioned Kristen stabbing Victor, but he controlled himself. Kristen began her turn and questioned John’s competency since Marlena went on a crime spree for months. She brought up how Marlena was possessed. She wanted to know where Marlena was. She wondered what would be more important than supporting her stepson. John blurted out that she could be dying. The judge called a recess. He told Brady and Belle what was going on with Marlena. Belle rushed to see Marlena with John. Kristen asked Brady to stay behind. She expressed her sympathy towards Marlena, but he went off on her. They threaten each other about how far they would go to protect Rachel. Brady stormed off to join John and Belle. They expressed how much they loved Marlena until the judge called Belle. Belle and Brady had to leave. Chloe saw Kate at the pub and asked her to testify for Brady. She wanted her to tell the judge that Brady didn’t kill Philip. Kate said she would think about it. Chloe walked away from her. Roman told Kate he would go to the judge himself if she would talk to her. Kate begged him not to do that. She thought it could ruin the progress Philip made. Roman didn’t think Brady should lose Rachel to Kristen. He wanted her to think about talking to the judge. The hearing resumed and Kristen continued to accuse Brady of killing Philip. Roman walked in and said he had something to say. The judge told him that he was too late because she made her decision. Steve found Kayla coughing at the hospital. She wanted to know what he did to Orpheus. He downplayed what happened. She got a call from the ISA. They went to see John and Marlena. She told them the ISA was having trouble figuring out what was wrong with them. Kayla passed out.

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