Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, September 21, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Nate meets Victoria at the park and he agrees to sell her his stock in Chancellor Winters when the company goes public so when she buys as much stock as she can his stock will give her majority stake in the company. Lily agrees to let Nate run the company when it becomes part of Newman Enterprises provided he can be her man inside Chancellor Winters and give her the information she needs to obtain Chancellor Winters stock.

Nate returns to Chancellor Winters and apologizes to them and tells them he will respect their authority if they let him return to the company. Devon, Lily, and Billy are glad to have Nate back at the company but they have no idea he plans to betray them and take the company away from them.

Devon and Billy still don’t think the company should go public because it will stop being a family company if they have to answer to a board of directors full of strangers.

Nikki meets with Deacon Sharpe who tells her that the few times he saw Diane in Los Angeles, she was driving a Bentley with a guy in the backseat whom he assumed was a rich guy. Deacon also tells Nikki he has something she needs to see at the restaurant where he works. Nikki is reluctant to go to the restaurant, but Talia persuades Nikki to go meet Deacon at the restaurant.

Diane tries to apologize to Victor for everything he put Nikki and his family through when she faked her own death. Victor tells Diane he doesn’t buy her act because he knows she hasn’t changed. Diane returns to work and gets angry because Victor won’t give her a second chance. Diane tells Phyllis to stay out of her way or she will be sorry. Phyllis tells Diane she knew it wouldn’t take long for the real Diane to come out and it just happened right now.

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