GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Carly visits the grave of her adoptive mother Virginia Benson and tells her about her life. She also apologizes for not appreciating what a wonderful mother she was and for never listening to her wise advice. Carly finds out from the security guard at the cemetery that she will have to move her mother’s body because the cemetery is being turned into an access road for easier access to the beach. Carly also finds out that the beautification society headed by her friend Reese’s mother is behind the project. Carly decides not to go to Aruba and decides to fight to save the cemetery where her adoptive mother is buried.

Elizabeth tells Finn that while Kevin had her under hypnosis she remembered seeing a woman at the bottom of a staircase but she can’t see the face of the woman or the face of the person who pushed her but she fears that the person who pushed the woman down the stairs was her father Jeff Webber.

Brando has a seizure and coughs blood and Portia tries to save him but, Brando dies and his family says a tearful goodbye to him. Portia and TJ can’t figure out why Brandon died since he survived the surgery and the symptoms Brando had before he died are not consistent with an infection. Portia decides to consult Finn to see if he can find the reason Brandon died.

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