Y&R Short Recap Friday, September 16, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Lily tries to persuade Devon to allow Nate to work on his ideas and let him fail because that is the only way he will learn.

Devon doesn’t want to take the company public and he is upset that Lily agrees with Jill.

Nate talks to Victoria and tells her that Jill wants to take Chancellor Winters public and that Lily agrees with Jill about the idea, but Billy and Devon don’t want to do it. Nate tells Victoria that he thinks Jill and Lily will be able to persuade Billy and Devon to take the company public. Nate tells Victoria that when the IPO happens he will be her man inside Chancellor Winters giving her information so she can buy controlling shares in the company so she can take over Chancellor Winters, and when she does, he wants to be CEO of the company. Victoria is stunned that Nate wants to betray his family in this way.

Sally tells Nick that she needs to concentrate on her job and Nick is willing to step aside until she decides how she feels about Adam. Sally and Nick decide to go back to work but instead they end up in Sally’s hotel room where they have sex…again. Sally and Nick get dressed and about to go back to work when Adam arrives and wonders why Nick is in Sally’s hotel room.

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