Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 13, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John went to see Steve. John said he was ready to go after Orpheus. He called Shane, but the ISA didn’t have anything on Orpheus. They talked about using Orpheus’ children against him. John said they could talk to Rafe so he could get Zoey to help them. Kate went to see Roman for his birthday. He was worried that Orpheus would come after her. She ended up getting sick. He wanted her to go to the hospital. She agreed to go. At the hospital, Marlena and Kayla talked about John and Steve being worried about them. They thought Orpheus was getting to John and Steve. Kate showed up and said she wasn’t feeling well. Kayla thought she should get checked out. Kate ended up passing out. When Kate was in her room, Marlena went to call Roman. Kayla realized she had the same symptoms as Kate. Kayla passed out on Kate’s bed. Kate woke her up. They realized Orpheus did something to them. Roman showed up at the hospital. Marlena ended up passing out too.

When Roman got Marlena settled, John showed up. They all realized Orpheus had something to do with it, but the men weren’t affected by it. They figured that whatever Orpheus did wasn’t contagious. They thought the kidnapping was a set up. They thought Orpheus would be getting in touch with them soon. Rafe had a dream that Eric and Nicole were having sex. Nicole wanted Rafe to tell her about the dream. He told her about his dream. She asked him what brought that up. He said Jada said something the other day. He said Jada said it was weird for her to be dating Nicole’s ex-husband. Nicole said she went to see Eric to offer him a job. Rafe didn’t believe that. She said she didn’t tell him because he was busy with work. Rafe went to the station and ran into Jada. He asked her how things were going with Eric. He asked if Eric was going to take the job at Basic Black. Nicole went to see Eric just as he was going to take a shower. Orpheus called John and Steve to tell him he was behind what was going on with Marlena, Kayla and Kate.

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