Days Short Recap Thursday, September 15, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe reassured Brady that he wouldn’t lose custody of Rachel. Belle arrived in the courtroom and wondered what happened to Kristen. Brady didn’t know and thought she was up to no good. The judge showed up so Belle moved for the case to be dismissed since Kristen wasn’t there. Kristen met with Li outside of the pub. She let him know that she had to get to the courthouse. He wanted her to listen to him because she was the reason Stefan was awake sooner than he was supposed to be. He told her that Stefan went to the crypt and told Gabi that he didn’t love her. Kristen didn’t see why he was angry, but he told her it was a dangerous move. He said he didn’t know where Stefan was and Gabi was a wreck. Kristen didn’t care since she had her own problems. The judge said if Kristen didn’t show up in the next minute, she would dismiss the case. Kristen arrived and announced she would be representing herself. She called Chloe as her first witness. The judge reminded her that it wasn’t a trial. Kristen told her about Brady and Chloe’s relationship. Kristen told the judge that Rachel hated Chloe. Belle objected, but the judge allowed Kristen to question Chloe. Kristen wanted to know why Chloe wanted to steal her child. She brought up how she tried to keep Nicole’s daughter. Chloe said she did what was best for the baby. Belle interrupted and asked Chloe about her relationship with Nicole now. Chloe assured them everything was fine between her and Nicole. The court had recess. Belle informed Brady and Chloe that Kristen’s line of questioning didn’t help their case. Chloe wanted to testify against Kristen now, but Belle thought it was a bad idea. Belle advised her to leave the courtroom. Chloe left the courtroom.

The case resumed so Kristen questioned Brady. She asked him why he thought it was okay to raise their daughter with a murderer. Gabi was in the crypt and thought about Stefan being there and rejecting her. She wanted to find out what Rolf did to her and refused to let him go again. Ava wanted to know why Johnny was still in her hotel room. She reminded them that he was supposed to be there for one night. He said he would leave. EJ showed up at the hotel room and was upset to see Johnny with Ava. He wanted to take Johnny, home, but he refused to go with him. They ended up arguing about it. Ava draped her arm around Johnny and told EJ that their plans weren’t his business. EJ said he was showing concern for Johnny, but he wouldn’t do it again. After EJ left, Ava wanted Johnny to leave. He said he could stay on the floor because he would rather stay with her than go back to the mansion. She still wanted him to leave. He didn’t have anywhere to go, but he decided to go.

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