Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, September 14, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Devon and Nate finally get everything out in the open, but it only makes the rift between them worse.

Lily and Billy try to mediate between Devon and Nate but Nate is tired of banging his head against the wall so he quits his job, at Chancellor Winters. Lily tells Devon that she agrees with Jill and she wants to take Chancellor Winters public and she is determined to persuade Devon this is the right decision for the company.

Adam interrupts a conversation between Victor and Jack and Victor tells Adam that he is done with him and wishes him luck with his life. Victor is upset that Adam broke away from the family that he goes to his home gym and hits the heavy boxing bag for a long time.

Nick and Sally have sex in Sally’s office and Adam almost catches them together, but he leaves when Sally doesn’t answer him when he calls her name and he tries to open her office door and it is locked. Nick and Sally go to dinner because they are hungry after all the physical activity. They see Adam and they have an awkward dinner together. Nick takes Sally back to her place and tells her goodnight and Adam sees Nick leaving Sally’s door and wonders what is going on between Nick and Sally.

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