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What is all this? This is the first day of married life. You don’t think it’s a little over the top. If anything, this is restrained. After all the time we’ve waited after all the false starts, we are finally irrevocably married. I think that’s cause of celebration. Don’t you? And you know what? This is just the beginning,

Nicole. I, what a surprise. Uh, I need to talk to you about something. Can I come in?

This must be it.

I hear the women you love are under the weather.

I’m sure you figured out by now that I’m behind what’s happening to your precious women, sweetness, stock sneezy. I’m sorry. I meant Kate and I, I don’t want keep you in suspense any longer about what’s in store for them. Wait, does that sound ominous? It does. Doesn’t it. I’m guessing that by now you, uh, you’re getting rather sick of me, but the ladies they’re

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

I get CROs all over the bed. You know, sometimes I worry that you are just too romantic here I am, or head over heels and love bride groom. And you’re like, you gonna get crimes in the bed. I’m just saying I don’t want there to be like irritating crus in the bed. Should we choose to stay here? All. Oh, mm-hmm so you’re as serious.

That’s even better than

I’m also just very, very, very happy me too. And I meant can’t believe we really are married.

We’re finally at the happily ever after part of our story, I. What you mean yesterday? I woke up and I was just hit with this sense of dread. Like, is there gonna be a tsunami? Is Kristen gonna show up in another mask? Like, what is it gonna be that ruins the wedding this time? So then when Gwen showed up, but she didn’t change anything, you were still married.

Mm-hmm anyhow. I was just scared. Sarah Gwen is in the past. There’s nothing else she can do to us. Yeah. Just, I don’t know. I, I didn’t know who else was gonna drop in while I was gone. There was Gwen and Chanel. I mean, you had a fiance and a wife are quite busy. Just, I don’t know who else claimed your heart while I was otherwise engaged.

I’ve hit a nerve. No, I was thinking about something totally unrelated with coffee. Xander, you better tell me, or I’m gonna assume the worst. There was someone else wasn’t there. Yeah, but it was just a one nice time.

Let me guess you had another dream about me. No.

If you don’t tell me what happened in the stream. I’m, I’m just going to imagine something worse. I dreamt that, um,

I call you in bed with Eric.

No, I didn’t have another dream about you, but I do need to speak with you and I’d rather not do it out here in the hallway.

Okay. Come on in actually

better yet. Why don’t. I get dressed. I don’t meet you downstairs.

Yeah. Okay. I probably should have called first. I just need a few minutes. Okay.

Nicole said that she offered Eric a job, a basic black. He didn’t say anything to you about it? No, he, he didn’t. Huh?

I have to say, I, I really regret having to resort to this, um, one way video communication, because more than anything right now, I would sort like to see the looks on your faces, but what are you gonna do? You can’t have everything, right? So I’ll just have to rely on my imagination.

I have to think that right about now, Mr. Johnson has draped a protective arm around sweetness and in my mind’s eye, I can see my old friend John’s patented scowl.

And Roman well, Roman looks about how Roman always looks a little bit bilious, but I digress. The reason for this video among others is to reassure you that what I’ve infected the ladies with is not Contag. No, you men will remain perfectly healthy to watch the women die.

What am I saying? you’re not gonna willingly watch the women die. No, no, no. You’re men of action and you take great pride in that. No, but this is a medical deal. So what are you gonna do? You gonna strap on the old armor? Hoist your lances, Mount your steeds and charge into the fray. Mm fair ladies. It seems I’ve effectively sidelined your nights and their heroics in this final instance.

Isn’t worth know that word. My son likes to use. And so just. Squat. It ain’t worth squat. Now I know you don’t want to keep listening to this. I know you want to throw your phones against the wall, but you can’t risk it. Can you, I have to assume by now that you’ve realized the whole kidnapping and. Puzzle solving bomb thing was an elaborate ruse, uh, kind of misdirection to cover up the real reason I needed your, your women, isolated, unconscious.

I’m afraid. I was a little less than candid. I apologize, but I did leave you clues along the way. I always have. And you’re hoping I still will. In fact, right now you’re hanging on every syllable. I utter hoping that discern a hidden message, because it would be unbearable for you to think that I’m making you listen to all of this, simply because I enjoy torturing.

It meant nothing. It was, it was just sex. Oh wow. Whatever girl wants to hear on her honeymoon, Sarah, who was it? Does it matter? Tell me who it was and I’ll tell you if it matters, sir, you have to understand. I, I thought you’d left me. I underst. But you need to understand that when we agreed to get married, I thought I knew everything about what happened when we were apart.

And I thought I had had time to hate this word process. It, you have to trust me. I need to know who it was.

So when did Nicole offer Eric this job? The other day? So when she went over to Eric, But then she saw you there. Well, just this morning, Eric was telling me that he doesn’t even sorry. Ah, I have to take this. Yeah. Sorry. Hernandez. Yeah.

But didn’t you tell me that your brother owns a fashion company? Yeah, he co-owns it with. All roads lead to Nicole. I’m sorry. Yeah, no, I’m sorry. That was, that was a dumb thing to no, no, it’s okay. I understand. You know, but actually, you know what, actually, there is something that kind of crosses my mind.

Yeah. Yeah. I could talk to Jack dev. I mean, I, maybe there’s some work. I can do it for the SPECT. They’d be lucky to have you, if he had an offer, he would’ve said something.

So, Nicole, why are you lying to your husband?

Hey Chloe, listen. Um, I’m gonna be late coming into the office because I need to talk to Eric. No. I decided to speak with him in person because the delightful Jada told RA about the last time I popped in to see Eric and now I have to do damage control because rave had a nightmare about Eric and me, man.

She really must have spun things to make Rafe, have a dream like that. And I’m like, I, I need to talk to Eric and get him to back me up. Why, but, well, because when RA was so upset and he asked me why I went to see Eric, oh, I, I told him I went to offer him a job. Yeah, I know. I know. That’s why I’m here to make that lie.

The truth, Nicole.

Uh, Chloe. Um, I gotta go. Okay, bye. Hey, have you had any coffee yet? Uh, yeah. What did you mean about making that lie? The truth. Oh, Eric, this, this, this is awful. Uh, Kristen is trying to break up Brady and. When she even went to Gabby and got her to put her in charge at basic black, and now she’s making all these negative job reports and trying to get Chloe fired.

And I told her that I am not gonna let that happen. All right. So why would you wanna make these lies to the truth? What you wanna expose Kristen? Well, co knows what I mean. And that’s all that matters. Anyway. I I’m, I’m running a little behind, so I wanna tell you why I stopped by this morning. Okay. So I think I mentioned this the other day that we’re looking for a photographer at basic black.

No, you didn’t. Well, we are. So what do you think about coming to work for us? I, I, you know, honestly, I can’t even believe you’re saying this. Why, why wouldn’t I great photographer and we want the best. Yeah. Well, I was just telling Jay, I was thinking about maybe going back to my photography, you know, even, maybe at the spectator.

Well, there you go. Great minds and all that, right? I mean, we’re both thinking the same thing and the same day and Jeremy about each other at the same time,

Eric. I, I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re very woman, Nicole, what about.

Nicole Walker, you slept with Nicole Walker. I’m not sure they heard you down at the front desk, but she hates. and for my understanding for good reason, Sarah, it wasn’t about loving and hating. It was just about need. And Nicole and I bumped into each other when we were pretty much at rock bottom. Oh. And then you continued to bump into each other all night.

I had to explain, I thought I’d lost you forever. And Nicole. Well, we were both very drunk and oh, Nicole was just so I don’t know, lost and alone. So this was after she and Eric broke up? Uh, no. So she was married when you bumped into her, married to a man. She hadn’t seen almost a year, a man who had canceled like three or four trips home because he’s so wonderful and saintly that you couldn’t be bothered to spend time with his wife.

I, so he felt sorry for her. I was so sorry. As I felt for myself. So did Eric find out, is that why he asked her for a divorce? No, they had, uh, other issues. So he doesn’t know. No, he knows. How did he find out?

Does it really matter? I mean, they’ve moved on. They got divorced. I mean, Nicole’s married to Rafe now. If Eric was in Africa, did she tell him? And that’s why they got divorced? Like, why wouldn’t she just ask for a divorce and then let it go.

There’s more to it. Isn’t there.

Nicole. Didn’t tell Eric. I did.

Oh, was Sean new news about Leo? No, nothing yet. Uh, anyway, listen, you were telling me about, uh, Eric and, uh, job at basic black. Yeah. Uh, you know, I was thinking. I had a late night last night. And I think I just got things a little mixed up. Eric did mention a photography job, but he didn’t mention that Nicole offered one.

Um, I mean, you know, Eric, he plays things close to the best busy Fernandez.

Okay. What the hell?

Oh, apparently the lab has a backlog and can’t get us the results of the warehouse that Orpheus used until tomorrow. So I’m gonna go pay them a visit to if I can convince them to change their minds.

Think of it, the explosive device you diffused could have offered a much quicker death, much like the one my Rebecca experienced when Roman put a bullet in her heart and broke mine. Yeah. You could have spared them a prolonged agony by not saving them. Irony of ironies. But I understand you couldn’t help yourselves.

You see yourselves as heroes and you have to play the part. Yeah. Now you’re gonna get a chance to do it one more time, because you’re gonna have to use everything in your power to find out what exactly the women have contracted. And good luck with that. I’m sorry. Was that in poor taste? Yeah, no, it was my apologies for my bedside manner.

We can’t all be, uh, Dr. Johnson or a Dr. Evans for that matter. I will say this and I’ll give it to you straight, no matter what you do. The prognosis is certain death.

You think that it all began with a simple little sneeze? It’s a lot to absorb. Isn’t it? Have you all fainted dead away. So the symptoms are just the beginning and know this. They will grow in severity. And become increasingly more painful.

I do wish I could stick around and see you all suffer, but I guess I’ll just have to bequeath that pleasure to Roman, Steve and John. You three will stand helplessly by and watch the woman you love. Leave you.

Then you’ll finally know what I felt when you took my Rebecca ladies. See you all in hell and gentlemen. I’m afraid that I, uh, I won’t make it back for the funerals. So allow me to be the first to say to each of you, I’m sorry for your loss.

You told Eric as if that was something that needed to be shared as if it was your call. Did you even tell Nicole that you were going to, oh, it’s so much worse than you could even imagine. It’s worse.

I crashed our anniversary party and told the whole crowd that is so much worse than I ever could have imagined you set out to publicly humiliate them. Did you feel like a big man bragging about your conquest to a crowd? That’s not why I did it. And for starters, their marriage. Brightness. I mean, she was miserable and he was an arrogant and absent jerk.

I don’t think that you’re in any position to judge Eric. And as what, like he, he had it coming Xander, you cannot justify what you did. It was cruel. No, it was business. Sammy Brady paid me to do it. She gave me a million dollars. She made me an offer. I couldn’t refuse Sarah. Oh, you could have refused it.

You should have you dunno what it was like losing you. Nothing meant anything anymore. No, don’t you do that? Don’t you dare put this back on me. I am not your conscience. I’m your wife. Oh, my God. I’m your wife. Well, you say that like as if the cosmic rug has been pulled out from underneath me, Sandra, it’s not just that you did it.

It’s that you, you think it’s okay. No, I, I don’t but you keep making excuses for it. My God. I’m now married to a man who destroyed someone else’s marriage for money. No, God I’ve heard enough more than enough.

Well, What do you say, oh, come on, Eric. You can’t stay here forever working for your dad. Slinging Ash. No, we’re making sloppy. Joe’s don’t even remember you told me you had a dream about, I mean, making sloppy. Oh Joe’s and yeah, right? Yes. . Yeah. And how it, the pressure cooker exploded. The buildup Uhhuh. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Look, I’m sure Freud could explain more about my dream, but right now I wanna know how you’re feeling about the job. Look, I, I know it’s been a while since you shot high fashion, but I I’m sure you’ll pick it up in a heartbeat. It’s not what I’m worried about. What are you worried about? I’m wondering how reef’s gonna feel about us working together.

So we finally get the forensics report. It turns out to be a whole lot of nothing. Wait a second, you found something page three, line three, four.

Let’s see. Black ink used on the rope used to tie up the women. Yeah, Iny a very specific type of ink, industrial printing.

Are there any places around here that would use that kind of being only a couple dozen. Well, at least it’s a start. Maybe it’ll lead to where Ory is hiding.

So I see he sent you the same video. Yeah. So what do we do? What’s the.

Come on Sarah. Can you at least talk to me?

I can see now I should have told you before you should have told me that you broke up a marriage for money. I know it was terrible, but just let me. No after everything that Kristen and Gwen did to us to keep us apart after all the pain that they caused us, you’re gonna stand there and defend what you did.

I know I shouldn’t have told him, no, you shouldn’t have told Eric, you shouldn’t have humiliated him. And I shouldn’t have married. You.

There’s too many of them, by the time we check them all out, Orpheus could be long gone Orpheus. Doesn’t like to do anything randomly. He likes to drop clues. Nice. My little harp, maybe there’s a place that like prints sheet music or what was his wife’s name in the myth? ESY. No such luck. Oh really? This, mm.

Rebecca printing and graphics. Yep. Out highway nine. Orpheus’s late. Wife’s name was Rebecca. Let’s go. Oh,

oh, RA. And I talked about it. And he’s okay with it. why wouldn’t he be because you and I used to be married. Yes. But he knows we’re just friends now. He’s fine with it. He’s fine, Eric. I, oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. I was just, I wanted to talk to Eric. It’s okay. We’re all. We’re almost done.

No, um, actually I’m, I’m glad that you’re here too, sir. Are you okay? You’re shaking you. I, um, thank you. I’m just I’m upset, but I, not that you have to worry about it. I just, I need to apologize to you to, to us. Why? Um, I just found out from my, um, my husband. My husband. Oh my God. You married Sandra. Yes, yesterday.

Um, but then this morning he told me that what he did at your anniversary party and, oh my gosh, you don’t have to say we remember. I just, I feel so awful about it. I do I I’m so sorry. I just, if it weren’t for him, you two would still be together.

Sarah. I mean, it is no secret that I hate Xander’s guts and I will never forgive him for what he did at the party. And as much, as much as I wanna blame him for what happened between Eric and me, I, I can’t, he didn’t break us up, but he was just a messenger and he wasn’t lying. I did sleep with Sandra. I broke our marriage vow and that’s on me.

I exclusively I’d have played, played a big part in that,

but you didn’t cheat on me. Yeah. But I spent almost every day, my first year of our marriage, 8,000 miles away, you know, when I thought I was, when I thought I was doing good checking in on my wife, like she was my baggage, checking in, checking out, claiming her whenever I wanted. I’m sorry. I finally saw Ken, you know?

Yeah. I was pretty eloquent that night. Maybe we should had this conversation earlier,


So you see Sarah, our, our problems were, were our problems. Xander was. A symptom and hopefully we’ve learned from our mistakes. Yeah. Hopefully

you okay. I know how much you hate needles. You’re asking me if I’m okay. Sweetness. Yeah, I think you, I, I, I think, I think we all need to just, we just need to act like we’re we’re on the job. We’re on the job. And then, and, and we’re gonna find out what this is and we’re gonna treat it. And, and in my head, I’m just gonna be in the ER, I’m just working in the ER and I’m just, I’m just keeping my head together.

And this is just like an ISA case. You know, we were gonna work from the premise that Orpheus light, that there is a cure and we’re gonna find it and all of our feelings. We’re just gonna put those aside. We’re gonna deal with them later. I think she’s right. Just being bizarre. Fors has said that he’s won doesn’t mean that he has won, but what he has done is underestimate us.

They forgot the rings. You’re the one who has to tell the boss last time they screwed up and ordered. He almost. Freeze Trump. It Trump. It,

my love we’ve been looking for you. Do you really want me to shoot you?

Couldn’t even make it past day one without screwing it up. Could you. Oh, Sarah, thank God you came back. I just spoke to Eric and Nicole and apologized for you. You did. Oh God. I thought you were leaving thing. I am. I just came here to pack. Look, I dunno what they told you, but she was just letting me explain anything that you say is just gonna make it worse.

It’s over Vanner, nothing you say or do can change.

Well, uh, that was out of the blue. Did she actually marry him? That’s what she said. I believe things aren’t working out for them. I mean, being the standup kind of guy that he is, well, they say the first day is the hardest. just poor. Sarah. She’s already been thrown off. Yeah. People are better off just not getting married in Salem.

I said, what we did wrong. I’m sorry. You don’t have to answer that. You know what I should go, but, um, just think about the job offer. Get back to me. You know what? I don’t have to think about it. Oh, well, good luck then. Oh, cool.

I’ll take it. You have.

Hi, low harp. You were under arrest for the kidnapping attempted murder of Marlena Evans, attempted murder commissioner. You say that as though I failed to do what I set out to do,

but you’ll soon discover how very wrong you are.

This is my fault. I brought this on. No, don’t say. Please don’t say that you saved me from or obvious ones before. And I know you’re going to save me from me again.

Okay. Well, call me as soon as you have the results. Alright, thanks. I just sent that maniac video to the ISA and RA, well, you need to tell them they have to find RO I. I think I, whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Listen, we need to give this case to somebody else and go light. No, like they said, I will rest when I’m dead.

Are you okay? Well, I feel so tired. That’s not good. That’s that’s a good thing. So why don’t you just. Just try to get some sleep. Okay. And I promise you that, uh, right.

Oh, come on God, please. Help her.

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