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[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: Dad, come on. I’m talking about you and mom and the love you have for each other. It’s obvious. Here’s what I know: Life is a gift. Your whole life can change in a moment. I mean, finn and I, yeah, we were happy with each other. We didn’t take each other for granted, but our time? Yeah. Absolutely. We always thought that we would have our future. Years and years of raising our children, growing old together. And that awful night, everything was taken away. And I did, I– I learned something. That life is fleeting. And in a moment, the person you love can be taken away. I know you know that. I just don’t understand why you continue to be with someone who constantly hurts you. Stop wasting your time on brooke. Have the life you deserve, dad. Have it with mom.

Taylor: Yeah, for sure. Just, ye– refill his current prescription. Yeah, every– keep everything the same. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that’s fine. Okay. Thank you so much. Okay. Bye. Oh, my god.

Thomas: What’s shakin’?

Taylor: Oh, my god. I love you. Thank you so much. This is such a nice surprise.

Thomas: Yeah. Oh, you’re welcome. It is– oh, it’s– okay, go ahead. Yeah, just enjoy it.

Taylor: Mmm. Oh, my god. It’s perfect.

Thomas: They call that the legen-dairy birthday cake.

Taylor: It’s– and it’s– it feels like my birthday.

[ Laughing ]

Thomas: It’s punny, is what it is.

Taylor: That was good.

Thomas: Anyway, so your office said you’re working here.

Taylor: Mm-hm.

Thomas: What’s going on?

Taylor: Nothing, really. I mean, I love my office, but I hate the traffic.

Thomas: Totally get that.

Taylor: I– yeah.

Thomas: I just spent an hour in it, so, you know.

Taylor: So, how’s it going over at eric’s with douglas?

Thomas: Oh, it’s great. Oh, man. It’s so amazing having so much, like, concentrated time with my son.

Taylor: Yes! That’s as it should be.

Thomas: Yeah. I mean, we’re just so lucky that hope is, uh, allowing us to spend this time together, you know?

Liam: I like how you say hello.

Hope: Oh, well. Hello.

Liam: I love you.

Hope: I love you, too.

Liam: It’s, um, getting kind of awkward how quiet it is without douglas here.

Hope: Oh, I know. I miss him too.

Liam: I think it’s time we bring him home.

Hope: I was just talking with my mom about this.

Liam: I– yeah, it doesn’t shock me. Brooke and I are usually on the same page when it comes to this stuff.

Hope: Okay, so I’m going to tell you exactly what I told her. Which is more than anything, I want douglas home here with us. But at the same time, I don’t wanna push it with thomas. I– I don’t wanna start a custody battle.

Liam: Okay, but– nobody wants a custody battle. But that, that fear, that fear of pushing it with thomas, you can’t let that prevent douglas from being wh– you know, where he lives, namely with us.

Hope: Uh– I know, but I– I have been to eric’s, and I have seen first hand how much fun he’s having there, how happy he is to be with his father.

Liam: Aw, man. I get– okay. I always hate it when it gets to this point where I hear myself saying this stuff, but… I– I– I’m worried thomas is getting in your head again.

Taylor: Okay, just to clarify, it’s– it’s not hope’s place to allow you to see douglas. He’s your son.

Thomas: Okay. Heh. That’s true. But I don’t want things getting contentious between the two of us and hope and I are in a good place. And she realizes that I’ve changed. And that’s a good thing. We’ll work things out. Okay?

Ridge: I know what you’re doing. You’re being a good daughter. You’re trying to protect your mother and me.

Steffy: I just love you both so much. And I see the incredible potential you have for a wonderful future. And I know you see it, too. I see it. I see it all the time. And I just can’t stay quiet about it.

Ridge: Ah, ’cause you’ve been quiet this whole time.

Steffy: I to– I’ve definitely been quiet.

Ridge: Mm.

Steffy: Okay, what I’m saying is that you need to move out of brooke’S. Move in with– with granddad. Do whatever it takes to have a future with mom. That’s what I’m saying.

Hope: I just don’t want us to forget that douglas is the one who asked to spend more time with thomas. And I get that you’re concerned, and in the past, yes, thomas has given us a lot of reason to be–

Liam: Okay, but– okay, but that– but that is kinda the question, isn’t it? I mean, I– I’m not convinced it is in the past. I’ll tell you this: When I left him, it was the exact same sinking feeling I used to have.

Hope: Still can’t believe you went to go see thomas.

Liam: I know. I’m sorry. I should’ve– I was trying to be helpful. Helpful liam. You know, I thought maybe I could bring douglas home on my own. Didn’t work.

Hope: So, what gave you that sinking feeling?

Liam: It’s the whole– it’s the whole thing. It’s the whole, you know, it’s– it’s thomas showing up all of a sudden, demanding more time with his son. And when you are kind enough and generous enough to give that to him, what does he do? He takes advantage of it by never, literally never, bringing douglas back home again, which means that if you wanna see your own son, you have to keep doing these visits over at eric’s, to which I am never invited, by the way. So, what does that tell you? It’s just– it’s just very– it’s just all very classic thomas manipulation mode stuff.

Hope: I know, I know. And I get it. But I– I’m going to need you to trust me. I am well aware when it comes to thomas, but right now, right now, liam, I just wanna keep the peace. But where we should maybe be concerned is my mother.

Liam: What? Why? What did I miss?

Hope: Oh, just more of the same. Except now I really do think that steffy and taylor might be trying to break up my mother and ridge’s marriage.

Liam: Oh.

Hope: Yeah.

Thomas: Yeah. So, talking about hope and me and– and how we’re parents and we’re wonderful parents, I think, is– is great, and it’s so much fun for me. But I think we should talk about you, some other parents, you and dad. Hm? How you belong together.

Taylor: Oh, god. Uh– you know, you should’ve been here earlier when steffy was here, and the two of you could’ve teamed up. Done that thing that you do so well.

Thomas: Yeah, we do that– a really good job at that. You know, um… I will say, steffy and I don’t always agree, but on this, uh, she’s right on the money. I mean, you and dad, you do belong together.

Taylor: Oh. Too bad he’s married to brooke.

Thomas: Technically.

Taylor: Okay, well, then, technically, you and your sister want me to steal brooke’s husband. And that is not why I came back to L.A. And you guys keep doing this.

Thomas: Well, we wouldn’T. We wouldn’t tell you to do that because we know you’re not that kind of person. You would never try and steal someone’s husband. Brooke would. She– she has. She would again. It doesn’t matter. What I’m saying is is that we can see that you and dad belong together. You’re so great for each other. And if I could make a perfect world, I would take dad and just stick him with you.

Taylor: Oh, that’s so romantic. But I– you know, I think that your father has a say in all this, thomas.

Thomas: Yes, he does have a say in all this.

Taylor: Oh, boy.

Thomas: And I think deep down, this is what he wants. He loves you and you love him.

Taylor: Yes, this is true.

Thomas: Okay. I– I told dad the same thing I’m telling you right now. You two belong together. So, you know, just get together.

Taylor: Ah.

Thomas: Do it.

[ Taylor sighing ]

Ridge: Why are you making it sound like this is a simple situation? It’s not. I’m married to brooke because I wanna be.

Steffy: You don’t have to be. And you shouldn’T. Especially all the times she’s disrespected you. I mean, you could be with mom who loves you, honors you. Cherish–

Ridge: ‘Til death do us part.

Steffy: Now you’re getting the picture.

Ridge: I’ve always gotten the picture. I know you want. You– you want me together with your mom and have a happy family. Ye–

Steffy: I’m not askign for myself. I mean, yeah, thomas and I would love our parents to be back together. But ultimately, that is your choice. You have to decide. You can be with brooke, who cheats on you–

Ridge: Oh, come on.

Steffy: Who’s careless with your heart, or– or you could be with mom, who loves you and will make sure you’re always heard and seen. And who would never– she would never, ever, ever cheat on you. Mom is waiting for you with so much love in her heart. Look, if– if you don’t– if you don’t love her, then say it and– and I’ll stop trying.

Ridge: Of course, I love her. You know I love her. I will always love her. At metro by t-mobile… you can save more…

Hope: I get it. I– I’m sure this probably sounds paranoid, but I really do think I’m right. Taylor and steffy are actively trying to work against my mother’s marriage to ridge.

Liam: That doesn’t sound paranoid at all. I know your mom feels the same way.

Hope: Well, I thought she was at first just being overly cautious, given their history. But now, I think taylor and steffy definitely want ridge back with taylor.

Liam: Okay. But d– do you feel like they’re getting anywhere with that?

Hope: Well, it’s never smart to underestimate my mom and ridge’s connection. But at the same time, taylor did kiss him in monaco. And now, there are all of these forrester get togethers.

Liam: Yeah, right. Yeah, must feel like old times.

Hope: Yeah, except now there’s a lot of grandkids running around. But you should have seen them together, liam. It was like taylor took every opportunity to cozy up to ridge. I mean, she was practically in his lap.

Liam: It’s got to be uncomfortable for you to just have to sit there and watch.

Hope: Watch another woman pursue my mother’s husband right in front of my eyes. Yeah, it’s just a little bit weird, but, um, I haven’t said anything to my mom yet. I just– I don’t want her to get upset. And maybe overreact and then do something that would further taylor and steffy’s cause, but–

Liam: Oh. Yeah.

Hope: But it needs to stop.

Liam: Where are you going?

Hope: Oh, just to have a friendly chat with steffy.

Thomas: Okay, look. Steffy and I, we’re both grown-ups. We have kids of our own. Okay? We don’t need our parents back together. We don’t need to be one wonderful family unit, but…

[ Sighing ] We see what both of you are missing. Okay? And weirdly, it’s the same thing for both of you, even though you’re single and dad is supposed to be married.

Taylor: Um, he is married.

Thomas: Would you like to know what you’re missing?

Taylor: Nah, you’re going to tell me.

Thomas: I’m definitely gonna tell you. There’s no way I’m not going to tell you.

Thomas: It’s love. It’s– it’s– it’s happiness. It’s– it’s mutual respect. It’s joy in the relationship. And you guys are wonderful together. You have this– this dynamic that– it just is– is beautiful and comfortable and healthy. And– and it’s not like that with brooke. Okay, with brooke, it’s all about she– she’s got an issue every single week that needs to be solved, and she needs him to solve it. So, he’s got to be her savior. That’s not healthy for him. That’s not healthy for her either. But you guys together, it’s– it’s– it’s wonderful. He– he– he comes to life around you. And I know it’s the same way for you, too.

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Thomas: Right.

Taylor: You know, steffy says that it’s only a matter of time, but I just–

Thomas: Well, steffy’s right. I think it is only a matter of time. You guys are going to end up back together. And when you do, dad is going to, uh, look at his two wonderfully brilliant kids and be like, “hey, why didn’t I just listen to them?”

Taylor: Oh, my god. Come here, you brilliant kid.

[ Thomas laughing ] I love you so much.

Thomas: I love you, too.

Steffy: I love hearing those words come out of your mouth. The simple truth: You love mom.

Ridge: I have never denied that.

Steffy: And this is your chance. You just said that you love her.

Ridge: I know what I said and of– of course I love. I have a family with her. I have a history with her. Se does thi–

Steffy: Then claim the life you’ve always wanted. I mean, if you wanna find real happiness, you gotta grab it. Hold on to it. That’s exactly what you have with mom. And deep down, you guys are so connected, and no offense or anything, but you’re not getting any younger.

Ridge: Well, that’s rude. I’ve been taking care of myself. I look great.

Steffy: You are– you look great. But what I’m saying is that you can find true happiness with mom. She’ll give you stability, peace, everything. Brooke’s not gonna give that to you. So why don’t you leave here, go to mom, say that you, um, love her, and go back to her. Go back to mom.

[ Thomas sighing ]

Steffy: Where have you been?

Thomas: I was over at your house talking to mom about dad.

Steffy: Really? Great minds think alike. I was actually talking to dad about mom.

Thomas: I like that we’re in sync about this, because if both of us keep saying things to them, maybe one of them will hear us.

Steffy: I know. Here’s hoping. I mean, if they could only realize they could have an amazing future. It could be so magical.

Thomas: I know. It really would be. I mean, I– they’re so great together. They should just finally do it already and then move into a beautiful life together.

Steffy: Yeah. Well, dad actually admitted to me that he loves mom. He just needs to end this unhealthy cycle with brooke. I mean, think about all the things she has done. She’s cheated on dad with his father, with his brother, it’s disgusting.

Thomas: It’s toxic.

Steffy: I don’t know why he’s loyal to her. He should just move on to be with mom.

[ Door slamming ]

Hope: You know, I think that’s enough bashing of my mother for one day.

Thomas: Hey, hope.

Hope: You have a lot of nerve judging my mom.

Steffy: Well, it’s my father’s marriage, so I’m allowed to have an opinion.

Hope: Yeah, and ridge loves my mother, and no amount of you putting her down or trying to pit the forresters against the logans is going to change that. And for the record, I am no longer going to sit idly by and allow you and taylor to undermine my mother’s marriage.

Steffy: It’s only a matter

of time before you and dad

are back together.

Thomas: You guys are going

to end up back together.

[ Door closing ]

Ridge: Ah.

Taylor: Hey.

Ridge: Hey, yourself.

Taylor: What are you doing?

Ridge: I was just with steffy and she gave me an earful.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh. Thomas was just here doing the same.

Ridge: Those kids, right?

Taylor: Yes, I know.

Ridge: Quite a team.

Taylor: They really are. So, what are you doing here?

Ridge: I came to check on you.

Taylor: Because?

Ridge: Because if I got an earful, I knew you were gonna be next. And you were.

Taylor: Yes, I was.

[ Both sighing ]

Taylor: Those kids, they– they want us together so bad.

Ridge: The kiss in monaco raised their hopes.

Taylor: Yeah. And it’s so silly, right? Because we were just– were just caught up in the moment, and steffy and–

Ridge: Well, it was more than that, right?

Taylor: What are you saying?

Ridge: Saying that our kids are smart.

Taylor: Mm.

Ridge: Intuitive.

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: They get that from their mother.

Taylor: Me.

Ridge: I know.

Taylor: Yeah. They can see right through me. Mm. It is so annoying. They know how much I love you.

Ridge: Well, I love you too, doc.

Taylor: Say that again.

Ridge: Well, I love you too, doc.

Taylor: It feels really good to hear that. So, is that why you came by? Just to– just to tell me you love me and that maybe you’re ready to start a future with me?

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