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Faye: Passengers on flight 214, originally nonstop from port charles to aruba, due to severe thunderstorms, all flights out of jacksonville have been delayed at this time. We apologize for the delay. Hi. I’m on the flight to aruba and I just heard the announcement that all flights are delayed. Do you know for how long? Is there an estimated time of departure? I’m sorry, but until this storm passes, you’re not going anywhere.

[ Sighs ] Carly, hey, it’s me. I just finished a meeting at the grill, and I thought I’d give you a shot. But the fact that I’m getting your voicemail probably means you’re still bound for aruba with no wi-fi. Carly, your message said that you wanted to talk, so I’m here. Just as soon as you can, give me a call, okay? Hi, dad. Hi! Wow. Oh, my goodness. You look so beautiful! How did you know this is exactly what I needed? Lucky guess. Yeah. Lucky guess.

[ Sighs ] Again, this is a procedural question. If your service informed a subscriber that they had a genetic match and the other party removed their identity from the database, is there a way to contact the individual to confirm the match? Hey, the, uh, the sergeant said you wanted to see me? Oh, you’re on a call. I can come back if it’s important. I know that you’re anxious to talk to jordan again [Sighs] But are you sure that that’s the best tactic? Sure. Not having the divorce papers signed, sealed, and delivered is inconvenient. But your lawyer has a copy. You and jordan can sign them again. The judge can make it official, and… then you and i can plan our wedding. Well, you’re right when it comes to the paperwork. But it’s not a matter of when or how, but why? Why would jordan deliberately lose that paperwork? But why do you think that it was intentional? Accidents happen. She could have misplaced them. Jordan didn’t get to be commissioner by skipping details, and I don’t, for one minute, believe that that paperwork magically disappeared off of her desk while she was away recuperating. There has to be a reason why — why — why she got rid of those papers. Well, I can think of one reason, but we’ve been down that road before. Try me. Jordan lost the papers because she doesn’t want a divorce. She’s still in love with you. Are you sure you want to leave sonny’s bodyguard outside. I mean, aren’t you afraid that your loving husband is going to try to kill you again? You say that like it’s a joke. Even though the alibi you gave about being with elizabeth the whole time turns out to be a bold-faced lie. I explained that — I want the truth. Are you the one who tried to kill me the night of the quartermaine picnic? Gladys: Talk about true love.

[ Chuckles ] My brando’s been gone less than a minute and she misses him already. Sasha, hi. I know you’re still getting used to the idea of guardianship, but it could have been a lot worse.

[ Thunder rumbling ] Um, you love brando. You trust brando. You’re going to make decisions together, instead of some court-appointed officer. You can rely on brando, always. I do know that.

[ Thunder crashes ]

[ Suspenseful music plays ]

[ Chain jingling ]

[ Thump ]

[ Shouts ]

[ Screaming ]

Rse, I understandthe need for confidentiality. When it comes to someone’s identity, you can’t be too careful. Thank you so much for your help. Sorry about that.

[ Exhales deeply ] I was just following up on a lead. Uh, desk sergeant said you had an update on the ava jerome case. Possibly. Walk me through the inventory you did at the quartermaine boathouse. Anything missing? Yeah, there was, actually — a gaff, you know, like a slaughter hook? Used in fishing it. It’s, uh — you know, if a fish is too large or heavy to get out of the water and into the boat, they use the hook. Um — there’s a rack with fishing equipment and room for six hooks. There were five hooks there, and one was missing. Quartermaines say the sixth one that was missing is the largest. I just got confirmation from the surgeon and csi. Ava’s injuries were consistent with a curved implement with a barbed head. She wasn’t stabbed. She was speared with a hook. Brando:

[ Grunting, groaning ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Crying, breathing rapidly ]

[ Screaming continues ] Stay here. Kristina: Help me!! Brando! Help! Help!

[ Screaming, crying ] Sonny: Kristina! Please! What happened?!

[ Sobbing ] Do you really think that I’m the one that tried to kill you? Here’s a name you might remember. Hayden barnes. My relationship with hayden has nothing to do with what happened to you. Why did you lie about your alibi?

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Exhales sharply ] I was protecting elizabeth. She’s been having some mental-health issues. Yeah, I heard that she was at shadybrook for a time. Yeah, she had some kind of a blackout the night at the quartermaines. She had no memory of where she was when you were attacked. I do not believe for one second that elizabeth baldwin attacked me. Neither do I. But if she would have told the truth, it would have looked very suspicious. And I didn’t want her to get a third degree from the cops. Not after the hell that she’s been through. So what you consider a lie, I call protecting one of my oldest friends. Ava. Now, deep down in your heart, you believe me, don’t you? I believe you concocted an alibi. The question is, was it to protect elizabeth, or was it meant to save your own skin? What are you two doing here looking so elegant? This was actually scout’s idea. She got really high marks at lila’s kids.

[ Gasps ] Congratulations. Thanks, dad. I was the best swimmer in my age group. Really?! Mm-hmm. That’s my girl. No surprise to me. Yeah. And as you know, tomorrow is her first day of school. So I promised her a special mother-daughter dessert of creme brlE. Ooh! And if you didn’t know, this place comes highly recommended. Hm. First day of school. Will you take me? Absolutely. Cross my heart, okay. Aww. Hey, scout, honey, I think this is our special table. Do you want to sit there while I talk to your daddy? Okay, you go ahead. Okay. All right. I’ll be right back. What’s going on? As you know

[Sighs] Our daughter adores you. I am so thrilled to see her. You have no idea. I adore her, too. And that is no secret. But what did you want to discuss that you couldn’t say in front of scout? Carly: Okay, just so we’re clear, I’m okay with being rerouted. I’ll even take a connecting flight or two. Whatever it takes to get me to aruba so I can attend this seminar that I’m booked for. Do you understand? Ma’am, the weather here in jacksonville is the issue. No flights are currently taking off, and they won’t until the storm passes. Okay. Well, can you keep us posted? I will.

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Sighs ] I can’t believe this. They’re not even trying to get us out of here. Honey, you are in florida during hurricane season. Those airline folk are doing the best they can. But I have to say, in my experience, when a person is as eager to move out as you seem to be, it usually means they’re trying to run away from something or somebody.

Kristina: [ Sobbing ] A man has been stabbed, and he’s bleeding really badly. We’re — we’re at charlie’s pub, but we’re not in the pub, we’re in the alley behind it!

[ Groans ] Hurry! Please. It’s bad. No! No, brando!! Sasha: [ Screaming ] Brando! Oh, my god! Sonny: It’s all right. Go inside. Brando!! Gladys: What happened?! It’s all right. Kristina: He was stabbed! Oh, god.

[ Grunting ] Oh, my god. Sasha: [ Sobbing ] So ava was stabbed with a slaughter hook? Wow.

[ Inhales sharply ] Okay, so next question is, is was this a crime of opportunity — someone saw the hook and someone to use it on? Or was ava the target and the hook was the best available option? Let’s start with the second theory. Ava was the intended target. All right. Well, she’s got a ton of enemies, which means there’s a lot of possibilities. Well, we only need one. The right one. Okay. Well, you think about how many people were at the quartermaine picnic and the size of that property, I– it’s virtually impossible to figure out who was where when the attack happened. That means we going to have to do this the hard way. Go back over everyone’s statements and see which ones hold up and which ones don’T. Okay, I’ll, uh, I’ll do that and get on it right now.

[ Clears throat ] We don’t both need to pull an all nighter. I know you just moved into a new house. Don’t you have some unpacking to do? Yeah. Yeah, I do, actually, but… sam, she’ll — she’ll understand.

[ Scoffs ] Take it from me, that is a very slippery slope. First, it starts out with understanding, then it’s wondering what’s taking so long, until one day it — well, you already know how my story ends. What jordan and I had ended a long time ago. For you, maybe. But I wondered about it when trina was first suspected of the revenge porn against josslyn and cameron.

[ Inhales deeply ] Right. I remember you were worried that there was something personal about jordan’s investigation. Right. But I was mistaken. And in fact, thanks to jordan’s help, trina is free now. But… maybe jordan doesn’t really know how she feels about you.

[ Breathes deeply ] Maybe she thought she had put you behind her and that she had moved on. But I once thought that I had done the same thing, too, remember? Trust me, curtis ashford is a hard man to forget.

[ Chuckles ] Tj: Portia. Hey, I hate to interrupt, but mr. Ferguson is asking for you. He says you’re the only doctor he trusts. Can’t blame him.

[ Sighs ] Hopefully it won’t be too long, okay? Sorry to interrupt your conversation. No, don’t, t, actually, uh, you’re just the person I wanted to talk to. It’s about your mom.

[ Labored breathing ] Sasha: Brando?

[ Sobbing ] Brando, don’t leave me. What can I do to help? Kristina called 9-1-1. The ambulance is on the way. Put some pressure right there to stop the bleeding. I’ll take over.

[ Labored breathing ] You’ll be okay, brando. I’m here. I’m right here. What is taking so long?! Where’s the ambulance?

[ Sirens wailing in distance ] Can you hear that? Help I– help is on the way! Sasha: You’re all right. Hold on, all right? Hold on, dear, okay?

[ Labored breathing ]

[ Shakily ] Just hold on.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Sirens approaching ] Just hold on.

[ Panting ] Stay…

do you mind if I join you? Please have a seat. Okay.

[ Exhales deeply ] All right. Well, you know, you implied earlier that I was running from something when actually, I’m running to something. I’m on my way to a seminar in aruba where I’m going to learn how to shape my future and discover what opportunities are out there for someone with my skills and experiences. Oh. If you say so. What’s in the carrier? Is it a dog or a cat? Oh. That’s my — my rescue dog, gretel.

[ Laughs ] She — aww. She travels with me wherever I go.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sweetly ] Hi. She’s a great judge of character. Oh, she likes you. Yeah. Yeah? How can you tell? Well, we’ve been together a lot of years, and if gretel doesn’t like someone, I know right away.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Come on. You know, nobody likes to have to wait here, but you seem downright, uh, unsettled. I grew up in jacksonville.

[ Gasps ] Well, then you already know — 42 miles of beaches.

[ Chuckles ] The best fish on this side of key west and the gator bowl every new year’s eve. Ohhh! [ Giggles ] If you don’t mind my asking, what made you leave? Just looking for something else. Oh, did you find it?

[ Thunder crashes ] Yeah. Yeah, I think so. I have three beautiful daughters, an amazing son, the most adorable grandson, friends and family. Yeah. And yet, here you are, right back where you started. Life’s kinda funny that way, isn’t it? Hmm?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] You know, I have a weather app. I bet you it will show me when the storm’s gonna end. Oh, well, I don’t need a weather report to tell me what’s going on. Like I said, this is florida and hurricane season.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, jacksonville is great and all, but I had a tough time here, so when I left, I was really happy to go. Ohh. Oh, my god. I left my phone on the plane.

[ Sighs deeply ] Sam: Cards on the table? I heard you’ll leave that message for carly. Yeah. I was just returning a call. Ooh. She’s on her way to aruba… ooh, that’s a romantic destination. …To attend an executive leadership seminar. Okay. That doesn’t mean you can’t mix business with pleasure

if the right guy shows up. Don’t you have enough on your plate with dante and rocco moving in? Congratulations, by the way. Knowing you, you probably had a thousand justifications for putting it off. Ugh. You do know me well, don’t you? I think what happened was dante was trying to do what he thought I wanted, and I was trying to do what I thought he wanted. And you were making each other miserable.

[ Exhales deeply ] Really? Okay, the — the misunderstanding was miserable, but the resolution was… not. Mm. I’m not miserable. Sam. What? It’s okay. What? You can just say it — you and dante are happy. Yes, we are.

[ Giggles ] And I’m really happy for you. Come here. Give me a hug. Thank you. Aww. That’s so great. Scout: Why are you guys hugging? Oh. Oh, why are we hugging? Um… baby, he is always gonna be your dad, and we are always gonna be family. And we are… friends. We’re the best friends. Yeah. And we always will be. But I gotta finish this conversation with your mom. Would you mind playing your game just a little bit longer? Is that okay? Yeah. Maybe I can convince your mom to bring home some

[Whispering] Extra dessert. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I got it. Don’t you worry. You’re gonna spoil her. That’s what we do, right? I mean, we love ’em and care for ’em and set rules and boundaries, but then, yeah, [Whispering] We spoil ’em little bit. Yeah. You do all of those things. Well, scout makes it easy. Mm-hmm. Adult relationships — yeah. Man, those are the tricky ones. Those are a bit more complicated. Really? Anyone I know? You and sam are two of the lucky few who get another ride on the merry-go-round. So go on, get out of here, and live your life. I wa– that’s an order. Okay, I will. First, uh… I heard curtis and portia got engaged. How you doing with that? I appreciate you asking, but really, I’m fine. I mean, it hardly comes as a surprise, you know? They did buy a house, after all. And as for me, I — I’m just ready to start the next chapter of my life. So… anything else, detective? No, I’ll, uh, get out of here. Oh, uh, dante. Yeah. Sometime, I’d like to pick your brain. But definitely while we’re off the clock. Okay, about what? A case of mistaken identity. Or it could be… there was no mistake at all. Curtis: In general, how’s your mom? You know my mom. She is working 24/7 ever since the night of the quartermaine picnic. Unfortunately, they don’t have any leads, from what I understand. Well, I know how dedicated your mom can be and sometimes work, you know, it– it’s a convenient excuse. Excuse for what? Well, you know, not getting back out there, risking getting hurt again. Uncle, I don’t — I don’t — I don’t know what you want me to tell you. My mom doesn’t cue me in on her personal life. You’re divorce was barely final when she got injured, and she was away for months recuperating. And since then? Why are you asking me this now? What’s going on, uncle curtis? If elizabeth has no memory of where she was or who she was with when I was attacked, then she can’t incriminate you. Nor can she exonerate you.

[ Sighs ] You and I… we’re both hot blooded people, okay? And our marriage has left us with more than a few, shall we say, love bites. Is that what we’re calling a brutal attack now? But no matter how much we’ve hurt each other, there is no way in hell that I would ever try to kill the woman that I love, and you know it! Maybe you love me too much to try to kill me yourself, but we both know that wouldn’t stop you from hiring someone else to do the job, just like you did with hayden barnes! There’s a difference with hayden. I never loved her.

[ Breathing shallowly ] Sasha: Brando, I’m right here, okay? You gotta stay with me.

[ Sirens wailing, ambulance horn blaring ] Do you hear that? Listen to me, I love you so much. I love you so much. Man: Step back, please.

[ Sobbing ] Stay with me. Everything will be fine. Sasha, we — we have to give them space. Brando!

[ Gasps ] Oh! You have to save my son! Please, don’t let him die! Please! Sonny: Come here. Lis– listen to me.

[ Breathing shakily ] You did good, okay? Thank god you’re okay. Just tell me what happened. Talk to me. He– okay. I was — I was on my way to work, and I cut through the alley, like I do sometimes. And — and, um, it — the sky opened up and it started pouring rain, and [Inhales sharply] Um, I saw something moving, and it was a hook, and someone was swinging it at brando!

[ Crying ] And I saw brando fall to the ground and I started screaming. Sweetie, listen. Did you did you see the attacker’s face? No! It was pouring rain. And it all happened so fast. And — and [Inhales sharply] It was like a shadow that just suddenly came to life and — and — and that — that thing that — that — look, I saw it flash right before he– okay, okay, okay. It’s all right, it’s all right. Come here. Come on, come on. We’re losing him. Sasha and gladys:

[ Sobbing ] No! Brando!! Brando. Brando.

Okay. Excuse me. I don’t mean to bother you again, but I left my phone on the plane, so I have to reboard, search around my seat, and I need to find my phone. I’m sorry, but the plane has been moved. You can’t reboard. But I need my cellphone. You’ll have to look for it in the airline lost and found.

[ Thunder rumbling ] Only in jacksonville. I left my phone on the plane, and they won’t let me back on to get it. Oh, you young people and your cellphones. It’s like you’ve forgotten how to use your imagination. You have no good memories of jacksonville. Fine. But certainly you can, uh, close your eyes and think of something that makes you smile. You have no idea how many times I’ve pictured this. You have? You haven’t? About every 30 seconds. Mm. Think I’m at about every five. Sam: Drew. Drew. What? Yeah, no. Sorry. What were you saying? Wait. [ Mockingly ] What was I saying? Wait, no. What is that smile on your face? And I already know the answer, so I don’t even know why I’m asking. Uh…

[ Mockingly ] Uh… what?

[ Stammering ] Look, let’s just say… that… [ Sighs ]

[ Giggles ] There’s a lot at stake. Uh-huh. And a lot depends on timing. Okay, well, why don’t you just say it? We’re talking about carly, aren’t we? This case of mistaken identity — is that the call you were on when I walked in? Yes, it was. Listen, you want my opinion as a friend… what’s this about?

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Sighs ] Hold on. Yeah. Commissioner ashford. Dante, wait. Okay, thanks. I’m on my way. There was another stabbing in the alley behind charlie’s pub. According to an eyewitness, the weapon appeared to be a hook. Same thing that was used on ava. I’ll fill you in on the way. All right. I — t, I’m sorry, man. I don’t mean to pry. I just want to, you know, see that jordan finds genuine happiness like I found with portia. Or, you know, like you found with molly. Right. I know you want good things for my mom, but it’s been almost a year since the divorce, and all of a sudden you’re asking me questions. Do you know something that I don’t know? Woman: He’s got a pulse. Oh, thank you, god. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sasha: I’m his wife. I’m coming with you. Gladys: I’m his mother! Hey, can you let them go? I have my daughter here. We’re going to stay back and answer any questions you want to ask. Man: Yeah, that’s fine. Woman: Okay, let’s go. Don’t give up hope! Brando’s a fighter. I know you said that for their sakes, but… no, I meant it. Your cousin brando survived addiction, combat, everything cyrus renault through at him. He’s going to make it. He has to.

So you did find a happy memory to think about.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] It’s like I said, it works every time.

[ Both laugh ] You’re a very wise woman, and I bet you’re speaking from experience, and that you have a special someone in your life.

[ Inhales deeply ] Ooof. Well, yes and no. I had several attempts at love.

[ Chuckles ] But none of them could ever really stick the landing. I learned a long time ago I was better off loving animals. Never met a man as loyal as a dog.

[ Both laugh ] They never disappoint you, and they certainly never bounce a check. Oh, but you young people don’t even write checks anymore, huh? You have everything on your phones.

[ Chuckles ] Well, since my phone is on the plane, I should focus on my surroundings more. You know? Maybe there is something good in jacksonville. Thanks to you and gretel.

[ Chuckles ] Faye: For passengers traveling to aruba, I have an update. Is it that obvious to people that, uh, carly and I are circling around each other? Well, I am not most people, so I can’t speak for most people, but… I think I — I do know you better than most, and… don’t worry, your secret, not so secret — is safe with me. All right. So she hasn’t — I mean, she hasn’t said anything to you? No, not [Chuckles] Not a word. Okay. But, hey! When I see the two of you together, I see that there’s — there’s a spark. There is a connection. I — I just hope that that connection isn’t going to be, um, an issue for you. Oh! I mean, as long as you and carly can get your timing right. No worries. It’s no issue for me. You know, for the longest time when people would ask me about carly, I would always say that she was jason’s friend, not my friend. But in jason’s absence, carly and I have gravitated toward each other. Nice. Yeah, well. Mom. Yeah? I can’t get past this level on my game. Let me see. Okay, let me help you with that. I’ll be back. Okay.

[ Ringing ]

[ Beep ] Hi. You’ve reached carly corinthos.

I’m sorry I missed your call,

but leave me a message

and I’ll call you back.

[ Beep ] Hey, uh, it’s me again. I just thought maybe your flight might have landed by now. Um… just give me a call when you get a chance. Okay, bye. Look, ava. We’re both flawed people with serious errors in judgment in the past. And you can keep throwing hayden barnes in my face just like I could throw you swapping morgan corinthos’ bipolar meds with placebos, okay? Are we on a level playing field now? I suppose we are. Then let’s be honest. If you know me at all, you know that if I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t job it out. And I wouldn’t use a weapon. I would do it with my bare hands. Wow! Finally, an honest conversation between us. Even if it does have fatal implications. Well, isn’t that what made us different from the very start? Is now what we always had? Isn’t that what — what makes us so damn crazy about each other? I think a lot of people would say that we’re just plain crazy. Well, who cares what other people think? You and I were made for each other. Don’t look at me like that.

[ Whispering ] Why not? ‘Cause I — I don’t want to want you. So… you still want me? Of course I want you. And do you think that the — the pain of being stabbed hurts me more than knowing that you couldn’t keep your hands off esm prince? Yes! I am a man capable of sleeping with my son’s girlfriend. I’m not proud of it, but I own who I am. I am a cad, a rat, a liar. But would you believe me if I said I was anything else, if I — if I tried to convince you that I was some kind of a hero on a white horse? It’s not who I am. I know it. So do you. But we could still make some good out of this nightmare, ava. But we can’t do it apart. We can only do it together. What about the attacker’s height — over or under six feet? I don’t know. Can we stop? Look, you’ve asked, like, 100 different ways, you know, for her to describe the attacker, and she’s already given you everything she knows. Okay. Thank you for cooperating.

[ Sighs ] Thank you for that. I just — I want to go to the hospital and check on brando.

[ Door opens ] Okay, well, we’re — kristina, I heard you’re the only eyewitness. Sonny: Yeah, that’s true. But she’s already given her statement to that cop over there. And if — if you need me to come down to the station to answer any more questions tomorrow, I’m happy to do that. But I need to get to the hospital to check on my cousin. You know brando was the victim, right? Dante: Yeah, yeah, I heard. So we’re very tired, so we just want to go to G.H. I get that. You’re both free to go. Hey, wait, wait, wait. Just, uh… I just — I don’t — I don’t know — I don’t know. Tell sasha and gladys I’m thinking of ’em? Yeah, I will. Come on. Tj: We need a set for a central line and get the rapid infuser. I want three more units of 0-neg to fly in. And let me know when the blood gases come back. His trachea is deviating to the left. Portia: He has diminished breath sounds on the left side. His lung is collapsing. Hand me the 14-gauge needle. I need to decompress his lung till we get a chest tube.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Sniffling, beads jingling ] Hey, I know you’re both scared, and you have every right to be. The main thing to focus on now is that brando is getting medical care. Portia and tj are two of general hospital’s very best. He’s in good hands. He’s just so pale. I need him so much. Brando can’t die. He just can’T.

[ Breathing shakily ]

Okay, well, it was really nice meeting you. And it was nice meeting you, too, gretel.

[ Chuckles ] You have a great mommy, but I think you already know that. It was nice meeting you, too. See ya. Faye: For those of you on flight number 214 to aruba, that flight has been officially canceled.

[ Scattered moans and groans ] Canceled?

[ Groans ] Now what am I gonna do? Well, looks like you’ll be spending the night as a guest of the airlines.

[ Chuckles ] Welcome home, hon. Sam: There. That should do it. Well, I got to get going, but I am so happy for you. Your family just keeps getting bigger. Now, you and danny, you have mom, and you have dante and rocco, and you’ve got me. Who do you have, daddy? Scout. Daddy has us. That’s right. Always. I’ll see you, sweetie. Tomorrow — first day of school. Okay. Dante: Okay. That’s good. Thanks, matthews.

[ Camera shutter clicking, indistinct chatter ] So… kristina saw the attack, but not the attacker’s face. She saw the weapon. It sounds like it was this hook. The same thing that was used on ava jerome. But how does an attack on brando corbin fit together with ava? I don’t know. I don’t know. We got means but no motive. We may not have the time or luxury of knowing why. We need to find whoever did this before they attack again. You’re not playing fair. I’m being honest. How’s that not playing fair? If you’d come in here and sworn your undying love, I’d have called security and had you thrown out. But when you own up to what a lousy rat you are, how you can’t be trusted, it almost makes me trust you. Almost.

[ Door opens ] Cassadi– ava! What the hell is he doing here? It’s okay, sonny. I — I — I told frank to stand down. Nicholas and i had something to settle. And we’ve done that. Come on, sonny, do your worst. Not that this matters to you, but I’m not the one that tried to kill ava. I know. I just heard from the or. The team is ready for us. Portia: You heard the man. Let’s go. Let’s go! Sasha: Brando. Brando, I love you so much, okay?

[ Sobbing ] You’re going to be okay. You hear me? You’re gonna be fine! I’ll be right here. Listen to me. I love you so much, okay? I love you!

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