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Young & The Restless Transcript

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[ Computer keys clacking ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

[ Knock on door ]

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: I wasn’t sure you’d still be here. It’s after hours.

Sally: Well, I’m making up for lost time. There’s no way I was about to leave just because the sun went down. In spite of everything that happened, I’m determined to end today on a strong note.

Nick: Glad to hear it.

Sally: Yeah, I’m all about forward momentum, so this is me putting 100% effort into my job. Let there be no doubt that newman media is my number-one priority. I’m gonna prove to everyone that I belong in this chair.

Nick: Yeah… about that — we should talk.

Nikki: Oh, darling, you’re back. Welcome home.

Victoria: Oh, thank you.

Nikki: Mwah.

Victoria: I got in this afternoon, but we were both so busy at the office that we didn’t even cross paths. So I thought I’d stop by tonight so that we could catch up.

Nikki: Oh, um, is there a business matter we need to take care of?

Victoria: No, no, nothing like that at all. I, um — I was leaving work, and I noticed your e-mail that you plan on being out of the office tomorrow, and I was just wondering. What’s up?

Nikki: Oh, I decided at the last minute to go to L.A. And meet with ridge and eric forrester.

Victoria: Why?

Nikki: Well, kyle has told me he is planning a surprise for summer. He wants them to renew their vows here in town because a lot of people weren’t able to go to milan for their wedding. Isn’t that romantic?

Victoria: Yes, it is — very — but what does that have to do with you going to L.A.?

Nikki: I want forrester creations to design a special gown for summer as my gift.

Victoria: But why not just have one of lauren’s fashion designers do it? Or better yet, you could consult with the team at marchetti.

Nikki: Well, because it’s a surprise. I mean, we’d never be able to keep it a secret with all those people if summer works with them all. So, forrester will do a beautiful job.

Victoria: Yes, I know. Of course they will do a beautiful job. But why do I get the feeling that there’s something else going on here?

Nikki: I-I have no idea.

Victoria: I mean, if all you’re doing is meeting with eric and ridge, I mean, couldn’t you easily do that by phone or a video call? Instead, you’re clearing your very busy schedule, and you’re hopping on a plane for one meeting. Sorry, mom, I’m not buying it. I need you to tell me the truth. What is this trip really about?

Jack: Victor, you here to say hello or just to cast a dark shadow?

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Expecting someone?

Jack: No, I’m flying solo. Care to join me for a drink?

Victor: Sure.

Jack: I know abby keeps your favorite tequila in stock. I could get the first round started, though I doubt you’re going to want to toast my latest hire.

Victor: You’re right about that.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Mm. I am happy to report harrison was tucked away in bed. Not asleep yet, but he’s chilling out with his favorite stuffed fox.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: What are you working on?

Summer: I am looking at the proofs from tessa’s photo shoot, pictures from after she relaxed.

Kyle: Hmm. You mean the shots taken after adam left? For someone who just started working at jabot, I am already feeling the dark cloud of his presence.

Summer: Adam drives me crazy, too, but we promised to respect jack’s wishes. That means trying to stay positive. One way to do that is to not talk about adam at all unless it is absolutely necessary.

Kyle: Especially now, when we have so much to celebrate.

Summer: We do?

Kyle: Mm-hmm. Listen. Hear that?

Summer: What? [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: Beautiful, golden silence. Our boy is upstairs in bed. Nobody else is home.

Summer: Hmm.

Kyle: We have the whole place to ourselves.

Summer: I guess we do.

Kyle: Oh, imagine the possibilities.

Summer: My mind is going all sorts of places.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Kyle: All we need is a little music.

[ Soft music plays ]

Summer: And a little wine. I’ll go get a bottle.

Kyle: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s something I need to do first.

Summer: I guess the wine can wait.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Hold that kiss.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Mom. What are you…doing here?

Diane: I am livid. And it’s all because of phyllis.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: [ Sighs ] You know why I love halloween?

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Chance: How about we take the baby monitor, go sit by the pool, maybe take a little late-night dip? I don’t know, looks like a beautiful night tonight. I could use some air.

[ Sighs ]

[ Tv channels changing ]

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

[ Tv channels changing ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Tv turns off ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Diane: Summer, I hate to say this, but your mother is relentless. I swear, that woman —

Kyle: Okay, mom, just slow down, tell us what happened.

Diane: [ Scoffs ] Came across a document relating to marchetti home — A.K.A. The line that phyllis heads up. It was — it was an agreement with a subcontractor to create furniture for an outrageous sum! It sent up a huge red flag for me. It reeked of some sort of kickback scheme.

Summer: Wait, back up a minute. How did you come across it?

Diane: It was a file on my computer.

Summer: That doesn’t make any sense. You don’t have anything to do with the home division.

Diane: Exactly. Look, summer, you are not conniving like your mother. You don’t think the same way. But I knew right away what happened. Phyllis, the very savvy computer hacker, slipped that document onto my hard drive. She’s setting me up.

Summer: [ Inhales deeply ]

Nikki: Darling, please, can’t we just enjoy some time together before I leave?

Victoria: I would love that, but I just can’t shake this feeling that you’re holding something back from me. I can hear it in your voice. Mom, you’re avoiding eye contact with me. I know you very well.

Nikki: Alright, fine. Since it’s clear you’re not going to drop this, I will tell you everything.

Victoria: Please do.

Nikki: Well, I am going to have a dress designed for summer, but that’s not the only reason for my trip.

Victoria: What is?

Nikki: Diane jenkins/ I am determined to find something I can use to drive her out of town. So I am going to L.A. To confront the one person who may have some information — deacon sharpe. If you have age-related macular degeneration,

Abby: Hi! [ Chuckles ] Oh, my god, you’re early, but that’s okay. Um, that means we can spend more time together.

Chance: Honey, I’m sorry, I have to cancel date night tonight.

Abby: Why?

Chance: I have to go out of town for a few nights. It’s just for a stakeout.

Abby: Oh, can’t you at least stay for dinner? And better yet, you could leave in the morning. I mean, do you have to leave right now?

Chance: I wish I could. With this case, it’s just — it’s too important to let slide. I mean, this is an investigation of a lifetime. And it means everything to me.

Abby: Everything? What about me? What about our family?

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Sharon: Hey, you working late? Need a little caffeine to get you through an all-night stakeout?

Chance: Actually, the opposite. I’m here because I’m not working and I’m feeling a bit restless. Things have eased up for me a little bit at work since I’ve closed all of rey’s cases.

Sharon: Oh, yeah, you’re feeling a little lost at sea, aren’t you? Especially now you’ve finished working on the ashland case.

Chance: Wow, I didn’t know it was that obvious.

Sharon: Well, it’s probably not, to most, but I know that when rey would finally finish working on a complicated case, it would leave him feeling antsy and restless and needing to find something to do.

Chance: Yeah, well, you know, I haven’t really thought about it that much. But you know what? I’m sure I will figure out what I need to do now. For now, I’ll just take some tea. Decaf, please.

Chelsea: I could use one of those, too. Mind if I join you?

Victor: Cheers, jack. Now, I spoke with adam earlier about his latest career move. I would like to hear from you why you hired him as co-ceo of your company.

Jack: Actually, that’s very simple. I needed someone, he was available, and the best person for the job?

Victor: Only adam?

Jack: I suppose I could have cast the net a bit wider, but adam and I have history. We have a friendship. I think you and I will agree that his talents are indisputable. I needed someone I could count on — a partner, if you will — and not for the reasons most people would think. I want to spend more time with my grandchildren. Jabot has always been, will always be, important to me. But lately I have learned there’s more to life.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I agree with that. Adam led me to believe that you hired him so that you could distract him from his anger toward me. Is that so?

Jack: I suppose that was a consideration, but I assure you, whether you believe it or not, I did not hire adam to get under your skin. I honestly believe, in the end, this will benefit all of us — you, adam, and me.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Remember what I’m telling you now. Hiring adam… is a huge mistake.

Sally: I thought we came to an understanding earlier. But given the fact that you’re back here, I’m guessing things took a turn whenever you went upstairs to see your sister.

Nick: I did report back to victoria, who rightfully expected an explanation for your absence from the marketing summit.

Sally: I can only imagine what she had to say when you told her I got the time wrong and then I got hung up talking to adam.

Nick: I didn’t feel the need to give her any details. I just told her there were some extenuating circumstances that, you know, you messed up and that you’re very sorry for that.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] Well, I appreciate the kind description of what happened,

[Inhales deeply] But I doubt that satisfied victoria. Okay, well, I guess that answers my question. So, [Inhales deeply] What, is that it, then? Am I out of a job? (Christine) my son really had to be

Sharon: Here you go.

Chelsea: Thank you.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sharon: Oh, excuse me. Yeah? Oh, sure. I can do that. I’ll see you in a minute. Sorry, that was mariah and tessa. They need me to pop up there. Um, is there anything else you need for the moment?

Chelsea: I’m great. Thanks, sharon.

[ Sighs ]

Chance: So, how was your day?

Chelsea: Uh, you know, had its ups and downs. Not gonna lie, it was rough at first; then it got better because I got to spend time with johnny and connor. Yeah, billy and I got them together at the pool.

Chance: Well, yeah, that sounds fun.

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah, it was fun. Um… [ Sighs ] It was fun, and then I went back to my suite by myself, and I felt really lonely and really restless and actually really anxious. And I’m not sure why. I’m sorry. You told me I could vent to you about this stuff, and now I bet you’re regretting saying that.

Chance: No, not a bit. I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to be honest with me. I just hope you’re taking it easy on the alcohol, though, to alleviate the pain.

Chelsea: Yeah, I’m not gonna drink like that again for a really long time. Um, thank you for making sure I got home safely.

Chance: Anytime. You know what? I think I might be able to help you out again right now.

Nick: I didn’t come here to fire you, sally, but you’re right about one thing. Vick is losing her patience. So much so, she’s starting to look around at other options.

Sally: [ Sighs ] I mean, I know you both signed off on giving me this chance, but I know that victoria hasn’t been as much in my corner as you have. And I have no illusions about how victor really feels about me.

Nick: [ Sighs ] It’s not over yet. Alright? I believe in you. I’ve told you that many times. You’ve come up with some really great ideas that I think you should have an opportunity to execute. So I really talked up those concepts to the executive team. And you know what? I want to prove I was right. Too.

Sally: I appreciate that. It’s nice to know I have at least one senior exec pulling for me.

[ Inhales deeply ] And I have spent every minute managing the fallout from my screw-up earlier. I responded to every single e-mail that people sent about chloe making the presentation in my absence, and I personally called the top newman enterprises and newman media execs to apologize. And then I set up follow-up meetings with all of them. I’m on it. I’m doing everything in my power to salvage this situation.

Nick: Alright. I know you intend to.

Sally: But you can’t guarantee that it’ll be enough. You’re still wondering if I can get it together and be the leader that you need me to be or if I’m going to continue to let my feelings for adam hold me back.

Victoria: Mom, I can’t even believe that you would consider seeing deacon sharpe face-to-face. God, no, no. I mean, for a million reasons.

Nikki: Well, I have one very good reason to go. If anybody knows the real dirt about what diane was up to when she was living all those years under an assumed identity, it would be him.

Victoria: Well, what about talia morgan? You saw the scathing article she wrote about diane. She’s obviously aware of her sordid history. Why not point her in deacon’s direction, you stay out of it.

Nikki: No, this is personal. Deacon helped diane fake her own death, and he was instrumental in my being arrested for her so-called murder. We have a lot of unfinished business.

Victoria: All the more reason for you to stay away from him. The man is disgusting. How can you trust anything that he has to say? And who knows how it’s going to affect you, seeing him?

Nikki: Victoria, I can handle him.

Victoria: Need I remind you of your completely toxic dynamic, how he enabled you to drink, your destructive affair? I mean, mom, he blackmailed you into marrying him. The list goes on and on and on.

Nikki: That was in the past. I’m not the same person I was. I’m much stronger.

Victoria: How do you know that seeing him isn’t going to trigger some — some kind of a setback, that it’s not going to make you want to reach for a drink? Mom, please, it’s just too risky. Can you just let it go?

Diane: Thanks.

Kyle: Okay, mom, just calm down. From what you’ve told me, you can’t assume phyllis is trying to set you up. How would that even work?

Diane: I know it sounds crazy, but please just hear me out.

Kyle: Alright.

Diane: Phyllis could have planted that document on my computer and then sat back to wait for the right time to make her move. Then, she transfers it to her own computer and then pretends to discover it. All she has to do is vehemently deny any responsibility and then use those I.T. Skills to trace it back to me, proving that I’m trying to sabotage her.

Kyle: Wow. That’s — that is a lot to digest.

Summer: Sounds like a very complicated and completely hypothetical scheme.

Diane: I know. And if it were about anyone else, I admit I would seem paranoid. But from the moment your mother asked to join you at marchetti, I knew that she was coming for me. It wasn’t a question of if, but how and when. And now that time has come.

[ Sighs ] Please tell me you believe me. If you have copd,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Jack: Not that I expected a “thank you,” but let’s get real here. You have yanked the rug out from adam more times than he can count. You asked him to run his company. You handed him the keys to the kingdom. And no sooner did you do that, though, you snatched him back away and gave him back to victoria.

Victor: You obviously don’t know the inner workings of my company, nor of my family, do you?

Jack: I do know that the pride and joy that you have in victoria and nicholas and abby is exactly what adam feels is missing in his life.

Victor: And you must understand that adam chooses to see what adam wants to see. Under no circumstances did I ever indicate to him that he’s not part of newman enterprises or my family.

Jack: Okay. How many times over the years have you and adam done this dance? Did you really expect him to graciously accept this demotion, especially after the giant press conference announcing his ascension to the throne? You left him out in the cold. Of course he walked away. What did you think was going to happen?

Victor: I never left him out in the cold.

Jack: And now he’s broken off his relationship with sally. And you know better than anyone, adam at loose ends, angry at you is adam at his most dangerous. Thank god he saw the light and accepted my job offer.

Victor: I’m afraid, jack, that you misunderstood my earlier warning, or you didn’t listen. Hiring my son adam is a huge mistake for you.

Jack: For me? Why?

Victor: He may appreciate it, but trust me, he only accepted your offer to piss me off. Now, once he realizes he cannot get a rise out of me, the job will have lost its allure. And he’ll be out of there unless he’s already fed up long before then.

Jack: And why would he be fed up?

Victor: Why the hell wouldn’t he? Who in your family likes him? Who at jabot likes him? Now you have him work with diane and phyllis. Are you serious? And by the way, what happened to you to allow diane and phyllis to work under your roof?

Jack: I allowed that for one very good reason. Kyle and summer wanted to work with their mothers. Give them an opportunity to rise above the fray.

Victor: Really? How’s that working out for you?

Jack: It’s an ongoing experiment, and we’re keeping a close eye. The bigger point here is that I agreed to that because I had faith in summer and kyle — faith in their ability to keep things running smoothly. The same faith I have in adam.

Victor: And I wish you good luck with that.

Diane: Summer, I know this puts you in an uncomfortable position, and I hate doing that. But you yourself were worried about phyllis lashing out.

Summer: True, but my mom promised not to cross any lines and to maintain nothing but absolute professionalism, just like you did. That being said, I know this is a stressful situation, so we’re going to get to the bottom of it.

Kyle: Don’t worry, summer and I will look into it. But please let us handle it.

Diane: Of course. I will leave it in your very capable hands.

[ Sighs ]

[ Voice breaking ] I’m — I’m just trying so hard to be the best mother and grandmother and co-worker that I can be. And I know I have a lot to make up for, which makes me all the more grateful that the two of you seem to understand that, unlike the vast majority of people in this town. Being on guard 24/7 is a really tough way to live. But tonight I feel seen and heard. And for that, I can’t thank you enough.

Nikki: I appreciate you being so protective of me, but I can handle myself with deacon. I’m not the same person I was back then. There’s absolutely nothing he can do to me now. In fact, he should worry about facing me.

Victoria: I really want to believe that.

Nikki: Sweetheart, please trust me. I’ve got this.

Victoria: This is really important to you, isn’t it?

Nikki: It absolutely is.

Victoria: Okay, but I have to ask one thing. Why now? I mean, has diane been causing some sort of problem for you that I should be aware of?

Nikki: No. Not yet, anyway. She keeps saying that she has changed and she should be welcomed back into our good graces. But I see right through her. She is incapable of change.

Victoria: I get it. You feel very strongly about this.

Nikki: She brought nothing the pain before. And she’ll do it again until somebody stops her. So I am ready to do whatever I have to, to get that woman out of our lives.

Chance: So, I totally understand how you feel. I have bouts of restlessness all the time. And I remember you saying that your old therapist didn’t really have much to offer you. Right? Well, mine actually have some pretty useful advice.

Chelsea: Lucky you.

Chance: Yeah, yeah, he taught me these relaxation techniques to kind of help take the edge off. Want to try one?

Chelsea: Sure. Show me the way.

Chance: Right. Well, take a deep breath. Right?

Chelsea: [ Inhales deeply ]

[ Exhales ]

Chance: Yeah, nice, right from the stomach, deep from the diaphragm, right?

[ Exhales ] And for 4. I want you to hold it for 4.

Nick: I’m not judging you. I told you, I understand how overwhelming dealing with adam can be. You never know if you’re getting the worst or best of him. And he has this unique ability to keep the people around him constantly off balance.

Sally: Even though it might take some time to work through everything that he’s put me through, I refuse to use it as an excuse, because it would be easy to just blame all of my missteps on the fact that he messed with my heart and my head. But I won’t, because I am nobody’s victim.

Nick: No, you are not.

Sally: This is way more than adam. And this is also about my own insecurities and fears.

Nick: It’s funny, sally, when I think about you, fear is the last thing that comes to my mind. Unless I’m thinking about how fearless I think you are.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] Sometimes I am. I mean, it’s crazy, but ever since I was little, I knew that I was destined for something great. That’s why I fought so hard to make a name for myself. I wanted to prove to everyone that underestimated me that I had what it takes to succeed.

Nick: Look at you now. I mean, if they could see you, they certainly would be impressed.

Sally: Unfortunately, i stumbled a lot along the way, and I was my own worst enemy. And way too often, I still am. I mean, I have an opportunity of a lifetime. And still there is some small secret part of me that believes that I’m an imposter.

Nick: You ran your own design house.

Sally: Yeah, but that’s nowhere near the scale of business that we’re doing here. And I don’t want to think about that, because obviously I want to prove myself. But I just can’t help but have moments where I just feel lost. And I don’t know if a guy like you can relate to that, but…

Nick: No, I, uh — I know how you feel. Trust me, I know exactly what that’s like.

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reduce wrinkles?

Jack: I understand how difficult it must be for you to see adam move on. So, for tonight, I will overlook the condescending attitude.

Victor: I’m not being condescending. I’m simply trying to warn you what you are in for. You do with it what you want. Just know that I tried to get through to my son, to no avail. I’m done.

Jack: Done?

Victor: You bet. A wise man knows when to cut his losses and move on.

Jack: I don’t buy that for one second. You live and breathe family. For you to give up on adam is like you giving up on yourself. And I don’t see you doing that even for one minute. You may be too wounded to see it right now, but I know better.

Victoria: So, how does dad feel about this mission of yours? He is aware of it, isn’t he?

Nikki: Yes, and he is totally for it.

Victoria: Even if he was okay with the idea, I don’t think he’d want you to be alone with deacon, even for one second.

Nikki: Well, I have a feeling I won’t be alone. I’m sure he’s going to send his security team to watch over me.

Victoria: Well, I would feel a lot better if he does.

Nikki: Darling, please don’t worry. It will be worth the effort, and we’ll all be better off for it.

Victoria: I certainly hope so.

Nikki: Now, I have a few things I have to do before your father gets home.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Of course, mom. Just promise me that you’re gonna be careful.

Nikki: I will, darling. I will. I’ll be home before you know it. Phyllis, it’s nikki. Everything is in place for my trip tomorrow, and I am going to get that information we need in L.A. I just want to make sure that you do your part and put on the pressure at marchetti.

Diane: I am so sorry for interrupting. I’m going to go now and let you get back to doing whatever you were doing before I arrived.

Summer: Don’t worry about it. You had something important to tell us.

Diane: Oh, do you think i could go upstairs and say good night to my grandson?

Kyle: Yeah, sure. He’s probably still awake. Go ahead.

Diane: Oh, good. Well, in that case, could I read him a story?

Kyle: I’m sure he’ll enjoy that.

Diane: Okay.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] So… what do you think?

Summer: You mean, about the big plot, the alleged setup? I don’t know, babe. Just seems a little clumsy to me. There’s just something about this that doesn’t ring true.

Kyle: Look, I don’t want to think the worst of phyllis any more than you do, but how else could a marchetti home file get on my mother’s computer? I mean, it must have been deliberately planted to cause her trouble.

Summer: Or that’s just what diana wants us to think.

Kyle: What are you implying?

Summer: [ Sighs ] Don’t get mad, okay? Just think about it. What if diane created the file and this whole crazy story just to throw suspicion on my mom, to get her out of the way so that she can’t undermine diane? All I’m saying is that it seems to me like there’s more than one plausible explanation for what’s going on here.

[ Door closes ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Chance: What are you doing up? When I left, you were knocked out.

Abby: I had a bad dream.

Chance: Oh, no. I’m sorry. About what?

Abby: It doesn’t matter. Where were you? I tried calling you.

Chance: I left you a note. Did you not see my note? Uh, oh. Duh. [ Chuckles ] I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you. I was a little restless. I ended up at crimson lights. You were sleeping so good, I didn’t want to wake you up.

Abby: Oh, I am wide-awake now.

Chance: You alright?

Abby: Not really.

Chance: What’s wrong? Are you coming down with something? You sick?

Abby: I feel like something is off between us, like we’re out of sync or something.

Chance: Why? Because I wasn’t here when you woke up? I mean, come on, no. Baby, we’re fine. I mean, we are beyond fine, in fact, right?

Abby: Yeah.

Chance: There’s nothing to worry about. I love you so much. You know that?

Abby: Love you, too.

Nick: You know the truth about how ashland died.

Sally: Yes. It was an accident while you were protecting your sister. It was not your fault.

Nick: I still did it. And I’m struggling, trying to find a way to live with what happened. Desperately trying to prove to myself that I’m still the same person I was before and that it’s okay, you know, to just let go of what happened and try and move on.

Sally: It is. You’re a good person, nick, and you deserve all the good things that life has to offer. You just have to keep believing in yourself.

Nick: It’s ironic, you know, that was the exact advice I was gonna give you.

Sally: Well, how about that? I’ll tell you what. Let’s make a deal. I won’t stop fighting for what I want… if you won’T.

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