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Billy: So, I assume you’re here for a little afternoon pick-me-up, sorting through all the personnel changes at Jabot.

Jack: Yes, now that we’ve acquired Marchetti, I have a few more faces and names I have to remember.

Billy: Yeah, sure, but I’m talking about one employee in particular.

Jack: I knew exactly what you were talking about.

Billy: Adam’s been on the job for about 3 hours now. Has he burned the place down?

Jack: Hasn’t caused any problems, and I’m not going to discuss him with you anymore. No, because you are so wise about business, though, I’d like to tap your brain about a couple of other subjects.


Jack: Billy, I know you think of yourself as a great poker player, but I feel like I’m getting a good read on you.

Billy: Is that right? You think I’m bluffing?

Jack: Not completely, but i think you’re working very hard to convince yourself.

Billy: Well, either you’re not hearing me correctly or you’re projecting.

Jack: I’m projecting? How so?

Billy: I think you’re feeling really nervous about the recent corporate hires, and you’re projecting your insecurities on me.

Jack: I didn’t realize I was being so transparent.

Billy: Jack, got to look a little deeper. You’ll find it.

Jack: I’m not so sure. Look, I’m very happy you are now focused on your business career.

Billy: Are you really?

Jack: Yes, I am. Hey, I have a long track record in business, and maybe you’ve heard about it. There is not a corporate boardroom situation that I have not faced.

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