Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 6, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer pulled out a bottle of pills from the garbage can. Jack walked in and wondered if something was wrong. She hid the pills, but he managed to see the pills. She said they were for a headache. He told her he hired a lawyer for Gwen. Jennifer was upset that he didn’t talk to her about it first. He said Sonny was stabbed while Gwen was in jail. He said if the stabbing was linked to Abby’s death, it couldn’t have been Gwen. He said he knew Gwen wasn’t a saint, but she deserved better than what she has gotten from him. He asked her to understand. She said she did. Chad ripped into Trask for letting Leo go free. She said Rafe knew where Leo was hiding and should be bringing him to the station shortly. She said she was positive Leo was the one who killed Abby and stabbed Sonny. Chad wondered what was going to happen with Gwen. Trask said she was still in custody. Gwen showed up and said she wasn’t in custody anymore. She said her lawyer explained that Sonny’s stabbing was connected to Abby’s death. She said Leo’s statement was just to frame her. Trask said Leo’s guilt didn’t prove Gwen was innocent. Trask walked out the room to get answers. Gwen told Chad that she didn’t kill Abby. He said he didn’t believe her. She warned him about Leo’s list of enemies. She said they may come after him. Rafe accused Sloan of tipping Leo off about the police coming to get him. She said she didn’t. Rafe threatened to arrest her.

Sonny woke up and saw Leo dressed as a nurse. Leo said it was the only way he could see him. Leo asked who stabbed him. Sonny said it was him. Leo said he didn’t stab him. Leo reminded him of their truce. Sonny said he remembered it. He said he also remembered being hit in the back. He said he didn’t remember anything else so he couldn’t clear Leo. Leo wanted Sonny to believe him. Sonny told Leo that he believed him, but someone was after them. Sloan told Rafe she tried to call Leo, but the call went to voicemail. Rafe said they were back to square one. He called to set up a search. He also called Trask. Rafe figured out that Leo went to see Sonny and walked out. Sloan called Leo and told him Rafe was on his way to the hospital. Leo got off the phone.

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