Days Short Recap Thursday, September 8, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi was on the phone with Will when EJ barged in the room. He let her know that she made a mistake. He was convinced that Ava was her ticket out of the CEO position. He told her that hiring a crazy person wasn’t going to work. He didn’t think the marriage was real. He knew that Gabi didn’t think it was either. She told him that she didn’t lose her job, but he lost his son. He told her that she wouldn’t be a DiMera and wanted her to stay out of family business. EJ walked out just as Li showed up. He lied about where he was. He wasn’t happy that Ava was hired at the company. Ava was at DiMera Enterprises when Johnny showed up to check on her. She said EJ’s betrayal of his son was worse than what he did to her. She didn’t want to make their relationship worse. He told her that it was his father’s fault. He wouldn’t let his father treat her like that again. She was willing to move out so they could work things out. He offered to have a service for Jake at the family crypt. She thanked him for the gesture when EJ showed up. He yelled at Johnny before saying he was there to talk to Ava. Ava sent Johnny out of the room. EJ wanted to talk to her mental state and how she’s using his son. She said he was nice to her and that’s it. He brought up her hallucinations and he said he would prove she was unstable. He warned her that she was going to Bayview if she says she saw Jake again.

Chloe told Rafe that he should check where Leo was. She thanked him for his security to detail. Kristen wasn’t happy that Chloe left work early. Chloe let her know that Brady choice so he could fight for Rachel. They argued over who knew Brady better. Kristen said her hatred of Chloe was to protect her daughter. Chloe called her a sociopath and walked away. Chloe talked to Brady and let him know that she accidentally told Kristen she was testifying against her. They discussed how Rachel was handling everything. Brady knew it was hurting her. He admitted that Rachel was still mad at Chloe. He let her know that Belle thought Kristen threatened her to put a wedge between all of them. Chloe didn’t think she should testify anymore. She thought it would be better for Rachel. Li went to see Rolf and panicked when he saw Stefan free of the machines. Rolf told him that he wasn’t dead. He was working on brainwashing him. Li wanted him to get to work getting Stefan to fall for Chloe. Li walked out of the room as Kristen arrived. She wanted Rolf to wake her brother up. Rolf didn’t think Stefan was ready for that yet. Stefan woke up so Kristen told him to find Chloe since she was the woman he loved. He thought he was dead for a while. He didn’t remember Chloe being the woman he loved.

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