Y&R Short Recap Friday, September 9, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Victor wants Sally fired and he wants Nick to be the CEO of Newman Media, but Nick thinks Sally is doing a great job as CEO
Newman Media.

Nate tells Elena he has already started preparations for a music festival without consulting Devon or Lily. Elena doesn’t think this is a good idea and asks him to talk to Lily before making any further preparations for the festival. Nate talks to Billy about his idea since Lily is in a meeting.

Jill asks everyone including Devon who is with Amanda while her mother is sick.

Billy likes Nate’s idea and starts telling everyone on the video call about it so Nate tells everyone what he has been working on, and Devon is upset because Nate once again did this without him. Jill also likes the idea and asks Lily what she thinks about it. Lily tells Nate that she wants to look at everything Nate has done so far and they will discuss it when Devon returns to Genoa City.

Jill tells everyone that she wants to take Chancellor Winters public because the company is doing so well.

Adam, once again, apologizes to Sally for hurting her and Sally forgives him because she knew who he was when she fell in love with him. Adam tells Sally that she was the only woman with whom he didn’t have to pretend to be someone he isn’t and that is why he fell in love with her. Sally tells Adam that now that they have told each other the truth they can be friends. Adam tells Sally he wants to be more then friends with her. Sally gets a text message from Chloe telling her she has an emergency at work and Adam wonders if she has to leave right now.

Jill tells everyone at the meeting that taking the company public is a bold move just like Nate’s music festival idea. Everyone thinks that they should think about it. Jill asks Nate his opinion and he tells Jill that he will leave the opinions to the people with more experience. Nate walks out of the meeting and calls someone to cancel the preparations for the music festival. Elena arrives at the office and Nate tells her she was right…working with family was a bad idea so he has decided to leave the company.

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