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Billy: Great. Thank you.

Jack: How many of those do you have a day?

Billy: I’m sure you’re aware, sharon’s daughter just left for college.

Jack: Yeah, she’s in michigan. Great school. Go blue.

Billy: I’ve paid half her tuition, one coffee at a time.

Jack: [ Chuckles ] I’m sure sharon appreciates that.

Billy: So, I assume you’re here for a little afternoon pick-me-up, sorting through all the personnel changes at jabot.

Jack: Yes, now that we’ve acquired marchetti, I have a few more faces and names I have to remember.

Billy: Yeah, sure, but I’m talking about one employee in particular.

Jack: I knew exactly what you were talking about.

Billy: Adam’s been on the job for about 3 hours now. Has he burned the place down?

Jack: Hasn’t caused any problems, and I’m not going to discuss him with you anymore. No, because you are so wise about business, though, I’d like to tap your brain about a couple of other subjects.

Billy: [ Laughing ] Oh. Really? Me?

Jack: I’d like to know about chancellor-winters’ purchase of the grand phoenix.

Billy: Sure. What do you want to know?

Abby: Chloe. Hi. I haven’t seen you in a while.

Chloe: Yeah, I don’t think that we’ve talked since tessa and mariah’s wedding.

Abby: Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe it’s been that long. I was so excited to see your name on an order.

Chloe: Oh, that’s so sweet.

Abby: Unfortunately, the kitchen is a little backed up, so can I offer you a drink while you wait — on the house?

Chloe: That’s great. I’ll just take a soda water with lemon, since I have to get back to the office.

Abby: You got it. Have you been working long hours these days?

Chloe: Yeah, we’re just still trying to find our footing. But it’s going well.

Abby: Well, if chance’s schedule is any indication, I’m sure kevin has been working long hours on this ashland case. It’s been taking up so much time.

Chloe: Yeah, kevin has been working very long hours.

Abby: [ Sighs ] I’m just so glad that the case is finally closed.

Chloe: Me too.

Abby: Maybe now we can spend some quality time with our husbands.

Chloe: Yeah, 100%. Uh, but I hope chance and kevin can get past their tension.

Abby: That tension?

Adam: You want to go visit your mom?

Chelsea: That’s right.

Adam: And you want connor to go with you?

Chelsea: Yeah. Anita loves seeing him. He loves seeing her. It’s been a while.

Adam: Where is this idea coming from?

Chelsea: I’ve been thinking about it for some time. I need to get out of genoa city for a bit.

[ Sighs ] You know that feeling where the walls are closing in on you?

Adam: Sure. Yeah, it would be a good idea to get out of here so you can clear your head? But connor doesn’t need to go with you.

Chelsea: I’m going to see his grandmother. I want him with me.

Adam: Listen to me. Chelsea, connor just got back from camp. I mean, school is starting soon. It’s just not really a good time.

Chelsea: I’ve barely spent any time with him this summer. I just want to spend some time with my son.

Adam: Okay, well, I have barely spent 10 minutes with him since he’s been home. I mean, there’s just so much to do before school starts. Unless you’re thinking about a lengthier move, in which case, the answer is absolutely no.

Chance: Well, hey, beautiful.

Abby: Hi, babe.

Chance: Yeah, I finished work a little early today, and I was thinking of stopping by getting a drink. What do you say? Me, you, glass of wine, maybe throw it in a sippy cup in honor of our picnic.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] I would like that. I’m just finishing up here, so your timing is perfect.

Chance: For a change.

Abby: Well, come on over. I will save you a seat at the end of the bar.

Chance: Okay.

Sally: Chance. So glad I ran into you.

Chance: Sally. Hi. I actually have to take off right now.

Sally: Oh, it won’t take long. Mind if I have a seat?

Chance: You know, I, un — really don’t have the time right now.

Sally: It’s only gonna take a few minutes. Besides, don’t you want to thank me?

Chance: For what, exactly?

Sally: For not publishing that incendiary article about the ashland locke case. No matter who you are,

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Chelsea: I’m not saying i want to move to minnesota. I wouldn’t spring that on you. It’s just a visit.

Adam: [ Sighs ] How long are we talking, chelsea? Two days, three?

Chelsea: I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t really necessarily be a quick trip. I need time away. You know, the last time I brought connor to visit my mom, it helped me reset my perspective. I came back to genoa city much more grounded, and connor really likes it there. He and anita have a connection.

Adam: And what about school?

Chelsea: I mean, his old boarding school is there. He could re-enroll as a day student.

Adam: Chelsea, he’s happy. Here. His soccer season starts. He has friends here. I mean, we can’t disrupt the beginning of a school year like that.

Chelsea: I would make sure this didn’t disrupt anything for him. You just need to trust me.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Chelsea, he’s not going, okay? You clearly have not thought this through.

Chelsea: Why can’t you just take my word that I need this right now? Adam, I’m not feeling great. I-I-I feel like I’m heading towards those emotional issues…again. I feel like that’s the direction the current is taking me. I know the signs, and you’ve seen them, too.

Adam: Okay.

Chelsea: I feel like I’m — I’m — [Sniffles] I’m in a fast-moving river a-and I can’t find my footing and I can’t grab onto anything, and I-I need a change.

Adam: Okay, and I appreciate you telling me that. It’s a healthy step, but, chelsea, listen to yourself. Connor’s not a life preserver. He’s a kid, and fixing his mom, it’s not his job.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Billy: So, what would you like to know about chancellor-winters’ purchasing phyllis’ hotel?

Jack: For starters, congratulations. It’s a sterling property.

Billy: Okay, good. I will pass that along.

Jack: I would like to open an exclusive jabot boutique on the premises. It sounds like lily is trying to cater to a more sophisticated, artistic clientele, and jabot seems a perfect fit.

Billy: It’s a very interesting idea, but why are we talking about it?

Jack: What do you mean?

Billy: Jack, you could have shot me an e-mail saying, “I want to open up a boutique in the hotel,” done.

Jack: I’m not sure what your point is.

Billy: Well, I think you’re trying to change the subject. You’re trying to divert the conversation away from adam.

Jack: Okay, maybe I am. I don’t want to talk any more about my hires. They’re my hires. I’m running showboat.

Billy: It’s very convenient for you, jack, but you don’t understand.

Jack: I understand that he caused you pain. I understand you are hurt every time he walks into a room. But, billy, I have to support adam now. I have to make sure he is a success at jabot.

Billy: And what, you’re suggesting I do the same?

Jack: I would never presume to tell you what to do. Could we get back to the subject at hand? I wanted to talk to you about this boutique because you’re the ceo. If you’d rather I just talk to lily, just tell me so. Apparently, you’re very busy with your podcast.

Billy: Wow, your ability to be passive-aggressive, yet civil and cordial, while ripping me apart is actually impressive.

Jack: I apologize for the tone. Look, I’m standing by the sentiment. You seem to be more caught up in your creative pursuits than you are in your job.

Billy: Well, then you’re gonna be really happy to hear that I have retired from the podcast game.

Jack: Really?

Billy: Yeah, I’m walking away from the microphone in order to be the best C.O.O. I can be for chancellor-winters.

Abby: Chance is on his way over. I want to ask him about kevin, s-since I don’t want to put you in an awkward position if you don’t want to talk about it.

Chloe: I just don’t want to cause any trouble where there is none. Kevin was just venting about how he was putting in a lot of hours on the ashland case. I really don’t know anything. I just should have kept my big mouth shut.

Abby: No, I’m glad you didn’T. I didn’t know there was any tension.

Chloe: Well, the good news is, the case, and all of rey’s cases, are closed, so we will be seeing our husband’s more often.

Abby: Although you are heading back to the office, and I am still here at work, so maybe it’s not all the guys’ fault.

Chloe: That is true. And I imagine running this place takes a lot of time. You know, I’m — I’m hoping that my long hours at the office are just temporary.

Abby: How’s it going over there, ms. C.O.O.? Do you like it?

Chloe: I — I love the job. I’m loving all the work, but…

Abby: But what?

Chloe: I hate dealing with your brother constantly hanging around.

Abby: Nick? Well, I’m sure overseeing newman media is part of his new job.

Chloe: No, the other one.

Abby: Oh, uh, him. Why is adam hanging around?

Chloe: I don’t know. He’s got some sort of hold on sally, and it just makes my job more difficult when the C.E.O. Is distracted. Not to mention my best friend is chelsea, and she is always irritated by him.

Abby: Oh, I thought that ship had sailed. I thought chelsea was gonna move on.

Chloe: Well, you know adam. He wreaks havoc on all of his exes’ lives. Sally is a mess because of him.

Abby: I don’t have any sympathy for her. She knew the risks. She deserves what she gets for sliding into bed with adam.

Sally: I did not fall into adam’s trap.

Chance: Good for you. What exactly did he try to pull?

Sally: Oh, he came to me with a promise of concrete evidence of victor’s involvement in covering up ashland’s death. And he talked to me about how career-making a story this could be. But I know adam well enough to suspect his motives were more about going after his father than catapulting me to success.

Chance: And what exactly do you want from me?

Sally: Well, I sensed, after our last conversation, that you’re a real truth-and-justice kind of guy, so I’m guessing you had to make a hard decision, just like I did.

[ Inhales deeply ] I brought adam’s offer to victoria and nick, because it was my responsibility to let them know.

Chance: Okay, so, I really don’t have a lot of time. Why are you telling me this?

Sally: Well, I don’t have an agenda, unlike adam. I just thought maybe we were kindred spirits. I thought maybe we should commiserate about making hard choices since you were in the same position I was. I mean, you shut down the case in spite of all of the evidence. In the end, you know, we both realized that the right thing to do was to just tow the newman family line. Why give your family just ordinary eggs

Chance: I actually don’t see it that way at all. I did not toe any family line. I just did my job.

Sally: But your decision lined up with what the newmans wanted?

Chance: No, I closed my case based on the evidence that I had. I could not prosecute anyone based on that evidence. Now, remember, I am the expert on what makes a good case. Adam is not.

Sally: Okay. Maybe we’re not simpatico. We just came to similar conclusions in a similar fashion, but your reasons were different. Truth and justice and all.

Chance: Think you’re getting it now.

Sally: Totally. Well, I’m moving on and I’m putting the issue to bed. I’m sure you’re happy to put the issue behind you, as well, given all the family dynamics at play.

Chance: Sally, a man lost his life in this situation. Let’s not forget that. Yes, he was a terrible human being, but this investigation was still taken very seriously. Now it is closed, and I am very glad that it is closed. And I just hope everyone involved can just put it behind them.

Sally: It’s really good to see you.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Jack: I got to say, I’m surprised. I thought you loved your podcast.

Billy: I did. But lily was right when she pointed out that I was spending too much of my attention on the podcast.

Jack: So you’re giving up something you enjoy to concentrate on business?

Billy: I get it, jack. You don’t believe it?

Jack: Well, your corporate career has never exactly been your top priority.

Billy: Yeah, sure, but, uh, what can I say? It is now. Being the chief operating officer to support lily’s vision of this new company is exactly where I want to be.

Jack: And that’s a good change.

Billy: Yeah, I think it is, jack. It’s a good position for me. I feel at home. Working with lily and her family is very rewarding. They’re really good people. And on top of that, I’m continuing my mother’s legacy.

Jack: And that means a lot.

Billy: Yeah, it means a lot.

Jack: Billy, I know you think of yourself as a great poker player, but I feel like I’m getting a good read on you.

Billy: Is that right? You think I’m bluffing?

Jack: Not completely, but i think you’re working very hard to convince yourself.

Billy: Well, either you’re not hearing me correctly or you’re projecting.

Jack: I’m projecting? How so?

Billy: I think you’re feeling really nervous about the recent corporate hires, and you’re projecting your insecurities on me.

Jack: I didn’t realize I was being so transparent.

Billy: Jack, got to look a little deeper. You’ll find it.

Jack: I’m not so sure. Look, I’m very happy you are now focused on your business career.

Billy: Are you really?

Jack: Yes, I am. Hey, I have a long track record in business, and maybe you’ve heard about it. There is not a corporate boardroom situation that I have not faced.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Jack: I would like to be there to help you if you could use some help.

Billy: Right, of course, jack, because where the hell would I be without the wise, wise words of mr. Jack abbott?

Adam: Chelsea. I think you may need more than a visit with your mom to set you on the right path. I mean, if it’s as bad as you say it is, I think you should get back into therapy.

Chelsea: I don’t need it.

Adam: Would you think about it? You never completed therapy, because you convinced the judge to let you out of the psychiatric treatment facility so you could go help anita. You never faced whatever it is at the core of your issues.

Chelsea: Mm, you mean the reason I’m unstable?

Adam: Chelsea, will you please not put words in my mouth? I have been understanding. I know how hard you took rey’s death, and I know your career has taken some turns lately. I’m trying to empathize. So, why are you snapping at me? I’m trying to help.

Chelsea: Because I’m so sick of the way you talk down to me. Do you hear yourself? “Oh, poor little chelsea doesn’t even realize what’s wrong with her.”

Adam: Okay, I think you’re making a lot of unfair assumptions about what I’m really thinking.

Chelsea: Mm, mm. You know, it’s really ironic that you’re the one pushing me to get therapy, considering most people would agree I’m this way because of you. But I don’t blame you for my problems. I don’T. I take responsibility for my mistakes. And I know I almost lost connor because of them. So all I’m asking is for a little bit of alone time with my son.

Adam: Chelsea, you just — you know it’s not that simple. Okay? If you are as adrift as you say you are, you know that I can’t let you go away with connor when you’re in this state. You can’t run from this. You need to stay here and deal with the issues. I’m trying to help you.

Chelsea: All I know is, you are vindictive and petty and judgmental. And if it weren’t for connor, I’d wish to god I never met you.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Today, my friend,

you did it…

Sally: What was that about?

Adam: It was — it was nothing.

Sally: Didn’t look like nothing to me.

Adam: I’m really concerned about her.

Sally: What do you think the issue is?

Adam: I’m not sure. That’s part of the problem. I thought she was making progress, and she’s just been so erratic lately. It’s like one minute we’re having a nice conversation about connor, and then a few seconds later, she’s flying off the handle.

Sally: I’ve been on the receiving end of some of that anger. She’s always completely awful to me, but [Inhaling deeply] I can see that you’re concerned.

Adam: Well, I’m concerned about my son being around someone with a hair-trigger like chelsea. It’s not good for a kid.

Sally: What are you gonna do?

Adam: Well, I’ll tell you what I’m not gonna do, is let her take my son out of town to see her mother.

Sally: Is that what the conversation was about?

Adam: Yes. And when I said no, she didn’t take it well.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Chelsea? Are you okay?

Chelsea: Hi, abby. I’m fine. I just…

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. Um… actually, I’m not fine. And come to think of it, I’m not sorry.

[ Chuckles ] I’m so sick of apologizing. I feel like I’ve been doing that a lot lately. The truth is, um, I’m not okay. No, I’m not okay, and I haven’t been okay in a long time — probably for months, actually. Yeah. Yeah. Since rey died. I was finally starting to feel normal, starting to enjoy my life again, and then the accident happened, and nothing has been okay ever since. Everything has been a complete mess, and then I’m doing this podcast with billy. And I was really enjoying it, you know? And then it just got yanked away from me, after I shared my deepest, darkest secrets with the world. Ha! It’s like, I think I just — I just feel really lonely. I think I feel lonely. And every time I start to make a connection with somebody, it blows up in my face. So I’m definitely not fine. And I just think I need all of the amateur therapists in town to stop telling me what to do, you know, and how to take care of myself, because they have no idea what I’ve been going through. So what I really need is for everybody to keep their opinions to themselves. What I really need is for everybody to just shut up!

[ Gasps ]

Jack: Look, I don’t want to offer unwelcome advice.

Billy: But here I am, about to get a whole load of it.

Jack: Will you allow me a well-earned observation?

Billy: Yes, please. What is it?

Jack: Okay, I say this because I care. I have known you your whole life. I am saying this out of concern.

Billy: You’re tap-dancing, jack. Just spit it out.

Jack: As much as I hate to admit it, I think you and i would agree that you are not well-suited to corporate life. You’ve given it your best shot. Invariably, you either get bored and walk away, or you blow things up. I know this firsthand. I’ve giving you jobs at jabot, and it never quite worked out. You get bored and you walk, or you self-sabotage. And it just seems to me, that’s not where your passions lie. And I think you should be wary of history repeating itself.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Well, you can’t run away from your history, can you? You know, jack, I’ve made some pretty significant changes.

Jack: I know you’ve changed.

Billy: I walked away from that podcast in order to break the cycle of this story that you keep reminding me of, to make sure that I show up and do the job that lily needs me to do.

Jack: That lily needs.

Billy: Yes. Yeah, jack.

Jack: What about what you need? What about what you want? I’m serious. Is being C.O.O. Of chancellor-winters your dream job? Is — is that what you want? Who says you have to spend more on skincare

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Billy: [ Sighs ] So, you want to know my dream job? That’s easy. Professional gambler.

Jack: Aw.

Billy: Sitting at that table, cards out in front of you, millions of dollars. It’s a hard way to make an easy living. Football season starting soon. Horses are always running. See the lines, you see the spreads, and I know exactly where to pick the weak spot.

Jack: And that’s the dream? Playing cards, betting on sports?

Billy: Well, jack, that’s what you want to hear. That’s how you think of me, as a gambling addict, so I might as well lean into it, right? But don’t worry, because I know I can’t, because I am very aware of my history.

Jack: Good. I’m glad to hear that. Someone’s long-term plans do matter, though. Look, anytime I hire someone at a high-level position at jabot, I want to know they’re there because they want to be there, not just ’cause it’s a step along the way.

Billy: So you’re saying that you wouldn’t hire me at jabot, because I have outside interests?

Jack: It would be a consideration in my determination, yes.

Billy: Jack, [Sighs] It’s just the audacity is, you’re saying that you wouldn’t hire me at jabot because of my history, yet you go and hire someone like adam. Are you aware of the ways that he has hurt people in your family?

Jack: I don’t know why you’re being so defensive. I’m trying to help you.

Billy: Helping me by pointing out all the terrible things that I’ve done —

Jill: Billy, billy, I know you hate adam. I know you will never forgive him for causing delia’s death. That’s never going to change. But I don’t think you’re upset because I hired adam at jabot.

Billy: No, you’re right, jack, I’m not upset, I’m furious.

Jack: This isn’t about adam. This is about you and me. You think I have more faith in adam than I have in you.

Billy: Because you do.

Jack: That is not true. Adam and I have been friends for a long time. I have been there to support him in a way victor couldn’T. You are my brother. There is no comparison. I will always be on your side. My god, I hope you know that.

Sally: I get that you want to protect your son. And I would never second-guess your judgment about what’s best for connor. But he is chelsea son, too.

Adam: You think I should have let him go?

Sally: Not at all. I-I’m just saying that [Sighs] I get where she’s coming from. I may even feel a little bad for her.

Adam: Wow. That’s — that’s a surprise.

Sally: I know what it’s like to feel alone and cut off from family. Life can be hard. You can feel isolated and despondent, and it can mess with your head.

Adam: If you’re saying that I caused you those feelings, I’m sorry, sally.

Sally: I’m not fishing for another apology, and I’m not about to let your issues with chelsea lead me to forgiving you. You have to earn that on your own.

Adam: Mm-hmm. And I accept that.

Sally: I’m just letting you know that I can see her side of it. May not want to hear it, but… tough. I have to get back to the office. I will see you around.

Adam: Yeah.

Abby: Chelsea, I’m really sorry that you’re going through a rough patch.

Chelsea: No, I’m really sorry for dumping all that on you.

Abby: I thought you weren’t apologizing anymore.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] Uh, well, I’m not apologizing when I don’t mean it, but I do mean it when it comes to you, because you’re just being nice. I’m not really myself these days. Um… mmm! Ah. Adam and I just got in an argument. He was one of the people telling me how I should handle my emotions.

Abby: It’s so funny, chloe was just here talking about the havoc that adam wreaks in people’s lives.

Chelsea: Oh, chloe’s favorite hobby is complaining about adam. But she’s not wrong.

Abby: Chelsea, I’ve been hoping for you to find a happier, healthier relationship than what you had with adam.

Chelsea: Yeah, I’m hoping for the same thing, abby. And trust me, I’m not getting back together with him. No way. It’s just co-parenting is tricky. We have to do it for connor’s sake. And now we’re fighting over the fact that I want to bring him to go visit my mom.

Abby: And he won’t let you?

Chelsea: No, and I don’t understand what the big deal is, but he’s firmly against it.

Abby: Well, I am not going to offer my opinion on that.

Chelsea: Why? Because you don’t want another outburst by me?

Abby: No, because I have had my own share of outbursts recently; and family stuff, it can be hard to navigate.

Chelsea: Yeah, I’ll drink to that. Mmm. And I’ll take another one of these. Ooh. [ Sighs ] (Dog barking) we love our pets.

Abby: Hi.

Chance: Hi. Ooh.

Abby: Ooh.

Chance: Wow. What a welcome. Should we just skip the drinks and go home. Let’s get out of here.

Abby: I would love that, but I need a favor first.

Chance: What’s that?

Abby: Chelsea’s here.

Chance: So?

Abby: She’s had a bad day, and I don’t think she should drive herself home. And she’s had a couple of drinks on an empty stomach.

Chance: Is she okay?

Abby: Whatever you do, do not ask her that. I made that mistake earlier, and apparently she is tired of people wondering about her mental state. It’s a delicate situation.

Chance: Hmm. Why don’t we just call her a cab?

Abby: I think she’d be offended. She’s not drunk. She just shouldn’t drive herself home. I think, if detective chancellor offered her a ride, she’d be more receptive. What do you think? You could go work your charms?

Chance: [ Sighs ]

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: Hey. I got us some lunch.

Sally: Thanks. Hey, have you checked in with chelsea lately?

Chloe: Why, have the two of you had another argument?

Sally: No, I’m just worried about her.

Chloe: Chelsea? You’re worried about chelsea lawson?

Sally: Yeah. I walked in on some big fight she was having with adam in the park, and she just seemed totally on edge. And she said that she wished she’d never met adam.

Chloe: Because this is what he does to the women that he’s involved with.

Sally: That is an exaggeration. Adam and sharon seem to be in a really good place. In fact, she’s even rooting for us to work things out.

Chloe: Yeah, well, she’s the only one.

Sally: But they’re friends now. That’s my point.

Chloe: Sharon can tolerate him now, but it has taken them years to get there. He is so destructive that it causes repercussions long after the relationship is over. And that is the ugly truth about adam. You can love him and you can trust him, and when he ends things, it gets ugly. And even after you’ve broken up, he can still ruin your life.

Chance: Excuse me. Is the sea taking her?

Chelsea: Hi! Hi! My guru is here!

Chance: Good to see you again.

Abby: Guru?

Chelsea: Oh, your husband was awesome. He totally, like, talked me out of one of my moods the other day, and I — I was, like, literally trying to convince her to be my personal guru, but I guess he’s busy these days being a detective.

Chance: Oh, you know what? That’s not it. I just don’t like the title “guru.” See, if I’m gonna be called something I’m not, I think I’m going for “superhero.”

Chelsea: Well, I’m not revoking it. Not gonna happen. Oh, unless — tell him, abby — unless you ask me how I’m doing, because apparently you’re not allowed to ask me that question. Ask your wife. I just gave her an earful. So you don’t want to go there.

Chance: Well, you know what? I wouldn’t even dream of it. Hey, so, anyways, me and abby are about to get out of here, and we both have our cars, so I can give you a ride.

Chelsea: [ Gasps ] Oh, that — that’s fine. I’m good. I’M… I actually should probably be going. It’s been a day. Whoo!

Chance: Oh, hey.

Chelsea: I’m fine. I’m good.

Chance: Hey, look, my car’s right out front. It’s really no worry.

Chelsea: Is this one of those scenarios where I get in a cop car and we end up at a police station?

Chance: I don’t think so. Have you done anything illegal lately?

Chelsea: No, I’ve been good. I just — I’m just a little lightheaded because I hadn’t eaten, and abby made me some of her delicious cocktails. So thank you, abby.

Abby: Well, you’re welcome. I hope you get home safe.

Chelsea: Are you sure it’s not a bother?

Chance: It’s not a big deal. Come on, let’s go. I got you.

Chelsea: Bye.

Abby: Good night.

Chelsea: Ooh.

Chance: Ooh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Ready? You okay?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Abby: [ Mouths words ]

Mr. Clean magic eraser

Sally: Okay, I think what you’re saying isn’t really specific to adam. I mean, you could say that about any relationship that’s ever ended. First, there’s love and trust, and then there’s pain and then feeling like your life is ruined when everything ends.

Chloe: Okay, I get that it sounds somewhat typical, but when it comes to adam, it’s taken to the extreme.

Sally: Okay, I can’t keep going over this with you. It’s like you’re obsessed with him. You went behind my back to talk with him about me.

Chloe: I’m just trying to protect you and all of my friends. And you know what? If you’re fine, I’m good, because I am honestly tired of it, too.

Sally: Come on, chloe. It’s just exhausting. I can’t spend too much time thinking about how horrible my ex is. It’s just a waste of energy. We have way too much to do to have this conversation five times a day.

Ashley: I agree 100%. So let’s finish our lunch, get back to work, so we can finally go home to see our…

Sally: Our what? Our families, significant others?

Chloe: I-I didn’t mean anything.

Sally: I know. I just don’t have those things. You know? So I should call myself lucky that adam and i ended things when we did. So I don’t end up screaming at him in the middle of the park, wishing that I never met him.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Please apologize to abby for me about that outburst.

Chance: [ Chuckles ]

Chelsea: It was really awkward, but she handled it like a champ.

Chance: Well, you know what? I’m sure, running that place, she has heard worse.

Chelsea: Maybe. Well, this is me.

[ Card reader buzzes ] Oh, it was very sweet of her to let me vent like that. I’ve just had a rough day.

Chance: Yeah. No, I get it. I totally get it. I know people need to unwind every now and then. Everyone needs someone to be their messy self with. I’m very happy to be there for you, chelsea. And you know what? I’m sure abby is, too.

Chelsea: Well, thank you. It’s just hard for me to trust that I can be honest sometimes.

Chance: People — they don’t always know how you feel. You make assumptions based off how they interpret your actions. And sometimes those assumptions can sting.

Chelsea: Exactly.

Chance: So, you know, you never have to worry about my motives. You can trust me.

Chelsea: Thanks, chance. Appreciate that. And I appreciate the ride home. Although this really isn’t a home for me either. I guess that’s also why I am feeling so lost.

Chance: Well, hey, you know what I think? If you always got your kids around, you can make anyplace feel like home.

Chelsea: Well, [Chuckles] Yeah. You really are my superhero guru, after all.

[ Chuckles ]

Chance: Well…

Billy: Do you think I’m jealous of your friendship with adam?

Jack: No, I didn’t say that.

Billy: Disdain for it, yeah, absolutely. Confusion, 100%. But I resent you thinking that somehow I-I’m jealous of you hiring adam as your co-C.E.O., ‘Cause I walked away from jabot and I have not had one desire to return there, even though you keep telling me that the door is open.

Jack: I’m trying to tell you that I will always be there to support you. I’m trying to get to the source of this restlessness.

Billy: This is how you support me?

Jack: This isn’t coming from nowhere. I heard your podcast.

Billy: Oh, god.

Jack: Now, wait, you talked about feeling lost, about something missing in your life. What was that about?

Billy: Well, jack, it was something I was feeling on the day, and I expressed it. It’s not a root cause for anything.

Jack: No, it’s — it’s a symptom. Why are you feeling like that? Why — it’s this endless effort to find a safe place to land about unresolved issues?

Billy: What are you — what are you talking about? Unresolved issues with what? With you? With dad? With mom?

Jack: I don’t know. It could be any of those.

Billy: You’re reaching. Okay? You know what? Maybe it’s you with the unresolved issues. Maybe you’re questioning me in the corporate world because you’re scared I’m gonna outshine you.

Jack: I am merely reflecting your words back on you. I get the feeling that chancellor-winters is not where your heart is, where you want to be, and apparently neither are the podcasts.

Billy: What you’re doing is you’re — you’re saying that I’m just a wandering soul and I’ve got no purpose in life.

[ Sighs ] And I resent the hell out of that. And I certainly don’t need your armchair analysis about what’s missing in my life.

Jack: Listen to me, billy. Would you be this angry if nothing that I just suggested were true?

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Jack: [ Sighs ]

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