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I think just why are we meeting here? Oh, sometimes, when I’m having a bad day, I stroll past.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, it makes me feel better. I don’t know whether to find that funny or really disturbing. Both work. You didn’T…do this… I — no. I’m not into graffiti. Although, I might have been tempted. I mean, apart from the midnight vandals, this is the last place on earth anyone’s ever gonna visit. Here you go. Thank you. Do not be stingy. The uv rays are not messing around today. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Mmm. Ohh. That is so nice. Thank you. Victor: Well, I’m glad you approve.

[ Breathes deeply ] Spf 50. Well… one can’t be too careful. A good headline is a real balancing act, isn’t it? It’s got to be vivid enough to attract the eyeball but responsible enough to not play to the dregs of humanity. That’s one way of describing it. I think that was supposed to be a compliment. Thank you. You’re welcome. You want something from me? And why would you assume I want something from you? Because you’re a cassadine, and I can always tell when one of you is holding something back. Ah, one of “us” — ’cause last I checked, you and I are still family. Hi! Thank you so muchfor coming. I cannot believe my babysitter canceled so last-minute! Hello. I’m felicia — your mom. Oh, yes. Mm-hmm. We’ve met. Well, then, you know I would take any opportunity to spend time with my grandchildren. Still, I appreciate it. So…where are my little precious angels? James is at lila’s kids. Boo!

[ Cellphone dings ] Ugh. Mom. And bailey lou is taking a nap. Felicia: Already? Yeah, that’s what happens when you wake up so early.

[ Sighs ] Oh, it’s sam. Dante’s moving into the penthouse today. Ooh, how exciting. Yeah, I told her I would help out, but I guess cody has it covered. Cody…bell? Yeah. You know… if I wasn’t so into austin, I could see myself looking more than twice at cody. That would be a very bad idea. Britt: I’m not saying that you’re wrong. No, you’re just saying that you’re right. Well, yes, I am.

[ Laughs ] Dr. Westbourne. Dr. Gatlin-holt. Got a minute? Yes. Um, if this is about the quartermaine picnic, I-I already gave my statement. I’ve read them. I’m looking for some insight. On what? I’m trying to put together a profile of ava’s attacker. And not just the physical, but the emotional — what kind of person might have done this. Sounds like you need a psychiatrist for that. I’ve read the guest list for that night, and I know most of them, but some are virtual strangers — to me, at least. Any stranger in particular you’re interested in? He’s a friend of yours. Cody bell. Sam: Oh. “Rocco’s bedroom.” That one by the stairs. -Got it. -And what’s — what’s that?

[ Strained ] Living room. Okay. What is on top? Your new doormat. Okay. I’ll — I’ll be the judge of that. Okay. Okay. Let’s see. Wow. That’s uh — italian.

Si, si, signor.

[ Chuckles ] Uh… get it? When people show up, it welcomes them — right? And when they say goodbye… and then when they leave, it’s, uh — yeah. It says it right there. It says — yeah. It says goodbye. Yeah. Goodbye. Okay. You like it? Um…I like you. Not the mat? I’ll just — I’ll — I’ll keep it in rotation. But we’ll see. In — in the rotation? Yeah. How many — how many doormats do you have? Oh, a lot. More than you have boyfriends? Oh, no, I have way many more doormats. I only have one boyfriend. Well, that’s good to hear. That’s you. I’m a lucky guy. Mm-hmm. Dante? Mm-hmm. Welcome home. Thank you.

It just doesn’t even seem possible that emma is in college. She’s in college! Hmm. Tell me about it. God. I mean, you know, shouldn’t she be… oh…yea — yea high and… yeah. …Running about, blowing on that didgeridoo? Oh, god. That damn didgeridoo. Ohh! Best present ever. No, I’m surprised that robin didn’t disown you about that. Yeah. Yeah, me too.

[ Chuckles ] So, is — is — is that what you wanted to talk about? Robin? The family? Granddaughter? No. Did — I didn’t think so. I need your list. Laundry? Grocery? Bucket? What?

The list. The one that you have in the little black book. All the names of every contact you’ve ever encountered.

[ Sighs ] I’ll have you know… I hold that little black book in very high esteem and take great pride… trust me. I am aware of that. I mean, in this digital age, has the little black book ever been hacked? No, it hasn’T. No, it hasn’T. Has there ever been a glitch in it? No, there hasn’T. No, it hasn’T. Has it ever accidentally lost any of its material — I-I get it. I get it. You’re right. The rest of the world is completely wrong. You are god’s gift to every little black book everywhere. Mm. Mm. Now, can I see it? Well [Sighs] Last I heard, you’re in good standing with the bureau, hm. Well, yeah, I am, but, um… I made some discreet inquiries, but it is imperative that they stay off the record. And, uh, under the radar? Yeah. So…you going to tell me what the “this” in this is? It can only be between us. Well, you, me, and the stiff here. Victor cassadine is going down. So, what happened to the, uh, pool attendant? Oh, well, uh… I’m apprenticing. Nothing like hands-on experience.

[ Chuckles ] Well, you’re certainly lucky it’s me, because another woman might have called the authorities. What, for wanting to protect your skin? Mmm. Don’t you know you should never really touch a woman without her permission? Oh. A thousand apologies, ma’am. As they say, I’m a novice. I’m learning on the job. I bet you’d make an excellent teacher.

[ Breathes sharply ] You know, you’ve always been my favorite. Cassadine? I sure hope so. You don’t care for private islands or private scores to settle. You, uh, built a life for yourself. You torched it to the ground, but then you built it back better than before. So have you. Are you gonna screw all that up by doing your father’s bidding? My father’s bidding? Come on! Valentin, admit it. You’re here on victor’s orders, aren’t you? Look how I found outside.

[ Laughs ] How’s your moving day? Oh, hey. Sonny, hi! Got something for you. Oh. Wow. Okay. Uh, what’s — what’s this? Homemade lasagna. Ohh! Dang. No way. No. Sam: Nice. Sonny corinthos cooks? Yeah, he does. But, you know, you — you just — you gave us a whole case of champagne. You can’t drink it on an empty stomach. That’s the bensonhurst way. When you’re sad, you eat. When you’re happy, you… you eat!

[ Chuckles ] Yes. I love it. Thank you. Thank you, neighbor.Neighbor? Yeah, he lives across the hall. I had, uh, no idea. This is “kitchen,” by the way. Where do — oh. Why don’t — yes. -Okay. -[ Strained ] I got that. Yeah. I’m gonna put this in the kitchen, too. I cou– hm. So, that’s, uh — that’s gonna be pretty cool, living so close to dante. You and I n-need to get something straight. All I know about cody bell is what maxie’s told me.

[ Cellphone dings ] And I’m assuming you’ve already spoken with maxie. No, we haven’t had contact since the picnic. Right. I-I got to take care of this. But dr. Westbourne’s really the one you should be talking to. She’s got way more experience with that guy. I-I-I don’t have that much experience with him. But he is a friend of yours. A new friend. Would you mind telling me more about him?

[ Knock on door ] Hi. I am dr. Gatlin-holt. And why don’t we get started by you telling me what brings you to general hospital? I’ll give you one guess. Well, that reactionwas intense. I’m sorry. Do you know something about cody that I don’t know? No, nothing concrete. Because from what I can tell, he’s a really good guy, a refreshing change of pace from all the city slickers in these parts. He’s an actual cowboy. Yeah, I, too, believe that he is a good guy. But…? But there’s this possibility that, uh… uh, cody could be, um, uh — oh, my god, mom. Whatever it is, just say it! I-I’ve been sniffing around. Around cody? And it’s increasingly looking like mac could be his dad.

[ Gasps ]

so, cody announces that dominique stanton is his biological mother. I guess the woman who raised him told him on her deathbed. That is dramatic. But what does this have to do with mac? Mac and dominique had a romance back in the day. She was married to this horrible man, leopold taub. Wait. Like peter horrible? Or just run-of-the-mill horrible? He was pretty bad. He was older than her. He kept her as a virtual prisoner in their home. And eventually, he shipped her out to shadybrook for six months. She couldn’t talk to anybody or see anybody. She couldn’t even check herself out until after leopold died! Once that happened, did she and mac get back together? Yeah, they did, but I think they realized they weren’t right for each other. Well, duh. Well, I think it was a nice relationship. I mean, mac doesn’t seem to have any regrets about it at all. But the point is that she and mac were together

before her stint in shadybrook. Yeah. So if she was pregnant during that time… the baby could very well be his. There’s honestly not a whole lot to tell… unless cody knowing how to make an entrance is relevant. I heard he parachuted into town.

[ Scoffs ] Did he ever. Anything else? Why all the questions? You don’t think cody was involved in the attack on ava? He’s not a suspect, but he is a person of interest. For you or for the police? Meaning? I just know that you were friends with cody’s mom back in the day. Is that what this is about? Thanks for your time. I’ll let you get back to your work. That was weird. What are you doing here, mason? Well, you’ve been so busy since that picnic, only way I could see you was to make an appointment. It’s time to go home, cuz. They’re expecting you. This is my home, mason. And if anybody should be hightailing it out of here, it should be you. What’s that mean? Well, the night of the picnic, you said we needed to take care of ava. Shortly thereafter, she was stabbed by an unknown assailant. So is that why you’re here? Finish what you started? -Cody, right? -That’s me. Good to see my son’s reconnecting with an old friend. Uh, yeah. No, it’s been good for me, too. Any friend of my son is a friend of mine. So, there’s something going on with you and spinelli. Look, I know that spinelli’s strange, but he’s a good person. And I would hate to see a friend of my son exploiting a good person. I get it. Do you? I do. I’m — I’m — I’m not doing anything now and I won’t in the future to hurt spinelli. I’m gonna hold you to that. You know, it’s not like this is anything new. I mean, not that long ago, I walked in and you were sitting at my desk. Is that because you like my office so much? Well, it is a nice office. It’s because victor wanted to use the invader for his purpose. And my answer was… no. Unequivocally. And so if you come to me right now with the same pitch, what makes you think my answer is gonna be any different? Because there are other people involved. Who? Spencer and — and nikolas? Victor doesn’t honestly believe that either one of them would attack ava. This isn’t about what victor believes. This is about public perception. Why send you? Why send me? If victor is so keen on protecting spencer and nikolas, why doesn’t he just talk to me personally? Why is he asking you to do his dirty work? And, more importantly, why are you agreeing to it? Well, would you at least consider his point of view? Sure. I’ll speak to him personally. Well, I’m afraid that’s not possible right now. Really?

[ Zipper slides ] Why not? Because at the moment, victor is otherwise engaged. So did you have, uh, fun at the quartermaine picnic? I mean, of course, before ava was attacked. For which the perpetrator will pay. Ohh. I didn’t know you cared. Nikolas is my family. You assault his wife, you assault all of us. But come on. Let’s not spoil a beautiful day with such dark thoughts.

[ Chuckles ] How about I make us a reservation for dinner al fresco? Hm! I would love that. Unfortunately, I’m booked. Oh. Lunch, then. My, you are persistent. One of my many virtues. Okay. Um… to be honest, victor, I am just not sure that the two of us seen out dining — it just — it really might give the wrong perspective.

[ Chuckles ] It’s a harmless lunch. I-I just don’t think that martin may see it as harmless. And you do know that valentin and martin are very, very close. Oh, don’t you worry about valentin. His lips are sealed. I’ll see to that. How? Just don’t you worry yourself with the details. Trust me. It’ll be our little secret. If victor’s the target, then count me in. You can’t be involved.

[ Scoffs ] Look, I had this guy dead to rights when he came back from greece if the bureau hadn’t cut a deal with him. I-I know. I understand your instinct. I do. But…

[ Sighs ] I-I just — I can’t risk any collateral damage. Because there are innocent lives at stake here. All the more reason to have the bureau involved. Let’s just say their calculus when it comes to human life is different from mine. So, what amounts to an unacceptable loss in your world? Let me guess. Would it have the initials “vc” in it? And the “v” doesn’t stand for victor?

An ask, I will figure something else out. Valentin means this much to you? Does getting victor mean this much to you? Look.

[ Scoffs ] Gotta tell you — I haven’t been in the field for quite a while. Contacts — they come, they go, they die in dark alleys. We’re still standing. Who’s to say that maybe some of your contacts aren’t also? Okay. I’ll share. Ohh! Thank you. But there’s one condition. Oh, god. Victor isn’t the only one who’s busy. I have a paper to run, you know. So the news never slee– I got this. Of course. The price being? I don’t know. What’d you get?

Your price. The police want the public’s help finding ava’s assailant. You’re the voice of the public. I think the invader’s resources could go a long way steering the search in the right direction. The direction leading anywhere other than toward the cassadines. Our town here loves its gossip, and they seem to love to gossip about me.

[ Chuckles ] I bet you’re a favorite topic among many. Well, um, what I’m saying is maybe we should just keep our friendship out in the light of day. You know, just keep it public. Oh, well, the last thing I want to do is put you in a compromising position. But I have to say, I feel like I’m getting mixed signals here. From moi? Well, at the picnic, I felt like we were on the same page? Was I wrong? Um, no. No. No. Absolutely not. It’s just that, you know, I have been here before, and it always ends in disaster. But you haven’t been “here” before with me.

[ Sighs ] And is this the real reason you’re hesitating? Or has someone poisoned you against me? We good? Yeah, we’re good.

[ Sam laughs ] Hey. Uh, what’d we miss? Uh, nothing much, except me having to take off. Oh. Well, hey, man. Thanks for all the help. Yeah, it was fun, and let me know when you’re ready to move the rest of the stuff in. Yeah. Yeah. You sure? I mean, I will. Um, next time we’ll repay you with a beer. Never gonna say “no” to that. Congrats on the new digs. Well, new to you. You know what I mean. Hm. Yeah. Alright. Well, it’s actually an upgrade for me. Oh, it — cool. Text you later, man. Um, and, mr. Corinthos, it was great seeing you again. Call me sonny. Yours? Oh, yeah!

[ Sam laughs ] I like it. -Yeah. See? -Yeah. See? That’s ’cause he’s got good taste. Well, I agreed to, um, keep it in rotation. That’s true. Right? Yeah. You did. You know what? I’m happy for you guys. Thank you. And not — not just for the apartment, but just, you know, because you found each other. Well, we did have to take a detour to get there. Yeah, but, uh, you know, we made it. Well, I’ve — I’ve got the doormat to prove it. Yeah. You do.

[ Both laugh ] So, what is mac gonna do? Well, we actually haven’t talk–

[ Knock on door ] Grandpa grandpa reporting for duty! Oh, my gosh! Mac! My mom was just filling me in on the fact that cody might be your son! Oh, wait a minute. Please tell me that the two of you have discussed this.

[ Sighs ] We danced around it. This is just the first time we’ve actually said it out loud, that’s all. And you think that mom might be wrong? No. I think your mom has it right. There’s a good chance that I might be…

[Breathes deeply] …Cody’s father. Of course, we won’t know until there’s a dna test, but I honestly don’t know if I want to find out. What?! Why not?! Because I’m having a hard time accepting it… …that I might have had a son all these years and didn’t even know he existed! Take it easy. None of that vulcan death grip stuff. You know, mason, you’ve always been dumb, but I think somehow you got dumber. Ava jerome is being guarded by sonny corinthos’ personal bodyguard. And the chief of detectives is literally right down the hall. You got it all wrong, though. How do I have it wrong? I didn’t try to off that jerome woman. I was with you that night, remember? Not the whole night. It wasn’t me. Now, can we get back to the main subject? There’s a patient coming to the hospital next week. No. You’re gonna take a personal interest. I — no, I-I don’t take orders from you, mason. You know as well as I do they’re not my orders. I don’t take orders from her, either. Now, you think that’s wise? Austin, did you get my text? Oh, sorry. I didn’t know you were with a patient. Wait. I know you.

Open mic night on the haunted star. You were with austin. And you never introduced us, cuz. Shame on you. Is this your cousin? Austin: Yes. My apologies. Mason, this is dr. Britt westbourne. Britt, this is mason. Pleasure’s all mine. Thanks for the referral. Be seeing you soon. And hopefully you, too, doc.

[ Sighs ] What the hell was that? I was young. You know? She was in this impossible situation. But my memory of dominique, s-she was a bright light — just a sweet, kind, genuine person. But obviously didn’t hold a candle to mom. No one could.

[ Chuckling ] Aww! Were you in love with dominique? I was. But, more important, I wanted to help her. Yeah, mom told me that leopold guy, he was really horrible. The worst. The way he treated dominique like she was his property. I was almost relieved when she went off to shadybrook. Because that meant she was away from him.

[ Sighs ] I got to say, this dominique woman, she does not sound like the type of person who would have a baby and then abandon it. She wasn’T. I know that for a fact. Which is why I believe this happened at shadybrook. I mean, either they drugged her… or convinced her she was hallucinating. Something. There’s just no way dominique knew she had a kid out there. Sonny: You know what? Uh, I got a meeting I got to go to. That’s too bad. Thanks for the lasagna. Yeah. Thank you. The kids are gonna be excited. And I-I hope you join us. Uh, yeah. Can I bring a plus-one? Because nina’s got her own apartment, but she’s gonna be staying with me…

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Carly may be stopping by every once in a while. I hope that’s not a problem for you. No, I don’t have a problem with that. But — but do you have a problem with nina? No. Look. Hey. We’ll make it work. Alright? That’s what families do, yeah? I love you guys. Love you, too. We love you. Thank you. Enjoy your new home together. And I’ll see you later. Let’s go, frank. Ohh. Enjoy our new home, we will. Yeah, that’s the plan. Ahh. I would lay down my life for you. But I cannot bring you in on this. Understand? I’m not asking you to. This one’s off the books. But the fact that victor’s involved, that makes it just so much more dangerous. I can take care of myself. No one knows that better than me. Your one condition?

[ Chuckles ] We’ve already established that I’m, um, old school. Okay?

[ Sighs ] What is this? Cellphones. They break. They get confiscated. They get lost. If it all goes south, who you gonna call? You do know that payphones are obsolete now? But you’re anna devane. You’ll find one. Ah, my reputation isn’t exactly sterling. Ah, and whose is? Hm. For instance, your friend scott baldwin may be harboring some ill will toward me. Yeah, you know, you could say that ’cause scott did tell me that he made some sort of exit out of a plane at 10,000 feet, ha!

[ Chuckles ] But, you know, nobody’s perfect, including me. Oh, I beg to differ. How sweet. Alright. How about this? We make it a business lunch. A business — well, I-I had no idea. I don’t think we’re in business together. Oh, you’re a — a partner in deception, where, it just so happens, my son is a major investor. Hm! Fine. I tell you what. Let’s make it a business lunch, then. I-I do have to run along and change now.

[ Both chuckle ] Ah. I’m very fond of you, lucy. But a word of caution. Don’t waste my time. In business… or in anything else.

[ Chuckles ] For all of nikolas’ faults — and there are many — he actually loves ava. Well, that is why victor’s coming to his defense. The police are hyper-focused on nikolas. They’re not even considering that it could be a complete stranger obsessed with ava. It wouldn’t be the first time. It’s a fair point. It’s just that your motives ring false. I’m just looking out for the family. Don’t you see?

I’ll get you the book as soon as possible. Ohh. Thank you. I really appreciate it. There’s one more piece of advice. Just the one? Hm. Even if you do manage to nab victor, there’s always gonna be something. With valentin, you mean? He’s not a person who can escape his past. But good luck. I’ll help you any way I can. God knows the world’s gonna be a better place without victor. But you still have that fundamental problem with valentin. And I think you know it. He’s gone.

[ Grunts ] This is a very, very strange place for a meeting. I didn’t pick it. Well, it doesn’t matter. Because I am finished. I am over this. I am out of here.

Finito! Hmph! Why? What did victor do? Asked me to lunch. I’ll think about it. I’ll take it. And thank you for that. You didn’t have to do that. No problem. Maybe next time, we’ll get a chance to have lunch together. I would really like that. How’s charlotte? I haven’t seen her in a long time. You and me both. But, uh, she’s enjoying her new boarding school, her new friends, and her horses. And her papa. I bet you miss her a lot. More than I can tell you. But, uh, not for much longer. Planning a visit? Something like that. Well, milady, I mean, the boxes are here. I’m in. We just gotta unpack ’em. So where — where do — where do you want to start? Um, before we start… yeah. …I just — I want to let you know that I actually have a plan. You do? Yeah, I do. A well-thought out, meaningful, methodical plan. Mm. Really? Okay. ‘Cause, you know, I was thinking we could just start, you know, upstairs and work our way down. Ooh. Or prob– a better idea would probably be to start down here and work our way upstairs… way up? …And end up in our bedroom area. Mm-hmm. You think that’s a good idea, do you? I do. Don’t you? Um, it — it is a good idea. Yeah. But right now I have a better idea. At least I think you’re gonna think it’s a good idea. But I have it right over here. Good. Where is it? Oh! Yep! Bingo! Uh-huh! Champagne, huh? Yeah. What do you say we have a toast? You want to start there? I think we have

plenty to celebrate. I think we do, too. I’ll get a box cutter. If you’re trying to pull something… I’m not trying to pull anything. Mason is my cousin. He’s from pau– right. What? Pautuck. Except that night on the haunted star, you said he was just a guy who asked you for a light. Mason is my family. Sometimes I wish mason were not my family. Yeah, well, I know that feeling. Hmm. I got your text. What’s up? Exactly what kind of trouble are you in? Another reason it makes sense that mac is cody’s father — if the baby was leopold’s, he would have wanted it. Not just to love and take care of it, obviously, but because it would have given him a stronger hold on the fortune. But if the baby wasn’t his, that would have come between him and the fortune. Exactly. So leopold takes the baby that dominique doesn’t even know she had… this is so sick. …And gives it to the bells to raise. Leopold is killed, and dominique checks herself out of shadybrook and lives the rest of her life without knowing that she has a son. Without knowing that she has a son…with you.

This is either the best idea or the worst idea. I’m definitely going with the best idea ever. Really? Yeah. Yeah, but what happens if we have a few more of these and then we’re completely unmotivated to unpack anything? Then I say we stay unmotivated and get re-motivated tomorrow because we… have all the time in the world. Yeah, we do. Hey… mm-hmm. Look. I really want you to feel at home here. I do. No, I mean, like — like really at home. Like this is your place, too. Not just my place with your things in it, but your place.

Our stuff with our things. I already feel that way.

[ Chuckles ] You do? Yeah. And, look, rocco, if — he’s gonna be fine, and, you know, it might take him a bit, but… wherever you and danny and scout are, that’s home. This is gonna be amazing, isn’t it? [ Chuckles ] To the next chapter. Give me one second. -What? Where you going? -You’ll see.

[ Dante laughs ] Dante: Ahh! I’m never gonna live that mat down.

[ Both laugh ] Okay. Okay. Okay. Now I am… ready for that toast. I love you. I love you. More than you know. Okay, you want to fill me in on what I’ve been accused of and by who? Mac scorpio. Never heard of him. Actually, you met him. The night of the picnic? Maxie’s father and the chief of detectives. Okay. What about him? Well, that’s what I want to know. Why is he so interested in you? The mechanics of the where and the why are important. But the bigger thing… …if this is true and cody’s mine… …then I have an adult son that I don’t know. That I didn’t know existed. What do I owe him? What does he owe me? Do I even want to open that door? Those are all fair questions. I need to know more about this guy before potentially blowing his world apart and letting him know that I could be his dad. I made myself really clear with you. I don’t want you here. Hm. Well, you can paralyze me as many times as you want. It’s not gonna change anything. Your problem is somebody else. Just do as you’re told, and you got nothing to worry about. Mason: Hm. I’m not trying to get you to compromise your journalistic integrity, but we are cassadines, and if we don’t look out for each other, then who will? Hm! I couldn’t have said it better myself. You do what you think is best for your family, and I’ll do what I think is best for mine. You have to take that business lunch with victor. No, because I might be the main course! I promised you that I wouldn’t compromise you, didn’t I? Well, victor might. Look, I have every confidence that you can get all the information I need without betraying martin. Look, those words better not be idle. I don’t do idle. Ah, eager as I am to hear what headway you made with alexis… shove off? …I do have an important meeting.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ] Nice of you to join me. She’s all yours.

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