Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 31, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ said he wanted Ava disqualified as a shareholder. He was asked why he wanted her disqualified. EJ said she saw dead people. He told everyone that Ava thought she saw Jake. Ava tried to defend her. EJ wanted Wei to make a decision about Ava voting. Kristen defended Ava. Wei asked if EJ had any proof. EJ wanted Li and Gabi to back him up. Gabi said she was at the mansion last night, but she didn’t see Ava hallucinating. Li said EJ was lying. EJ played a recording of Johnny telling him that Ava thought she saw Jake. EJ said he felt bad about the recording, but he didn’t have a choice. Wei was tired of hearing them talking. He said he wouldn’t remove Ava from the meeting, but he was going to stop her from voting until a determination about her mental health was made. EJ told him to remove Gabi from CEO and make him CEO. Johnny stood by Gabi’s side. Johnny said he was voting for Gabi after the way EJ treated Ava.The vote was in Gabi’s favor. EJ told Johnny that he wouldn’t forget this. When Ava and EJ were back at the mansion, she yelled at him. He told her to move. Johnny walked in and told EJ he was leaving if Ava left. Tony told EJ not to lose his son over this. Li and Gabi tried to talk to Wei. Wei reminded her that she only had her shares because her husband died. He told her not to forget that. When Wei left, Li apologized for the way his father talked to her. She thanked him for backing her.

Rolf put the electrodes on Stefan’s head. Rolf asked him to remember the last time he saw his wife. Stefan thought about kissing Gabi goodbye in bed. Rolf thought he was having a good memory and pressed a button to make him convulse. Rolf asked him to remember when he knew he was in love with her. Stefan thought about being trapped with Gabi and him declaring his love for her. Rolf turned the button to make the memory disappear. Stefan continued to remember Gabi. Rolf kept turning up the dial on the button. Rolf said this was the last day of the Stefan and Gabi love story. Stefan’s memories of Gabi went away. Rolf asked Stefan about his feelings for Chloe. Stefan thought about Chloe singing to him and telling her how good they were together. Kristen showed up. Rolf told her that when Stefan woke up, he would have eyes for Chloe. Shawn told Belle that EJ called for her input about the shareholders meeting. Belle said she didn’t want to talk to EJ. She wanted to talk to him. She said she knew he was working through his anger over EJ. She said she couldn’t take it anymore. She said she needed Shawn to yell at her instead of being polite. She said she thought it was too much to ask if they could move past it. He said he couldn’t get past the fact that she slept with EJ. He said he needed more time. She said no and kissed him. He backed away from her. She said she didn’t want to wait for the perfect time. She wanted to go upstairs and have sex.

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