Y&R Short Recap Friday, September 2, 2022

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Mariah and Tessa get turned down by an adoption attorney because the attorney doesn’t think that anyone would choose them to raise their child because of their past criminal records. Sharon encourages them not to give up because they will find a way to be parents.

Faith finishes her preparations to go to Michigan State University all she has left to do is say goodbye to Noah.

Kyle tells Diane and Jack he is planning to remarry Summer in Genoa City since she was always sad that some of her family and friends were not at her wedding. Kyle asks Jack if he can have the wedding at the house and Jack is touched by the idea. Kyle asks Jack and Diane not to tell Summer because he wants to wait to tell her about the wedding.

Nikki and Phyllis are thrilled when Talia Morgan’s first article about Diane is posted on Talia’s website. Phyllis takes pleasure when she tells Diane this will be the first in a series of articles about her.

Adam apologizes to Sally for not trusting in her and their relationship enough to tell her he was planning to take revenge against his family for the way they treated him Adam tells Sally he doesn’t intend to seek revenge anymore and he has taken a job at Jabot and he hopes Sally can see his apology is sincere and forgive him.
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