GH Short Recap Friday, September 2, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn and Chase go on their first date. Chase tells Linc he has decided he wants Brook Lynn to be his manager. Linc isn’t happy about the news and tells Chase that Brook Lynn will only make him a wedding singer..

Dante and Sam pack up the things at his house so that he and Rocco can move in with Sam.

Ava tells Nina that Nikolas slept with Esme and makes Nina promise not to tell anyone about how Nikolas betrayed her. Ava tells the bodyguard that is a at her hospital door to take Nikolas’ name off the list of approved visitors.

Spencer has a nightmare where Esme calls him a loser and says that he is too scared to tell Trina the truth about his plan to exonerate her. The nightmare makes Spencer decide to write Trina a letter telling her about his plan and that he is in love with her.

Willow tells Michael she is cutting back on her hours at the hospital in order to take care of herself and the baby.

Cameron goes by the Metro Court to tell Spencer goodbye and assure him that he will visit him while he is at Pentonville.

Ava is afraid that her attacker may return to finish the job and kill her.

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