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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla tries to stop Orpheus from getting in her house, but he blocked it. Marlena puts Kayla behind her when he came in with a gun. He said he would protect them while John and Steve were looking out for Stephanie. He went behind the umbrella holder for the listening device he had planted there. Marlena and Kayla wanted to know what he was going to do with them. He said it would be nothing he has done before.He said it would leave a lasting effect on John and Steve. He wanted them to go towards the door, but Marlena grabbed the gun. Kayla hit him on the head with a vase. When Marlena and Kayla got to the door, two guys were there. When Orpheus woke up, he and the guys took them. Paulina told John to get his hands off of her. John and Steve said they thought she was Orpheus. Stephanie apologized to her. Paulina said she didn’t know Stephanie was related to Steve. Stephanie yelled at John and Steve. Steve wanted to know why Stephanie was being secretive. Paulina said she was looking for discretion because they were meeting about Abe’s governor campaign. Stephanie hoped Paulina wouldn’t hold Steve and John’s actions against her. Paulina said she wouldn’t. Abe and EJ talked about the DiMera losses. Abe told EJ that he was running for governor. EJ told him he should run for governor. He said he would support Abe. Abe was shocked. EJ said it paid to have friends in high places. Abe said he knew he had an angle. EJ told Abe that he didn’t want to go home because Ava was there. Abe thought he was playing an angle. Abe said Ava was most likely unstable. He warned EJ not to cross her. EJ appreciated his advice. He hoped Abe took his advice too.

Paulina brought Stephanie to meet with Abe. Paulina said she hired Stephanie to help with his campaign. He said he hadn’t made up his mind yet. Paulina told him to decide. Paulina and Stephanie said he was the best person for the job. He agreed to do it. Steve and John went back to Steve’s place. They went inside and found the place destroyed. Steve found a paper that said for them not to call the police. John whispered that it was Orpheus. Li was upset when Rolf told him Stefan was gone. Li wanted to know where Stefan went. Rolf said he went to look for Gabi. Li was upset with Rolf. Li said he was going to lose Gabi. Stefan rang the bell at the DiMera mansion. Ava answered the door and thought he was Jake. She passed out in his arms. He put her down and looked for Gabi. Li showed up and stabbed him with a syringe. He put Stefan in the bushes. Gabi showed up. Li told her he came by to check on her. He said Ava passed out. When Ava woke up, she said Jake was alive. Gabi thought she was imagining things. Ava said she touched him. EJ came home. Ava told him Jake was alive. Li said he and Gabi should leave. Ava told EJ Jake was alive. EJ checked the mansion. He said there was no sign of Jake. She said she wasn’t hallucinating. She said he had his ring on. EJ said she was going through post-traumatic stress.

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