Days Short Recap Friday, August 26, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex and Stephanie have a weird interaction with each other. He calls her perfection. She isn’t flattered by his flirting. He wanted to buy her coffee to replace the one he dropped. He got her coffee and tried to flirt with her again. She was uncomfortable with the stranger’s forwardness. They became acquainted with each other. He wanted to take her out for a drink. She let him know she was too busy to date even if she’s attracted to the person. Stephanie walked away from Alex to call Sonny. Sonny wanted to talk about business with her. She looked at Alex and told Sonny she would meet him. Alex tried to ask her out again, but she walked away from him. Eric wished Roman a happy birthday and he told him about his conversation with Sami. They knew she wasn’t doing okay. Roman noticed that Eric was sweaty. He told him that he was looking at Jada’s air conditioning. Roman wondered why he was so sweaty.

Stephanie went to Sonny’s office and told him about the guy she met at the town square. Alex walked in and to tell Sonny about the woman he met. Stephanie and Alex were surprised to see each other. He thought it was fate, but she thought he was a stalker. Sonny introduced them as cousins. Alex reminded him they weren’t blood related so he had nothing standing in their way. He wanted to talk about the PR campaign, but Sonny wanted to talk to him after his meeting. Sonny said he was looking forward to working with her, but she didn’t think she could work with him. Jada opened Eric’s door to Nicole. She said she was using Eric’s shower. Nicole thought it was funny that she and Eric slept together. Jada told her they did sleep together. Nicole thought they were moving too fast. Jada wanted to know why it was her business. Nicole told her that she brought it up. She told her that she was married to Rafe. Nicole told her that Eric was still her friend. She wondered if Nicole was feeling more than friendship towards Eric. Eric came back to his room so Jada left. Nicole told him that she knew he slept with Jada. He wanted to know why she was there. She said she had a dream about him. He said he had a dream about her too. She lied about her dream, but she wanted to know his. Jada walked back in the room before he could answer her

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