Days Short Recap Monday, August 29, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie told Sonny that she couldn’t work for him because Alex would hit on her all of the time. Sonny promised her that wouldn’t happen because Alex had a short attention span. He told her that he saw Alex with Sloan. They talked about how Adrienne would react to Alex. He said he wanted to work with her because they love the same people. She agreed to take the job. Alex walked in with flowers for her. Stephanie walked away from him. Sonny stopped Alex from going after her. He said that she was the one. Sonny reminded him they have a no dating policy at the company. Alex was willing to quit, but Sonny told him that she didn’t have feelings for him. Marlena and Kayla were tied to chairs in a warehouse. Kayla yelled out for help, but Marlena knew Orpheus made sure no one would hear them. She thought John and Steve would look for them. She said they had to take care of themselves until they came looking for them. Kayla remembered the car making a lot of turns. Marlena remembered hearing church bells. They realized they were on the docks. They started to untie their ropes.

Steve met with John in the park. Neither of them had a lead on Orpheus or where their wives were. Steve blamed himself for falling for Orpheus’ trap. John assured him that it wasn’t his fault. He said their wives knew how to fight back. Steve went to search his place for clues. John got a call from Abe. He told him that Orpheus put a damper on Roman’s party so John rushed to the pub. Orpheus went in the room and saw Marlena and Kayla trying to escape. He handcuffed them to their chairs. He taunted them by eating a burger. Marlena wanted to know to know what he was going to do to them. He said all their questions would be answered in time. He left so Marlena and Kayla tried to get out of their handcuffs. Stephanie asked Steve about Kayla. He lied to her and said she was at a medical conference with Marlena. She apologized for the night before. She knew he wanted to keep them safe. John went to the pub and got an update on Orpheus’ visit. Orpheus called and he had Kate bound and gagged with Marlena and Kayla.

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