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Lucas: Hey, wait a minute. Are you calling me a thief?

Adam: [Clears throat] Yeah, Kevin. Who are you to come in here, hurling accusations at my guest?

Kevin: Oh, save it. I know what you’re up to. Do you think I have short-term memory loss, that I would suddenly forget that you were just on the hunt for dirt to use against Victor? I shoot you down. Next thing I know, someone breaks into my car and swipes my computer!

Adam: Uh, that sounds like a very unfortunate coincidence to me. Sure I don’t have to tell somebody that works for the GCPD that people have valuables stolen all the time out of their car.


Sally: I get what you’re saying about you and Adam having a history. But that’s the key word, isn’t it — “history”? Because after all you’ve been through, there really is no going back, is there?

Chelsea: Well, you should take those words to heart, because you’re also history where Adam’s concerned.

Sally: What’s your point?

Chelsea: Well, you know, even though you two weren’t involved very deeply or for very long, it’s always really painful when an affair ends. I just really admire the way you guys have handled the breakup. You got right back on your feet quickly. I think it’s very healthy and very mature, the way you both moved on.

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