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Victor: It’s good to see you back in your element, right where you belong.

Victoria: Well, I have to say, I have not missed a beat since stepping back into control here.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Victoria: And you don’t have to worry about me anymore. I am back on my game. Ashland is in the rearview mirror, and I am focused on moving the company forward. I don’t suppose you saw the video call with the division heads earlier?

Victor: Yes, I saw it. Very impressive. And I fully support you wanting to acquire more companies. But, sweetheart, uh, be careful doing that, okay?

Adam: Thanks for meeting me.

Chance: Adam, I came here to make one thing very clear. The ashland locke investigation is closed. His death was ruled an accident. So there is no need for you to fish around for any fresh dirt. You understand? I’m done playing games with you. Move on.

Adam: Look, I’m sorry. I don’t know if I can now, not after seeing some pretty incriminating evidence against victor, evidence that you obviously chose to ignore. No, I think now would be a pretty good time for you to consider righting this wrong because it would be a pretty terrible thing for you if proof came out that you covered up a crime as a personal favor to your father-in-law.

Adam: This doesn’t have to get adversarial, chance. I’m just curious — why wasn’t certain dna and fingerprint evidence followed up on?

Chance: How’d you come by that information?

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Maybe I found a laptop on a bench in a park that a police lackey left behind. Okay, but let’s get real. The how and where of it is not relevant. It’s that the evidence exists and what it could prove that matters. Now, I know that you’re not somebody who could be bought off, but something clearly happened. What happened? Did victor intimidate you to falling in line with the newmans?

Chance: No one intimidated me, and I am not about to be intimidated by you, adam. I did my job. I made a judgment call, and i have no remorse about my decision.

Adam: I find that hard to believe, knowing you as well as I do. Quite frankly, chance, it seems like you’ve lost your way.

Chance: You are the one that’s lost your way, pal. And you are headed down a dangerous path.

Devon: [ Sighs ]

Nate: Go ahead.

Devon: No. After you, please.

Nate: No, you go ahead.

Lily: Uh, why don’t you both come in? Hello.

Devon: Hey.

Lily: Hello.

Nate: Hello.

Lily: So, I just wanted to get together and chat and make sure that we’re all on the same page. Right? ‘Cause we’re on the same team.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Yes? Okay. Um, nate, why don’t you start?

Nate: Yes. Um, there is something important I’d like to discuss, but maybe we should wait for billy.

Billy: Whoa. I, uh… I don’t — I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but that — that was a mistake. I’ve been telling everyone…

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Adam: You think I’m heading down a dangerous path? I wasn’t anywhere near ashland or his body the night that he died, chance.

Chance: You know exactly what I’m talking about, man. And it’s disappointing to see, adam. You are just falling right back into your old self-destructive ways in the name of vengeance.

Adam: Oh, that’s funny. You are the one that is ignoring crucial evidence.

Chance: Yeah, but you’re the one that’s blowing up your own life. Look at you — alienating your family, pushing sally away, the one person who had a good influence on you. And now you’re claiming that you got your hands on a police-issued laptop, and you’re threatening a cop who used to be your friend. You don’t see anything wrong with what you’re doing here? You hate your father that much?

Adam: No, my father deserves to be punished for manipulating his family — and more importantly, the truth. As I recall, you used to believe in the truth, chance.

Victoria: I have carefully thought through each and every acquisition that I want to make, and every single one of them is good business.

Victor: I applaud it. But I want you to consult with me as you continue.

Victoria: Of course I’m gonna consult with you.

Victor: Okay.

Victoria: You’re my greatest counsel.

Nick: Am I interrupting anything?

Victor: Hey, son.

Victoria: No, not at all.

Nick: There’s some numbers i want to go over with you.

Victoria: Oh, okay. Well, I’ve got to check in with marketing, but I’ll be back in a few minutes. In the meantime, dad is here with much wisdom to impart and counsel to give.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Victor: What do you think about your sister’s demeanor?

Lily: Billy won’t be joining us. He’s wrapping up his final podcast episode. So he’ll be refocusing on his coo job.

Devon: Oh, really? I thought he and chelsea were really finding their groove with that show.

Lily: I mean, it was his idea, to be honest, and I’m glad. I am.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: And he found a new host, someone who has his similar sensibility, so the show will carry on.

Devon: Oh, nice. That’s good to hear.

Lily: Yeah. Uh, so, what did you want to bring up?

Nate: Yes. Um, I’ve been doing some research about what it would take to start our own music festival. The numbers are promising, not to mention the fringe benefits, like elevating our name recognition on a much larger scale. The way I see it, it’s a win, hands down.

Chelsea: I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.

Billy: It’s okay. It’s alright. You know, we’ve been working closely together lately, and, uh, the moment was misinterpreted. It happens to the best of us.

Chelsea: Can we just pretend that never happened? We need to focus because this is our final podcast, so let’s just move on.

Billy: You don’t think we should talk about this for a minute? I mean —

Chelsea: I absolutely do not.

[ Sighs ]

[ Button clicks ] Welcome to a sad day in the world of podcasts.

Adam: Hey.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] Well, I have to give it to you. It takes real nerve showing your face in this building. Do I need to call security?

Adam: Oh, that won’t be necessary. I’m here to apologize.

Sally: I’m not really sure what to make of that, but I’m open to hearing whatever it is that you have to say. The floor is yours.

[ Pen clicks ]

Adam: Look, I’m sorry that things got so unpleasant with us. I shouldn’t have been indirect with you.

Sally: Try manipulative.

Adam: I’m sorry.

Sally: The problem was that you weren’t very good at it and I wasn’t falling for it.

Adam: Well, I guess when it comes to you, I met my match.

Sally: And then some.

Adam: Look, I take responsibility for everything that went down with us, and I’m just hoping that there might be a way to make things a little less hostile between us moving forward.

Sally: [ Scoffs ] I don’t think I was ever hostile.

Adam: No. You’re right. You weren’T. I… even when I was being really rough on you. And maybe that’s because we understand each other deep down, regardless of what words were being said.

Sally: You’re right.

Adam: And despite everything that’s happened, I still feel like you are the only one that, um…I can open up to.

Sally: Well, I appreciate that. If there is something that you need to get off your chest, you can talk to me. If you have age-related macular degeneration,

Devon: Okay, so, this is not what you’re gonna to want to hear, nate, but doing a music festival is not the move for our company right now.

Nate: How can you make a judgment call like that already? You haven’t even seen the research yet.

Devon: It doesn’t take research to know that starting a music festival from scratch is a huge risk that will take up a lot of our cash.

Lily: Well, listen, I know that it would take a significant amount of capital, but I think the idea’s interesting.

Devon: Yeah, I think the idea is interesting, too. That’s what I said to you when you pitched it to me. I’m just saying that right now isn’t the best time. This is our first year as a company. We’re brand-new, and we’re bound to have some hiccups, some bumps in the road. And I think that it’s a smart thing for us to keep a hold of our cash to be prepared for that sort of thing and not just take a big swing at something that could be a miss.

Nate: I think that approach is unnecessarily defensive and too conservative. But I guess it’s your call. I’ve got to get to another meeting.

Chelsea: Today actually marks our last episode of the podcast because our founder, billy abbott, has decided to focus on his day job. And I guess that could kind of be the theme of this whole episode, right? Goodbyes.

Billy: Mm.

Chelsea: How to navigate them, what you can learn from them.

Billy: Yeah. And you know what? Goodbyes don’t always have to be heart-wrenching and tragic. You know, they can be civil, amicable, maybe even a little uplifting.

Chelsea: Yeah. Actually, this isn’t the first time billy and I have said goodbye. I mean, we’ve parted ways before.

Billy: That is true, but we don’t have to get into that right now.

Chelsea: Except, you know, the audience might be intrigued by the fact that, you know, we were an item once, you know, once upon a time.

Billy: Well, that — yeah, that — that was a long time ago, chels.

Chelsea: True. It’s ancient history. Not sure why I brought it up.

Billy: I don’t know. Maybe — maybe because with goodbyes there is a sense of loss. But there’s also room for new beginnings.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Billy: And I guess that is time to wrap it up.

Chelsea: Well, I’ll let you say the final goodbye.

Billy: Okay. Um, look, I just want to say that this has been an amazing experience. I’ve learned a lot. And I really want to thank each and every person that has listened. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. So, thank you for your time. I’m gonna miss it. And with that, I will say goodbye for now.

[ Button clicks ]

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Chelsea: That was good, right?

Billy: Yeah. Yeah. It was great.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Vick seems good to me, dad. Strong and focused. I don’t think it’s an act.

Victor: I tend to agree, but what do you think about all the eagerness with which she is suddenly making all these acquisitions?

Nick: I think she’s a little overzealous in her desire to remove any stain ashland left on her or newman. But I totally get it. I mean, he absolutely humiliated her — and not just once. Now, she was able to get some payback by getting you back your money from ashland. But she did love him, dad.

Victor: Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay. Her taste in men, I tell you, has always been her achilles’ heel.

Nick: Vick’s got a lot to prove to herself right now. When she came back from new york and she said she wanted things to be different, I know she meant it.

Victor: Yeah, I just wish we had been able to get ashland locke out of town before his demise. But things are the way they are, aren’t they? And if your sister wants to prove herself, let her prove herself in spades.

Adam: I was fortunate enough to stumble across a certain police report.

Sally: How do you stumble across a police report?

Adam: Well, that part isn’t important. What is in it is what matters. The report details the investigation into ashland’s death. And it includes a lot of evidence against victor that chance willfully ignored. And it’s evidence that needs to come out.

Sally: Damn it. Adam, for a minute there, i thought you were actually being sincere and straightforward with me. You don’t need a sympathetic ear. You need help taking down victor. No, you used our history and what we once had to work me over again.

Adam: Okay, look, I will admit that I needed you to listen long enough to tell you what is going on. But that doesn’t change the facts with a huge possibility here. This is a gold mine of a story. It’s the kind of story that could make a young media mogul’s career. And I’m willing to give you all the evidence you need to run it. All you have to do is publish the truth and reveal to the world my dad’s cover-up.

Devon: Hey, you know that my opposition to the music festival idea has nothing to do with any personal issues between me and nate — ’cause I said the same thing to you about my concerns that it would be stretching our company too thin.

Lily: Yes. Yes, you did. But you also said that we should explore it more, which is exactly what nate did. And he’s right. You haven’t looked at the data. So, can you give it a little bit more consideration?

Devon: Absolutely, I can. I don’t have a problem doing that. And this is not some kind of attack on nate, either. This is just business. Our company is doing well and it’s stable right now and I’d like to keep it that way, not risk at all by exceeding our grasp.

Billy: Are we okay?

Chelsea: We’re good. I promise.

Billy: Okay, ’cause I don’t want this to be awkward at all.

Chelsea: It’s not. It won’t be. But I meant what I said before. Can we just never bring this up again, please?

Billy: Well, yeah, of course we can, but we have been so great at being open and honest with each other, both on and off the air. I’m just not sure that’s the best way to handle this.

Chelsea: It is. For me.

Billy: Okay.

Chelsea: And truly, billy, i wish you the best of luck back at your coo position. I do.

Billy: Thank you, chels. And, listen, I will, uh, pack this up and send it wherever you need it, you know, wherever you want to set up shop so you can continue the podcast.

Chelsea: I’ve been thinking about it. Um, I think doing the podcast by myself — it’s just not gonna work.

Billy: Come on. You’re really good at this. And if this is about flying solo, we have a whole list of people that you can work with at chancellor-winters.

Chelsea: You’ve really looked out for me, and I appreciate you having me back and having such faith in me, but, um, it just wouldn’t be the same.

Billy: Okay. Do you mind me asking what you’re gonna do next?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] It’s just something I’m gonna have to figure out on my own.

Nick: Hey. Glad I ran into you. Feels like a brand new day, huh?

Chance: I wish it did, nick. Thought we were all gonna be able to move on from all this, but something’s happened.

Nick: I thought the case was closed and we were out of the woods.

Chance: Yeah, well, someone got their hands on all the evidence that I uncovered about the events the night ashland died. All of the evidence.

Nick: [ Sighs ] How? They read the police report you filed? Who we talking about? Adam.

Sally: You’re right. If victor orchestrated a cover-up, it would be one hell of a story.

Adam: No, no, no, there’s no “if” about it. I’m not asking you to take my word for it. I can show you a police report that proves all of it.

Sally: If I publish this story, it is the end of my career at newman media.

Adam: Do you really want to work for a company owned by a man who staged a car crash to cover up the fact that his favorite son killed his daughter’s ex-husband?

Sally: What?

Adam: I told you it was juicy.

Sally: You actually expect me to believe that nick murdered ashland?

Adam: It was an accident. Ashland was threatening victoria, and to protect her, nick punched him.

Sally: Yeah, I knew that he hit him, but I thought that’s as far as it went.

Adam: Well, apparently he inherited dear old dad’s boxing skills because one punch is all it took. He hit ashland, he hit his head on the fireplace in just the right spot, and the miserable bastard died.

Sally: Oh, my god.

Adam: Yeah. Well, good riddance, as far as I’m concerned.

Sally: But this — this sounds like a clear-cut case of self-defense. So, why would victor cover it up?

Adam: Because the chess master cannot resist playing the game. As far as I know, my siblings had nothing to do with this. It was all dear old dad, and the story should reflect that.

Sally: This is insane.

Adam: It’s also potentially award-winning, sally. Okay, look, even if my family cans you, there’s gonna be a bunch of other media companies that will be dying to hire you.

Sally: I am skeptical that anyone would want to hire someone who goes after their own boss.

Adam: I think you’d be surprised. I think people would really respect the fact that you did the right thing.

Sally: I’m not sure it is the right thing.

Adam: What my father did was blatantly wrong. He used his power and his influence to interfere in the justice system. He should face repercussions for that.

Sally: Okay, but what about chance? Because if I publish this story, it also exposes his complicity.

Adam: He was complicit. I confronted him with what i knew. I gave him the opportunity to fix it on his own accord. He flatly refused.

Sally: So now chance has just become someone else you’re willing to throw under the bus in your battle against victor? Like you did with me?

Adam: I didn’t toss you aside, sally, okay? I protected you, not only when it comes to your job, but to the all-out war I am about to start.

[ Sighs ]

Sally: So you finally admitted the truth. Okay everyone,

“The young and the restless”

will continue. What’s the #1 retinol brand

Nate: Devon just cannot help himself. No matter what I’m advocating for, if I say “a,” he says “B.” And it’s especially frustrating because I cannot tell what the hell is going on with him, why he’s being so antagonistic and can’t give me the slightest opportunity.

Elena: And I get it. You want to make your mark with the company. But I guess I’m still trying to understand why you’re so angry about all of this.

Nate: [ Sighs ]Rmer president trump residence known as mar-a-lago has just been unsealed. The judge who approved that warrant ruled yesterday that the affidavit could be relieved after officials removed or redacted is certain sensitive information. The justice department argued that releasing any portion of this document could compromise its investigation. The judge sided with requests from multiple news organizations, including cbs news, to partially unseal this document. You saw it unscrolling on the screen. I want to bring in correspondent robert costa, who is palm beach, florida, where this issue was decided. Bob, what do we know so far?

Good to be with you, major. Cbs news is still digested this affidavit. Many black lines throughout the document, heavily redacted. This is a serious document. As I’ve been reading it and working with our team here, it is evident that the government believes, and this is why they believe they had probable cause to go into mar-a-lago, on the palm beach side, to go into mar-a-lago because there are 15 boxes full of highly classified information, sensitive, compartmented information, dealing with national security and national defense documents. Because they believe they had probable cause they were in this storage facility at mar-a-lago and not properly stored, they’re telling the judge here in west palm beach, bruce reinhart, that they felt compelled to go into former president trump’s handling of documents. They note in this second page of the affidavit, they believe there is probable cause of the crime of obstruction being committed, and they have evidence of that. This is a serious case, the affidavit underscores it. We’re still trying to find out more about the specifics, which have been heavily redacted.

Bob costa with us. The document runs 38 pages, jeff pegues is at the tablE. A few moments ago at the white house, president biden was participating in a women’s equality convenient. The question was: Has national security been threat dendthreatened by documents at mar-a-lago, and the president said, “we will let the justice department determine that.” Jeff pegues, what strikes you about what you’ve seen so far?

In some ways this is a disappointing document. If you’re looking for some sort of smoking gun in terms of what the government may have and why they searched mar-a-lago when they did, you might be disappointed. However, what the government has done here has — they have released, and as you can see here, look at all of these redactions, and this is just a taste of what this document looks like, but if you literally read between the lines, what you will see is how this investigation has conducted, almost from start, which basically the D.O.J.’S role in this started in february, to this point now, including the search of mar-a-lago, and the search for the 15 boxes. What the government is saying, and what stands out to me here, is that they are saying there is evidence of obstruction. And I think that’s the line that stands out to me most. In that, there are supporters of the former president who have made comments, inaccurate comments, about these documents —

Representations to the justice department.

Representations that the department of justice wants to get bacK. These are government documents. Various classifications, that’s what they’re saying here. They don’t belong to the former president. They say these are government documents, produced by the government for the government.

Kathryn, before i come to you, I want to ask jeff this one question: This 38 pages, extremely unusual for this to be seen at this stage in any investigation involving anyznrz american,c&n

Yeah. This doesn’t happen in every case.

Affidavits usually do not appear until there is an indictment, and we’re very long way away from that.

They stay sealed. The fact itfc-t is out there, even though it has been heavily redacted, I’m sure there was a lot of hand wringing on the part of D.O.J. Officials because there are still these echoes of 2016, and james comey sort of making declarations about an investigation that ultimately, a lot of people believe, played a role in the 2016 election. And nobody wants to go back to thaT. And this attorney general has been very — he has been honest about the fact that we treat everybody the same. There is nobody above the law. But that also means, in his view, that we go by the book. And releasing something like this is not going by the book. But there is this pressure on the department of justice to put something out there to the public.

Jeff, thanks. Kathryn, stand by. Bob costa, I want to go back to you in west palm beach, florida.

Major, what is important to recognize from the documents the government has filed, beyond the affidavit, this is an ongoing federal investigation of the highest level, and they are dealing with witnesses that they are really concerned about in terms of intimidation, and they mention it in this document, civilian witnesses. And there has been a lot of reporting at cbs news and elsewhere about how the mar-a-lago properties, employees, people who had access to president trump’s inner circle, visitors to that property, play have left in vulnerable to foreign actors, to anyone with ill-intentions. What the federal government is saying, this is an ongoing investigation with many witnesses across complicated fronts around the former president. And that’s why they’re so hesitant to give more information about the details of what they’re learning from specific people, who might be vulnerable to some kind of attack or criticism and the intimidation factor.

Bob costa at west palm beach. Kathryn, many of us at cbs news have experience of going through documents like this. What has emerged to you as you read through it here sitting at the table.

The key section to me is the probable cause section. Unsurprisingly, this is the most heavily redacted. But there are some pieces of the puzzle i want to try to put together. It tells us earlier this year, the national archives received these boxes that had class fide records, or records marked “class fidE.” Andclassified.”There is probable cause to believe that documents containing classified national defense information and presidential records remain at the premises. It goes on to say there was no a secure facility at mar-a-lago that would be authorized to contained highly classified information. And it goes on to say “i submit that probable cause exists to believe that evidence or other contraband illegally possessed will still be found at these premises.” In other words, they believe there was highly sensitive, national defense information, in classified information, at the highest levels that remained at mar-a-lago, and it did not have the kind of secure government facility, what they know as a skiff, to protect these records. What I also find instructive are the five pillars that the F.B.I. And the justice department lay out for withholding so much of this information for the publiC. It talks about witness information, and that quickly and broadly witnesses could be identified through social media, and this would have a chilling affect on cooperation. It talks about the roadmap to the investigation. It talks about the rules of criminal procedure, so protecting grand jury information. It specifically talks about safety of law enforcement personnel and the privacy of others. So those are the five pillars. But what we can see in the pieces of this puzzle, is they believe there was evidence that still highly classified national defense information remained at mar-a-lago in a facility that was not secure.

Kathryn, the former president has represented in public in various ways that he was cooperative with this. And that this search warrant was not necessary. As a last resort. That this could have been resolved some other way. Is there anything you have been able to see — and i know we’re going through it bit by bit — that comes close that underlying question, cooperation or whether or not this could have been handled another way?

There is a specific section where it talks about the findings of the national archive, this more than half dozen boxes containing classified information, and it goes on to say there was a public statement from the “save america” pact, that nothing was founD. So this was, in the view of this affidavit, sort of an element of obstruction. So saying publicly the national archives didn’t see anything here, but, in fact, we now know —

Essentially misrepresentation.

That’s a very good point because if you look at page 17, the 15 boxes provided, the archives contain classified information. They have a breakdown of what was in there. 184 unique documents bearing classification markings, including 67 documents marked as confidential.

92 documents marked as secret. 95 documents marked at top secret. The F.B.I. Agents observed documents reflecting the following departments, con sem nationconsemnation, arcon. It shows these aren’t personal momentoS. According to the F.B.I., These are top-secret, confidential documents that belong to the government.

I’ve got to jump in. Jeff pegues, thank you. Kathryn, thank you. And our thanks to bob costa in west palm beach. Our coverage will continue on our cbs news streaming and tonight on the “cbs evening news.” This habsthis has been a cbs special report. I’m major garrett in washington. Good day.

[ Knock on door ]

Sally: Am I interrupting?

Victoria: No, not at all. Please come in. Have a seat. You know, I thought the video conference went rather well. Are you on board for everything that we’ve laid out?

Sally: Yeah. I’ve already started working on the things that we talked about. Unfortunately, I’m here about another matter.

Victoria: Well, what would you like to discuss?

Sally: It has to do with adam.

Victoria: Oh, yes, of course it does. Have you and my brother gotten back together?

Sally: No. No, no, no. It’s nothing like that. Believe me. That is not happening. But adam did come to me today with a proposition. He claims to have evidence regarding ashland’s death that would — how do I say this? — Not show the newmans in a favorable light.

[ Door closes ]

Victoria: So, what did he want from you?

Sally: He asked me to write a story about it.

Victoria: Ah, I see.

Sally: You don’t seem very surprised.

Victoria: I have been dealing with my brother for a very long time. I expected some sort of attack sooner rather than later. That’s just who he is.

Sally: I’m sorry.

Victoria: Well, if he risked showing his hand, then he’s being careless. So, he either wants the information about what he’s doing to be out there, or he’s so wounded that he doesn’t give a damn anymore.

Victor: Hello, son.

Adam: Hey, guys.

[ Sighs ] Funny meeting you here. Were you also in the mood for a refreshing beverage?

Nick: We were looking for you, so we tracked you down.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Well, you got me. What’d you want to talk about? I love a good old newman male-bonding session.

Nick: We understand you’ve come across some information.

Adam: Could you be more specific?

Nick: Alright, cut the act, adam. What do you want? What’s the endgame here? I mean, is it blackmail? Because we know this isn’t about money. So, what do you want? You just want vick out of the big chair? Is that the goal? You want to be ceo of newman enterprises?

Victor: You know that’s not going to happen, okay? You know that the issue you have is with me.

Adam: Oh, wow, dad. You managed to yank the ceo position away from me again. And this time, I didn’t even have the job. Just a mere suggestion from nick woke the sleeping lion. Just anything to toy with me, right?

Victor: You know that’s not true. No matter how far I think you and I have come, you always manage to dredge up something in the past that makes you the victim, when in reality, right now you’re the one making the threats.

Adam: I haven’t threatened anyone…yet.

Victor: Don’t you see how history is repeating itself? I took a risk protecting your siblings from ashland locke, as I took a risk when I protected you after you accidentally killed A.J. Montalvo. I did not want that to become public. I didn’t want you to run around being accused of being a killer all your life.

Adam: Well, that’s what you refuse to get, dad, is you didn’t save me. You ruined me.

Victor: I thought you’d come to terms with all that.

Nick: I thought you had, too.

Adam: Have you come to terms with all the ways dad has protected you, nick?

Victor: What are you talking about?

Adam: I mean, really, how do you fit murder into a small, little, neat box? How are you coming to terms with taking a man’s life? And you’re a grown man. You’re not an impressionable little kid with blood on his hands. I hate to say it, but those feelings that I’m sure you are having — they’re not gonna just fade away. Even I couldn’t completely shut them down, as repressed as mine were. To this day, I will still hear a phrase or I will still see something that reminds me of my mother’s farm, and it all comes flooding back, all the pangs of guilt and shame, all the questions about my own morality. You know, I ask myself, “when I killed that man, was it really an accident, or deep down, did i want him to go down as hard as he did?” See, these are all things that are gonna be bubbling in your subconscious for the rest of your life, big brother. And for you, dad, you can keep your precious ceo chair, okay? I don’t want victoria’s job. Maybe all I want is to see justice finally served.

Victor: You listen to me, son. You’re playing a dangerous game. Don’t do that.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Billy: Look, what happened today only reinforces my decision to step away from the podcast, okay? And as far as chelsea, I don’t know. I mean, maybe she’s just missing some sort of connection or she feels a little bit lost, which i can understand, you know? I felt lost before you came back into my life, as well.

Lily: Mm. Good answer.

Billy: Look, it wasn’t a big deal. I hope you feel the same, okay? But now I am here and full-time your coo. So, please fill me in. What have I missed?

Lily: Um… [ Clears throat ] Yes. What have you missed? Um…there was more tension between devon and nate. Nate wants to move forward with the music festival idea, and devon thinks that it’s too risky for the first year of our merger.

Billy: Yeah, I can see devon’s point there.

Lily: Yeah, I can see both of their points, but ultimately i think it’s a good idea. I mean, think what a festival could do for our company. I think it’s next-level thinking, and why wouldn’t chancellor-winters want to be a part of that?

Victoria: Thank you so much for the heads-up about adam. It won’t be forgotten.

Sally: Not a problem. Just seemed like the right thing to do.

Victoria: For the record, i wouldn’t trust anything that adam says from this point on. He’s clearly out for revenge, and he is willing to use anyone to get what he wants. Can I ask you where you left things with him?

Sally: [ Sighs ] Let’s see. I thanked him for the info and then essentially called him a bastard for everything that he put me through. But I obviously didn’t mention that I would be telling you everything.

Victoria: But did you turn down his proposition to publish the story?

Sally: I was pretty adamant about it in the moment, even if I didn’t say the exact words. Why?

Victoria: Well, because if you didn’t shoot down the idea completely, this might be useful.

Next week on “the young and the restless”…

Diane: Talia morgan. Am I right? The investigative reporter?

Talia: Well, that depends. Who wants to know?

I don’t need protecting, okay? That’s what got us here in the first place. All this talk about protecting me — it’s making me start to understand adam.

Chelsea: Alright, let’s just come clean. Who wants to go first?

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