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[ Cellphone rings ] Finn: Hey, one blanket coming up.

[ Ringing continues ] I don’t remember the last time the quartermaines hosted such a – rabble? Event. I was gonna say “event.” Don’t you remember your wedding with robert, when all the fancy hats blocked out the sun? Yeah. And your girlfriend at the time crashed the party. I remember that. Ah, dominique always had a flair for the dramatic. Oh, yes, she did. You can say that again. Here. Don’t you want it? You’ll need this more than I do. Why? What’s happened? Hi. Hi. Did I miss tetherball? Work was no picnic – pun intended – and I need to smack something around. Okay. The next thing to get smacked around is gonna be your boy toy if he doesn’t stop trying to poach my girlfriend. Would you care for some pork? Ahh. [ Sniffs ] Oh. Is it too much to hope you brought a somewhat decent bottle of bordeaux? If I brought a bordeaux, you think I’d be drinking this plunk? The quartermaines save the good stuff for themselves. So, why have you bothered to show up? You strike me as a bit posh for a barbecue. Well, I’m not here for the cuisine. Our family’s out of order. I have to get them in line, and I need your help. Wh– it’s too late for words. It’s too late for kisses. It’s too late, nikolas! You broke us the moment you had sex with esmé!

[ Footsteps approach ] Spencer… spencer: Don’T. What are you talking about? You heard me. Your father betrayed me with your girlfriend.

Yuri: Apologies. Bar is closed. Thanks for trying. Have a seat. Thank you. I hope you don’t mind leaving the party early. Quartermaines are busy. Besides… you are much better company. Ahh. Ooh. Refreshing. It’s nice, huh? Not meaning water. You’ll want to answer this.

[ Ringing continues ] Sarah’s on california time. Might be hard to connect if you don’t talk to her now.

[ Ringing continues ]

[ Ringing stops ]

[ Cellphone thumps ] I’d rather talk to you. Enjoy the rest of your picnic. Please don’t walk away. Not now. Not like this. Don’t turn away from yourself and whatever burden you are carrying. No, thank you. I’m a vegetarian. Alright. Any takers? I’ll give it a shot. I didn’t know you were a grill-master as well as a horse-master. Britt, it’s not really hard to grill stuff, is it? I didn’t know cody was capable of cooking something without burning it. Still got to keep some secrets before date number 2. But, uh, people, I need to re-supply. Keep an eye on this? Yeah. Thanks. Oh, great, and britt can go with you to get those supplies. Obvious much?

[ Chuckles ] Let’s go. Alright. Yuck. Ehh. Is it burnt? It’S…this. Okay, well, tell me the secret to a good pork chop. It’s the rub. Nah. Any gatlin worth his salt knows you can dress your barbecue up any way you like, but you won’t get what you want if you don’t turn up the heat. Dominique had a son? And he works for the quartermaines? So it would seem. Impossible. I would have known. What about scott? He should have known. Heck, what about me? I mean, I gave birth to scott and dominique’s daughter, after all. She never gave any indication that she had a son? Not once, no. It’s possible she kept the child a secret to protect him from her husband. Leopold taub was a controlling monster. He even partnered with faison. I know you remember that. Ah, right. Yes. A mother will go to any lengths to keep a child secret from an abuser. Yeah. You know, you don’t really realize how that child could turn out as an adult, which is precisely why I did call serena and tell her not to come home anytime soon. I want her to stay with her whales. I just don’t want serena nosing around this cody person till we know more about him. You leave that to me. Mac, wait. Oh, I’ve got to help — I think they’ve got it. Besides, you already have one man on your plate. Wait, make that two. You and esmé? This is not the time or the place.

[ Voice breaking ] I’m not moving. I’m not leaving here until you tell me everything. Listen… let’s talk about this later. Ava should have been more discreet. Don’t put this on me! You knew that spencer was standing there — what, do I have eyes in the back of my head? No. Do not try to make me the bad guy here! I’m not! Both of you, shut up! Shut up! Father, please. I need to know. If this is just another one of ava’s lies, that’s fine, okay? Tell me. I know what she is, and I know who you are. You’re my dad. Please. Please…

[ Crying ] Please, say something. Please, say something!

[ Quietly ] It’s not a lie. No!

[ Crying ] I slept with esmé.

Damn it. It was right here. What was? There was a cooler packed with, you know, burgers, hot dogs, ears of corn. Someone must have swiped it for one of the other grilling stations. Hmm, does that mean your grilling duties are over? Well, that’s up to mama Q. She asks, I answer. I can’t see olivia being okay with her nickname. She loves it. She knows it’s a term of affection. You have a nickname? I do. It’s definitely not a term of affection. Okay, what does your mother call you? A disgrace. No. No, she didn’T. Even when she was smacking me down, I could see her love for you. Yeah, mutter has gotten a little more sentimental these days, but she doesn’t want anyone to know. Alright. If you don’t want to share your mother’s nickname for you, what was your dad’s? Mason, welcome. I didn’t think you were gonna make it. Wouldn’t miss it. Had see how the other half grills. Besides, cousin austin here insisted. He wouldn’t stand for me sitting around idle, twiddling my thumbs. Are you an expert griller too? Everyone in pautuck is. Some better than others. You want to flip that chop over, cuz? Yeah, that’s not a bad idea. Hey, um, maxie, do think you want to maybe take some food orders, see if your parents want something? Yeah. Your parents are here? Ah, you should bring them over. I’d love to make their acquaintance. You don’t know when to quit, do you? I told you, if you ever — if I brought up whatever’s troubling you again, yes, we were over. So you brought it up with my sister instead? I haven’t spoken a word to sarah. Don’t argue semantics with me. I’d argue any point I could if I knew it meant helping you. I never asked for your help! I never wanted it. I never needed it. I was just fine without it. And somehow, you’re still meddling in my life. Talk to your son in private. Here or at wyndemere — I don’t care. I’m done. You should stay. You should watch the results of your ambush. You did this! Nobody else! No, this is what you always wanted, ava, to see the relationship with my son destroyed, huh? It killed you to see us get close. That is absolutely not true! Because it hurt too much, knowing that you would never get the chance to heal with kiki that I had with spencer. But you’re the only one to blame for that. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Ask your son. I agreed to make certain inquiries about valentin so my marty wouldn’t ping on the government’s radar. Or more importantly, his third ex-wife. Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh-mnh. This is going beyond the pale. Not for you, lucy. Really. I mean, you could lead a master class in how to extract secrets out of people. Old me. Not now. Not this time. I’m not asking you to do anything I wouldn’t do. I just want you to exploit the attention that victor can’t wait to lavish on you. Just shake the tree a bit, see if any information about valentin comes loose. And what makes you so sure that I can get victor to let his guard down? Have you seen the way he looks at you? Trust me, you have all the… necessary assets to be my asset. Hmm. Nope. Flattery is not gonna get you anywhere. I hope for marty’s sake you’re wrong about that. I’m not asking for much. Just another pair of eyes on a developing situation in nikolas’ family. Nikolas, ava, and spencer loathe me, with varying degrees of justification. I cannot do everything myself, valentin. It’s time my son stepped up and did his duty. If not for me, then for your daughter. We agreed we would leave my daughter out of this. Her temporary stay in that lovely boarding school could easily become permanent. You bastard. Oh. Oh, my. Am I interrupting?

Tell me that this didn’t happen. I don’t understand. Of course you don’T. It’s ’cause ava, she just — she vomited that all up. Ava didn’t know that I would be there. She didn’t know that I would be standing right behind her. You don’t know that. I don’t know that. And you never credit or defend ava. She is capable of anything. So are you! So are you! When did it start? How long have you and esmé have been going at it? It was one time. One time in may. I would never repeat it. It was a mistake. You slept with my girlfriend, father. She said that you guys were broken up. Are — are you trying to justify this? No, I’m not. I’m just trying — I’m trying to explain. I had my reasons! I had to keep esmé close because I was trying to help trina! I know that now. I didn’t know that then. All I knew is that you accepted ava’s offer and you took your inheritance over me. That’s what this is about? No. Revenge? No. No. No. I didn’t want to hurt you. It’s —

[ Exhales deeply ] You know what? It may have actually meant something if you had tried to hurt me. But we’re in the same place that we have found ourselves time and time again. Y–you didn’t think. You didn’t think about me at all. Finn: I’m in the wrong here, alright? You asked me to honor your wishes, and obviously I didn’t do that, and I’m sorry. But the truth is, you’re not the only one that I’m concerned about here. I have to be worried about violet as well. How so? My daughter loves you and her cousins. When we’re all together, it’s all she talks about for days. You make her so happy. You bring light into her life. But less so lately. Listen, I know the handling of your health is your decision and your decision alone, but I have a decision to make, too. And I don’t know how I’m just supposed to ignore the very clear signs that you’re in some sort of distress. It’s my distress, my burden, not yours.

[ Sighs ] What? At least we’re finally getting somewhere. You finally admitted you have a burden. You worked for the quartermaines, didn’t you? As a bodyguard.

Da. Was it dangerous? Eh, more, how you say… frustrateous. Frustrating.

Da. From what I’ve heard about the quartermaines, I’m not surprised, although I do like and respect monica quartermaine. Ah. You too?

Da. Looks like we have something in common. Pretty. Thank you. It was a gift. From a special someone? My mother. There’s no special someone in my life right now. This is crime. So maxie’s dad is a cop. He is the chief of detectives at the pc…pd. Well, if there’s any trouble, you only have yourself to blame. You have obligations to fulfill. To whom much is given, much is required. Right. Thanks for that fortune cookie.

[ Chuckles ] My debt is repaid. Your creditors disagree. You know, ingratitude isn’t a good look on you, cuz. I don’t think maxie would find it attractive. Leave maxie out of this. You’re the one who brought her up, or rather, her chief of detectives father. I only want what’s good for you. And the feeling, mason, is mutual. Right. Which is why I’m only gonna say this one time. You leave maxie and her family out of this, or the pain that you’re feeling right now

[ Groans ] Will not be fleeting. I hate being lied to. Valentin: I’m not lying to you, darling. Ouch. No. That didn’t look like it hurt quite enough. Let me try again. Stay still! Ouch. Yes. Maxie: That looks like fun. Hmm. Yeah. That’ll do. I am just so sorry. I certainly didn’t mean to interrupt a family moment. Oh, you weren’T. It’s all sorted. It’s a matter of fact, it isn’t — what can we do for you, my dear? Well, um, actually, I was looking…for pickles. Outside, gherkins, gherkins everywhere. Not a dill to eat.

[ Chuckles ] Well, here we are. Oh. Thank you. Ahh… you’re playing with me, aren’t you? How can I resist? Will you give the woman her pickles? You’ll see her for s’mores. Here you go. Thank you. But… no need to rush away. I think martin grey is probably looking for her. You remember martin, don’t you, dad? Lucy’s boyfriend? Back to my father. Surprise, surprise. Okay, that was an innocent question. You know I don’t like talking about him. I thought the boundaries were, like, the dr. Evil stuff. I didn’t realize, and I wasn’t aware that he was entirely off-limits. You’re aware now. Okay. No dad talk. So what about your brother? Peter? Yes, is he out of bounds, or… do we just avoid your whole family and just stick with mine? Yeah, that’s a good idea. Oh, I’m sorry to interrupt. Uh, we were looking for someone. I think we found him.

Whoo! [ Laughs ] Yay me! You’re a natural. You’re a natural leader, as well. I haven’t said congratulations to you yet about deception’s ipo. Oh, thank you. Takes a lot of work, but it helps to have a great team behind you. Including valentin? Shockingly, he was a little more involved than I would have liked at the beginning. But he had some great ideas. Oh, he had some great ideas, huh? Yeah. Uh, valentin has been quiet lately. I noticed that, too. I think he’s still convalescing from the injury he had a few months ago. Yeah. Sometimes I think he still hasn’t recovered. It’s like his mind is someplace else. Maybe with you? Maybe. Oh, my gosh. What am I doing here? I’m supposed to be taking people’s orders. Have you seen my mom and my dad? Oh, yeah, I-I did, a while ago, but I haven’t seen them for a bit. They’re here somewhere. Okay. Well, would you like anything? No, I’m good. I can’t eat when I’m thinking. You know, it’s the darndest thing. Martin is still out of town. Oh. Has he left you unattended again? That man should be tarred and feathered. But, fortunately, there is a solution. Allow me. Oh. That is so kind of you. You know, I was one leg short for the three-legged race.

[ Chuckles ] All my legs are at your service.

[ Chuckles ] I’ve been trying to reach martin. Where is your one and only? Oh, uh, his mother. Uh, he is so busy taking care of her, he hasn’t had time to answer my calls or texts. Oh, well, yes, a woman of advanced age does need a lot of attention. Dutiful son can be away for some time.

[ Chuckles ] Should be back soon. Not too soon.

[ Loud thump ] Ugh. Mm! I-I just can’t get this lid unscrewed. Ugh. If he can’t be reached, I’m sure this message will get his attention. Mm!

[ Sighs ] Do I know you? Not exactly. Are you cody bell? I am. I’m felicia scorpio, and this is my husband, mac. Oh, yeah, so you’re — yeah, you’re maxie’s parents, right? Okay. Nice to meet you. Oh, she’s great. I love that girl. She’s okay.

[ Horse neighs in distance ] So, uh, what, did you hear about me through maxie or…? Oh, don’t be modest. Mac is chief of detectives. I’m sure his fellow cops told him how they arrested you. Well, to be honest, we only just heard about you, and we came right over to meet you. Um, well, why — why is that? W-we knew your mother.

[ Grunting ] Hurts, right? That’s the parotid nerve. It’s a super sensitive nerve, as nerves go.

[ Groans ] And it hurts even more if you press on it like this. Oh! Yeah? Let me go. I’ll let you go, soon as I feel like you and i are understanding one another. I can live with the pain. Can you live with a nicked artery? Hmm?

[ Chuckles nervously ] Blood or no blood, when I call, you answer. And it’ll be “yes, sir” and “thank you, sir” when I give you instructions. Got it? Loud and clear. I know sleeping with esmé was wrong. Did it occur to you that, uh, not owning up to the truth was also wrong? What would have been the point of telling you? Not lying… would have been the point. I was more concerned with not hurting you. And it didn’t matter to esmé. I know. You didn’t do this all on your own. Esmé is just as responsible, though, right? That’s not what I’m saying. It shouldn’t — it shouldn’t have happened.

[ Sighs ] I’d really like it if you started calling “it” what it is. It is a betrayal. And there have been so many, including the years, father, that you let me believe that you were dead! I know, I know, I know. You are sick. I will never forgive myself for that. How does sleeping with esmé — this is esmé! — How does sleeping with esmé compare with that?! No, you told me yourself that you were just using her to get trina out of prison. And that is the worst part. Because I had stopped loving esmé. She didn’t matter to me. But you did. I loved you. You are my dad. You meant everything to me. No longer. Now is the time to get out in front of this thing, before it digs in any deeper and harms you or someone else. Are you suggesting that I’d hurt someone like I did chase? No… not intentionally, but it’S…

[ Sighs ] It’s clear to me that… you have a problem. And despite all the denials, I think it’s clear to you. You think maybe it — it’s clear to your boys? I mean, how is this for them, seeing their mom struggling, and they can’t help you or they don’t know how? What’s gonna happen if they reach out to somebody you don’t want them to, like your father? Don’t talk about my father! God, why can’t you just leave me alone? Because I’ve been where you are! I’ve been in denial. I was an addict. And I’d probably be dead right now if certain people hadn’t fought through my lies and helped me. That’s why I can’t just turn a blind eye when I see someone in pain! What’s the point of being a doctor?! Yeah, well, you’re not my doctor. You’re not my anything.

[ Sighs ] Elizabeth.

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ] Finn: It’s clear to me that you have a problem. And despite all the denials, I think it’s clear to you. You think maybe it — it’s clear to your boys? How is this for them, seeing their mom struggling, and they can’t help you or they don’t know how? What’s gonna happen

if they reach out to somebody you don’t want them to, like your father? Elizabeth:

Don’t talk about my father! Mystery woman:

Elizabeth, what are you doing? Young elizabeth:

Stay away from my father! Stay out of it. Your father wouldn’t

want you involved.

Don’t talk

about my father!

See what happens

if you do! How did you know my mother? Um, well, I didn’t know her very well, but, mac, I think… dominique and I were friends. I met her when she was married to your father. Oh, well, you have my deepest sympathy. From what I’ve heard, leopold taub was a real piece of work. No doubt about that. Well, I promise I’m nothing like that guy — at least, as far as I know. Definitely not in some criminal cartel trying to hold port charles hostage. I don’t see a lot of taub in you. Plenty of dominique, though. She was a good person. If you say so. I do. Mac, I’m starving. Let’s go rustle up some ribs. Well, the barbecue at the boathouse is running low on supplies, so you guys might want to hit up another one. Can I interest you in a beer inside? Suppose it wouldn’t hurt. Never does. Nice meeting you. You, too, cody.

[ Sighs ] Weird guy. Are you okay? Why wouldn’t I be? You just lied to cody. The crystal is a symbol of transformation. My mother says it’s a reminder that change is ongoing. We’re always creating and discovering new parts of ourselves. Sometimes change is big and visible, and sometimes you have to look closely to find it. Uh, this crystal is helpful for you? Yes. The clasp is loose, and I need a new chain, ’cause every time I play with it…

[ Plop ] …That happens. Oh! Oh! Um, you know, you really don’t have to send martin, um, those pictures at all. Uh, in fact, I bet you I can get ahold of him and make sure that he contacts you immediately. Um, and for you, I am so sorry, but I just remembered I have to go meet brook lynn. But I sure hope we can do this again sometime, maybe. No maybe about it. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] You always want what you can’t have. I always get what I want. Just takes a little patience. But rather than concerning yourself with my personal affairs, perhaps you should focus on your own. Or is anna proving too hot to handle? Ava: Good evening. Everything okay here, fellas? Austin and I were just arguing the merits of medium rare versus well done. Uh-huh. Austin? Yeah? What did you decide? Oh, well done. I came out here to find a refill, but it looks like I’m — I’m out of luck. So…carry on… gentlemen. Oh, well, uh — hey, don’t — don’t even worry about her. I don’t worry. You don’t mean that. Oh, we’ve come too far to let our relationship go. Everything that I’ve done since I came home… was to bring us closer. Every gamble, every stupid mistake, every act of contrition. It was all just to get my dad back. And for every step that I took closer to you, you took two steps backwards. There is no closing that gap now. Spencer… I thought that I knew who you were. I really did. I thought I knew. But I don’T. I’m done with you.

I didn’t lie to cody. Well… I’m not sure that “friend” accurately captures your relationship with dominique. Ancient history, felicia. The guy obviously has mother issues that he needs to work out. No reason to add one more thing to his list. Okay, so where were we? Oh, yeah. You were about to tell me about your brother. Mm. No, you were asking me if you’re allowed to ask about peter. Well, am I? Stick to your favorite color crayon, worst remake, best toto song. Burnt sienna. I never watch remakes, never will. And “rosanna.” “Africa.” Too obvious. And also, how is it fair that your brother’s off limits, just like whenever I bring up any of your other family members?

[ Sighs ] I think about peter and faison nearly every day, and talking about them only makes things worse. Fine. Enough talking. There you are. You got my message? Mm-hmm. How’d it go with victor? Victor fell for me hook, line, and pickles. But valentin was there, so there wasn’t a whole lot of anything of interest revealed, except for the fact that there’s a heck of a lot of tension between father and son. Really? How so? Well, you know, I would recognize a thwarted and disgruntled valentin when I see one. But it wasn’t just that. Valentin was going for victor’s jugular when I interrupted them. So my sense is big daddy has valentin on a very short leash, and that leash is beginning to chafe.

[ Crunching ] I’ve noticed that you and anna have become quite close since your return from tahiti. Has it maybe clouded your judgment? I told you, I have anna well in hand.

[ Chuckles ] Yes, well, with a little cultivation, I shall have the lovely lucy in my hand soon. So be a chum and delete that photo. Yes, father.

[ Phone beeps ] Charlotte would be proud. Spencer…

[ Glass shatters ] How much have you had to drink? Not nearly enough. You’ve had plenty. Let me go. I said, let me go! What’s going on? You’re my son. I’ll never let you go! Then I’ll let you go! I let you go. Consider it my last good deed. And now you are free to win ava back without ever having to consider me. So, um…

[ Spits ] Good luck. What the hell? What just happened?

[ Inhales deeply ] Ava happened. I thought she came this way. Will you just let it go? She heard us. She heard a family squabble.

[ Scoffs ] It was more than that. Yeah, but ava doesn’t know that. Well, I can’t take that chance, and neither can you. Oh! It is only water. It will dry.

[ Laughs ] May I? Of course. Your dress…

[ Ominous music plays ]

[ Music surges ] To wyndemere. Living there was… pretty nice while it lasted. Hell, if scott is worth his fee, maybe can pry it away from nikolas in the divorce. To divorce.

[ Ava gasps ]

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