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Adam: Connor’s taken a little detour from sports lately.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Into what?

Adam: Coding. He’s, uh, fascinated by it.

Victor: Coding? What the hell is coding? Whoa. Huh. I’ll be damned. You know, we miss that boy. Both Nikki and I do. Whenever he’s here, he brings a smile to our faces. I’m sure that kid will be very, very successful.

Adam: Unlike his dad. Serial failure.

Victor: I didn’t say anything like that.

Adam: No, but it was implied.

[Clears throat] You rarely say what you actually mean.

Victor: What do you mean, what’s implied? That’s pure nonsense you’re talking about. You trying to goad me into something or what? You trying to piss me off? Not gonna work tonight. I’m feeling good.


Adam: You’re gonna make me pull it out of you bit by bit. Okay.

[Glass thuds] Well, the latest threat to the Newmans was Ashland Locke.

Victor: Well, that S.O.B. Is thankfully no longer with us.

Adam: Mm, that eliminated some of the danger, but his death had its own turmoil. So, what changed?

Victor: All conversations about Ashland Locke are past tense, okay? Guy’s dead as a doornail. And any investigations into the circumstances of his death are now closed.

Adam: What?

Victor: Yeah. They’re closed. Chance was here earlier. He said he was no longer going to investigate the circumstances of Ashland Locke’s death, so Victoria can now pick up the pieces of her life. So can we all.

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