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[ Relaxing music ]

Sheila: Rise and shine, handsome. I made you a cup of coffee, extra kick. And you know why? Because taking care of each other and having each other’s back, that’s kind of what roomies do.

Deacon: Roomies? God, it wasn’t a dream.

Steffy: I can’t get enough of you.

Finn: Mhm.

Steffy: Touching you. Kissing you. Making passionate love to you. I hope that’s all right.

Finn: That’s all right.

[ Eric laughing ]

Ridge: Hey! What’s the verdict? Are you enjoying yourself?

Douglas: Yeah. Best part, I got to spend the whole night with dad.

Eric: Well, you’re welcome to do that any time you want.

Thomas: You really like it here, don’t you?

Douglas: I love it. Can I watch the game in the screening room?

Thomas: Do you remember how to work the remote?

Douglas: Dad, I taught you.

Thomas: Oh, yeah. Go ahead, then.

Douglas: All right.

Eric: So how long are you and douglas planning on staying?

Brooke: So, did douglas tell you how his evening went with thomas?

Hope: Uh, no, I actually haven’t spoken to them yet.

Brooke: They haven’t checked in?

Hope: Nope.

Brooke: Okay. Well, maybe I should call ridge and get some answers. Douglas needs to come home.

[ Deacon grunting ]

Deacon: What time is it?

Sheila: It’s time for another round. You know, hut to celebrate last night.

Deacon: At a certain point, it gets kinda blurry.

Sheila: Yeah, well. Trust me, you were, uh, you were all about it. But if I can’t sleep in, you can’t sleep in. So, it’s time you get up, big boy, and christ do I mean big boy.

[ Sheila laughing ] I made you breakfast hours ago. Um, I can either reheat it or I can make you something–

Deacon: Stop, stop, stop. Stop. Stop.

Sheila: What?

Deacon: I don’t think this roommate thing’s gonna work out.

Steffy: I never loved looking at anyone like I love looking at you. I mean, first of all, the obvious. Secondly, you’re here with me again.

Taylor: Oh, okay. I’m just gonna go back upstairs.

Steffy: Oh, my god. Mom, no, no, no. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s, it’s okay.

Taylor: Oh, are you sure?

Steffy: Yeah, it’s fine. It’s cool.

Finn: Yeah, [Indistinct] Steffy and I have the rest of our lives together, so.

Steffy: Yeah.

Taylor: Yes, you do. Thank god.

Steffy: Yeah, no kidding.

Taylor: So have you, um, have you heard from your brother? Has he– has he called, or said anything about his father-son night?

Steffy: No, no, I haven’t heard anything.

Taylor: You know what, they’re probably having such a good time. This is how it should be. Douglas spending more time with thomas is long overdue.

Eric: I don’t mean to give you the idea that I’m pressuring you, and I– I just wondered if you have any idea how long you and douglas might want to stay here. Do you want to stay here?

Thomas: Well– I would love to stay for at least a little while.

Eric: Yeah.

Thomas: If that’s okay.

Eric: This is the forrester house. You’re a forrester. So is douglas, for that matter.

Thomas: I’m not exactly sure that donna would be thrilled about douglas and me living here.

Eric: No, no. Donna loves douglas, she does. I imagine the person that wouldn’t be so thrilled if this were to happen, would be hope.

Thomas: Yeah, I’m, uh, I’m trying to be as gentle as possible. I don’t wanna do anything to hurt or upset hope.

Hope: No, mom, please don’t call ridge.

Brooke: You don’t wanna know what’s going on? You don’t wanna know when thomas is gonna bring douglas home? I sure do!

Hope: What I don’t wanna do is put you and your marriage in the middle of this situation. This is between thomas and me.

Brooke: Honey, don’t kid yourself. It’s a lot bigger than that. We are under attack by steffy and taylor.

I’m a ganiac, ganiac,

check my drawers.

Taylor: I bet you felt like you were in so much danger when you were with sheila.

Finn: I felt like I could’ve been if I wasn’t careful.

Steffy: Well, I’m glad you kept your guard up. All sheila cared about was protecting herself. You were just collateral damage, and you could’ve been again.

Finn: That would’ve meant not being able to get home to you. Nothing was going to stop me from that. So, I used sheila’s emotions and weaknesses against her and got my strength back up when she wasn’t watching.

Taylor: That was just so smart. It really was, and now look at you. Here you are, proving the power of love. It’s such a blessing. Such a blessing for steffy and the kids.

Finn: Well, I feel the exact same way, except maybe a little bit more because I’m married to a talented, beautiful, loving woman, like you.

Taylor: Yes, this is a very happy time for our family, for sure. Families coming together, well, almost. Now, we just need to get douglas home.

Hope: Last thing I want is for this to escalate into some kind of family war. I do not want you and me versus taylor and steffy. No one needs that, but… fine. You are right, mom. This is douglas’s home. So fine, I will call and check in.

[ Phone dialing ]

Ridge: If you don’t ask–

[ Phone ringing ]

Thomas: Hold on a sec.

Eric: You could do it.

Thomas: Hope, hey.

Hope: Uh, hi. I’m– I’m just checking in on douglas.

Thomas: Oh, yeah. He’s in the– he’s in the screening room watching the dodgers game.

Hope: With the

popcorn machine?

Thomas: He loves it.

Hope: So, did you two have a good night?

Thomas: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Great night.

Hope: Well, good. Um, I’m actually about to go run some errands, and I thought I could maybe even swing by to pick up douglas, save you a trip?

Thomas: Oh, you know what? Grandad actually had this idea for an early family dinner. Asked douglas if he wanted to stay around.

Hope: Dinner? I, um– I just thought douglas would be home by now.

Thomas: Yeah, well, you know what? He’s having a great time, and he wants to stay, so… look, I’ll just– I’ll give you a call in a little bit, okay?

Brooke: Honey. What happened?

Sheila: What do you mean, this arrangement isn’t going to work because it already is. I mean, we’re both getting into a rhythm. I’m making life as easy as I can for you, deacon. I’m making you coffee. I’m– I’m cooking for you.

Deacon: I know. Look, I appreciate it, sheila. It’s very thoughtful and it’s very considerate.

Sheila: Well, then. I don’t get it then. Then, what’s the problem?

Deacon: Sheila, I’m thinking about you.

Sheila: Oh, god.

Deacon: Fine. I’m thinking about me, too. Hey, listen, one of the conditions of my parole is that I do not associate with known felons. Especially ones that go rogue and try and fake their own death. Sheila, seriously. I mean, are you going to risk both of our freedoms, so what? So, we can play house here together? If I were you, I would be hightailing it as far out of L.A. As I could get.

Sheila: I– I– I appreciate the concern, but I’m good.

Deacon: What if somebody sees you? ‘Cause we had a pretty damn close call yesterday with my parole officer.

Sheila: Yeah, but–

Deacon: But no, look– that could’ve gone wrong a hundred different ways.

Sheila: But, it didn’T. I thought quick on my feet, and I took care of it like I always do. But, you know what? You’re right. I didn’t go through the excruciating pain of cutting off my own toe just to make some stupid mistake that was gonna land me back in prison.

Deacon: Look, as far as I’m concerned, I never saw you. Okay? I just think it would be best if you left.

Sheila: I’m not going anywhere. Hi, I’m nancy.

Brooke: I don’t like what’s happening.

Hope: Well, I wasn’t expecting him to stay for dinner, but, okay.

Brooke: I can’t believe thomas wouldn’t even let you pick up douglas.

Eric: Family dinner. That’s exactly what we need after everything that our family’s been through.

Ridge: It’s true. We gotta reconnect as forresters, and you know what? Finn coming back from the dead, perfect reason to celebrate.

Eric: It is. And douglas staying here as well, that too.

Thomas: I’m so happy that we’re all together.

Ridge: Where’s donna? Is she joining us?

Eric: She’s shopping with pam. She’ll be back here for dinner.

Thomas: Hey, granddad?

Eric: Yeah.

Thomas: It is so good to see you happy again.

Eric: Thank you. Donna’s a real treasure, I gotta tell you.

Thomas: Hey, bud! How was the game?

Douglas: Dodgers won.

Ridge: Of course they did.

Eric: Yeah. I hope you’re hungry.

Douglas: Oh, dad said we’re having a family dinner. I cannot wait to see kelly and hayes.

Ridge: Really? Fair warning, it’s about to get really, really loud in here.

Eric: That’s the way I like it.

Ridge: Is it?

Taylor: Hey, the party’s here.

Douglas: Kelly!

Taylor: Hi! Hi, douglas!

Steffy: I’m gonna take him upstairs.

Taylor: That’s a good idea. Okay, so on a scale of one to so much fun, how was last night with your dad?

Douglas: So much fun.

Taylor and douglas: Yeah!

Taylor: Okay, tell me everything. What did you do?

Douglas: Okay, so, we ordered pizza.

Taylor: Yes.

Douglas: Swam a lot.

Taylor: Awesome.

Douglas: And then started building a model rocket.

Taylor: Oh, that’amulg.

Finn: Oh, man. I wanna get one of those.

Taylor: Okay, what else? What else did you do?

Douglas: Oh, and my dad showed me how to play a chord on his guitar.

Taylor: Yes!

Finn: Nice.

Taylor: Excellent!

Douglas: You wanna see?

Kelly: Yeah.

Douglas: Then, let’s go.

Eric: Okay. Okay. Okay.

[ Laughing ]

Eric: Okay, this is exactly what you told me.

Taylor: Yes.

Eric: This is great. It’s perfect. And you, I… I can’t believe we’re seeing you again. Your last name might be finnegan, but you’re this close to being a forrester right now.

Sheila: You know, how can you even suggest that I leave los angeles? Like, do you even know me? My son and my grandson are here.

Deacon: Do you honestly think that you’re– you’re still gonna have a relationship with finn? After what you did? Accidentally shooting him? Not so accidentally shooting his wife.

Sheila: And I have apologized for that over and over again. Steffy, she just wouldn’t stop pushing me. Telling me that– that I would have no place in finn and hayes’s lives. And yeah, okay, I– at that brief moment, I lost it.

Deacon: You know, see– that’s the problem with you. You don’t get the subtle differences. There’s losing it, and then there’s losing it.

[ Sheila sighing ]

Sheila: Okay. I, uh, I overreact. Sometimes. And I admit that. But you’re making it sound like– like I am just some– some lunatic, some crazy woman and that’s just not true.

Deacon: Really? No, a completely sane woman who cuts her toe off to fake her own death, and then hobbles back to the scene of the crime, putting your freedom and mine at risk. Right, no crazy here. All right, look, I’m just trying to say that it’s dangerous for both of us to have you here. Look, if you really wanna have a life, you wanna have your freedom… you gotta put L.A. In the rear view mirror, and you’ve gotta disappear for good this time.

Deacon: Sheila, I’ve literally never met anyone like you before. I don’t think there is anyone like you.

Sheila: And I like you too. I think I’ve proven that.

Deacon: Look, we obviously have great chemistry in bed, right?

Sheila: Mm hmm.

Deacon: And if things were different… but they’re not.

[ Phone ringing ] It might be work. It’s hope, shh. Hey, sweetheart.

Hope: Dad, hi. Um, look, I just realized that we promised that we would hang out together soon, and I haven’t followed through on that, and I just– I’ve had a lot on my plate lately.

Deacon: You know, I actually– I’ve had my hands full, too. Dealing with something unexpected.

Hope: Everything okay?

Deacon: Yeah, everything’s fine. Um, listen, thanks for, uh, for reaching out. We’ll get together soon, okay? Bye.

[ Telephone beeping ]

Deacon: You see, that call from hope, that just reinforces how dangerous this is. If hope or brooke find out that you’re staying here, if anyone finds–

Sheila: Shh. You know, you keep droning on and on and on about the risks, but what about the benefits? And the obvious one, I have money. Not to mention something else that you can’t seem to get enough of. So, why don’t you just enjoy the spoils, deacon? ‘Cause I’m not leaving. And just a word of caution, if you have any plans to blow the whistle on me, well, you’d be blowing it on yourself as well. Remember, your words. I go to prison, you go to prison. So, now that we have that at all settled… what can I make you for dinner?

Taylor: Ta-dah!

[ Chuckling ]

Ridge: Thank you.

Taylor: Cheers.

Ridge: Cheers.

Taylor: What’s going on with you?

Ridge: What do you mean?

Taylor: You have this– this smile, on your face. Like– like you know something that the rest of us don’T.

Ridge: That goes without saying.

[ Taylor laughing ]

Ridge: I don’t know. I guess I’m just happy.

Taylor: No.

Ridge: Yeah.

Taylor: You?

Ridge: Yes. Happy to be here.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh.

Ridge: My family makes me feel good.

Taylor: Good.

Ridge: You know what else makes me feel good?

Taylor: What?

Ridge: You.

Eric: Your love for my granddaughter is showing.

Finn: I don’t rein it in very well, do I?

Eric: No, and you– you don’t have to. Not after everything you’ve been through. My god, it must have felt like she was completely out of reach to you.

Finn: No. You know, as soon as I woke up, I… I knew I had to get home to her. I just… had to figure out how.

Eric: Makes me very happy to know that she found a man who loves her that much. Welcome home.

Finn: Thanks, eric.

Steffy: Amelia has the kids occupied upstairs, thank goodness.

Thomas: Yeah, uh, they got a whole new puzzle. Douglas is showing kelly how to put the borders out first before you go. I taught him that.

Ridge: Yeah? And who taught you?

Eric: Yeah, excuse me. Who taught you?

Ridge: Are you feeling it? There’s a toast coming on.

Taylor: Whoa.

Ridge: Grab a glass if you don’t already have one. I just wanna say how pleased I am to be around these beautiful people. Makes me wanna be prettier.

Taylor: Aw, but you’re so pretty.

Ridge: I am pretty, no–

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: Nice. Thank you. I paid her to say this.

[ Ridge sighing ] We’ve had a rough ride this year, for this family. Um, when taylor and I went to monaco, we didn’t know what to expect because… when steffy left, she was… pretty despondent. And then, we heard that she was doing worse, so we didn’t know what we were gonna walk into. But what we walked into was a miracle. Finn was alive, and… I gotta tell you, I’m never gonna forget that day. You didn’t just come back to this little beach house, you came back to the forresters. And dad was joking earlier about you almost being a forrester. You are. You’re part of us, and you always will be. Whether you like it or not.

All: Cheers.

Steffy: I have to say something. Speaking of you. When I first met you, I… I knew that I was in trouble. What this, like, turned into? I could not dream this. I mean, you are… you are amazing. Your love, your strength. I was devastated when I thought you were gone. But here you are. We’re together again. Your family’s together again. I will forever, forever be grateful, and I will never take this for granted. I’m never gonna take you for granted. I love you, finn, so much.

Finn: I love you.

Eric: Cheers, everyone.

Finn: Thank you.

All: Cheers.

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