Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, August 24, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chance makes it clear to Victor that he won’t cover up his crimes again if he finds out that he has committed another crime he will be arrested. Chance tells Victor that for the sake of his children and grandchildren he shouldn’t commit another crime.

The rift between Chloe and Chelsea gets bigger when Chloe tells Chelsea to be careful not to develop feelings for Billy. Chelsea is hurt that Chloe can’t see that she has changed and that she and Billy are just friends. Adam listens to Chloe and Chelsea’s argument and tells Chelsea he thought she and Chloe were on their way to being best friends again. Chelsea tells Adam that Billy has decided to stop doing the podcast to concentrate on his job as COO of Chancellor Winters. Chelsea tells Adam that Chancellor Winters wants her to take over the podcasts on her own and he encourages her to do it because she would do a great job.

Kevin figures out that Adam wants him to expose the cover-up about Ashland’s death to get revenge on Victor. Kevin lies to Adam and tells Adam there was no cover-up because Chance did everything by the book. Adam hires someone to steal Kevin’s messenger bag which has his GCPD computer in it. Kevin calls the police and tells them to tell Chief Williams and Chance that his work computer has been stolen.. Adam is thrilled when the man he hired shows up with Kevin’s computer. The man asks for more money since the job was riskier since Kevin works for the police department. The man also asks to keep Kevin’s messenger bag because he likes it. Adam happily gives the man the extra money and lets him keep the bag.

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