Days Short Recap Monday, August 22, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe asked Gwen about the mask he got from Leo. She said that Leo couldn’t be trusted. He said he knew she wasn’t at bed check when Abby was killed. Gwen said she didn’t do it. She wouldn’t do that to her father. Rafe wanted her to convince him. She admitted that she left the prison briefly. She said she left after Abby smashed her gift for their father. She put the mask on at the mansion to make Abby think Sarah was hallucinating. She pulled out the syringe and they struggled. She said the mask came off. Abby realized Gwen wanted people to think Sarah attacked her so she could get locked up. Gwen told him the syringe was filled with saline and Abby was just a means to an end. She said they argued over Laura. Abby threatened to call the police on her. Gwen begged her to let her go back to Statesville on her own. Abby gave her an hour and she would call Statesville. Gwen stressed that she didn’t kill Abby. She said Leo killed her. Rafe didn’t think her story got her off the hook for murder. She said Abby was alive when she left the mansion. She wondered if Leo could say the same thing.

Sloan told Leo that Gwen was brought in for questioning. She wanted to hear the whole story. Leo told her about his time in the tunnels. He told her that Gwen him to get a knife and stab Abby. She wanted to know if he took the night upstairs. He remembered putting the knife in his bag, but he wanted to steal from Chad and Abby to pay them back for ruining his wedding. He said he got to their room with his bag and they were having sex. He said he hid so they wouldn’t see him. He said when the coast was clear he used the knife to pick the lock on the jewelry book. He packed his bag and ended up leaving the knife. He said he thought Gwen found it and killed Abby. He wanted Sloan to tell Rafe his story so he could get out of jail. She wasn’t going to do that because the knife placed him at the scene. She told him to keep it quiet until they could slam the door on Gwen. Gabi asked Li why Rolf was in their room. Li told her that he was looking for work. She didn’t want him working for them. She was upset at him for not saving Stefan’s life. He said that she would get down on her knees and thank him for what he did. She wondered what he meant by that. Li and Rolf looked at each other. Li threw him out. He went in the hallway and told Rolf to get back to work. Rafe told Sloan that he was keeping Leo in jail. Gwen was led to a cell and saw Leo. They sniped at each other. Rolf went to his lab and saw Stefan. He woke up and grabbed Rolf’s arm.

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