Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 23, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla saw Steve cleaning his gun. He told her he was going with Stephanie on her mystery meeting. Stephanie walked in and said he wasn’t going. She said she could take care of herself. She said she couldn’t go to a professional meeting with her father. Steve said he thought the client was Orpheus. She said he was being paranoid. He said he wasn’t taking chances. Kayla tried to stop them from arguing. Stephanie told him to back off and let her live his life. Paulina wanted John and Marlena to convince Abe to run for governor. John said Abe didn’t want to leave his friends to campaign all over the state. He said after the pain of losing Lexie, Abe finally found happiness with Paulina. He asked Paulina why she couldn’t enjoy it. He said she should let Abe make the decision on his own. She said she was, which was why she needed them to help. He said he wasn’t comfortable with that. Steve showed up. Steve and John went to talk. Steve told John his suspicions about Orpheus. Paulina told Marlena that Abe seemed lost. She said Abe needed something to work toward. Marlena said Paulina and Abe needed to talk to see what they both wanted and make the decision together. When Paulina left, John told Marlena that Steve invited them over for dinner.

Rolf was shocked to see that Stefan was awake. Rolf said it was too soon. He tried to keep Stefan in the bed. Stefan took off the helmet and said that Stefan DiMera. He told Rolf that he didn’t tell him what to do. He said it was the other way around. He wanted to know what he was doing in the lab. Rolf said he was shot. Stefan said he didn’t remember anything. Rolf said Stefan jumped in front of a bullet that was meant for Vivian. Stefan said he remembered a gunshot and was starting to remember. Rolf said he was there for four years. Stefan thought he was in a coma. Rolf said he was dead and his heart was donated to someone else. Stefan felt for his heart. Rolf said he had a new heart. Rolf said he kept Stefan alive after his wife donated his heart. Stefan called out Gabi’s name. Rolf said Gabi didn’t know he was alive. Stefan wanted Rolf’s keys so he could go see Gabi. Rolf said he couldn’t drive. Stefan told him to give him the keys. Rolf gave him the keys. He sent a text to Li. EJ accused Ava of trying to seduce Johnny. She said Johnny was comforting her. He said she was pathetic for trying to seduce someone young enough to be her son. She slapped him. She said he saw two people being nice to each other. She said he didn’t care when his brother died. EJ said he didn’t care about Jake or Stefan.

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