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Diane: Why do you suppose harrison sleeps like that?

Jack: All splayed out like he’s in the middle of a jumping jack? I don’t know, maybe to keep cool in the august heat?

Diane: That could be it. Whatever the reason, it’s adorable. It’s like he jumped into bed in that position and then just fell immediately asleep.

[ Sighing ] Ah. Thank you for letting me peek in on him.

Jack: Anytime.

Diane: You know, this grandparenting thing is never going to get old, is it?

Jack: I highly doubt it. All this joy he brings us seems pretty limitless.

Diane: Yeah. Well, I — I should get going. Thank you for dinner.

Jack: What, you thanking me? You paid.

Diane: Well, I have a paycheck now, and, um, I couldn’t think of a nicer way to spend a bit of it.

Jack: Well, thank you. I was about to make myself a drink. Would you maybe like one?

Diane: A nightcap?

[ Chuckles ] That sounds like a lovely end to a lovely evening.

[ Liquid pouring ]

Billy: You actually think that victoria and I brought out the best in each other? You’re actually serious about that?

Chelsea: Absolutely. You brought out the best, and occasionally the worst.

Billy: Hmm. See, that’s more like it. No, I, uh — I don’t think that I brought out the best in victoria, but there’s no doubt that she often saved me from the worst of myself.

Chelsea: So you are lucky to have found her.

Billy: Oh, yeah, there’s no doubt about that. And I knew that. I know that. Everyone knows that.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] I think people from the outside looking in thought they knew what was going on in your relationship. I mean, even I knew about some of the roller-coaster ups and downs, but no one really knows what happened except the two of you, right?

Billy: Yeah, I would say that.

Chelsea: So, tell me, what really went wrong between you and victoria?

Victoria: Hello.

[ Sighs ] Well, chance is definitely conflicted. I can tell he’s being pulled in a couple of different directions.

Victor: Hope you made a very strong argument for him to drop this ridiculous investigation.

Victoria: I didn’t argue with him at all. I just told him that I respected that he has to do what he feels he has to do. But I made it very clear that my children and my family are a lot safer because of what happened that night.

Nikki: And how did he respond to that?

Victoria: He didn’t really reveal anything, but he looks like he’s carrying around a very heavy burden.

Victor: [ Sighs ] Whatever happens, we’ll deal with it, right?

Chance: [ Sighs ]

Nick: It all happened so fast. You know, all I wanted to do was protect my sister. But I’m telling you, ashland was completely out of control.

Victoria: You know, you’re accusing our father with no proof at all. As nicholas just said, this is all speculation.

Victor: So, let’s assume your cockamamie hypothesis is correct. Let’s assume that I sent my security team into the house, to pick up ashland locke’s body, put it into his car, and have them stage an accident in the ravine, give you the impression that ashland locke died by himself. And let’s assume that I did that to protect my son and my daughter from the impression that they weren’t innocent in this.

Nick: So, what would it take for you to be satisfied that ashland was able to leave victoria’s house without any help?

Chance: You know, honestly, nothing would make me feel better than to just close the book on this thing and move on.

Victoria: Well, if you really feel that way, then why don’t you put a stop to this investigation right now?

Chance: [ Sighs ] Kevin. Hey. Yeah, I know it’s late, man. I’m sorry. But the ashland locke case — I’ve made up my mind. That’s right, I finally know what I have to do.

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Victor: I have no regrets of my actions that night. Okay? You all know that I did everything to protect my family.

Victoria: I thought you’d be more concerned.

Victor: Really? Chance doesn’t have enough evidence. If he had, he would have gone to the D.A. By now. So a few more dead ends, and he will give up.

Victoria: I’d feel more confident if that were the only issue I were dealing with right now.

Victor: What’s the matter? Anything wrong with the business?

Victoria: No, no, not at all. The business side of things seems to be humming along.

[ Sighs ] It’s something else.

Nikki: What is it, darling?

Victoria: I was ambushed tonight by chelsea.

Nikki: What reason would she have to come after you?

Victoria: She’s not really out to get me? She just suddenly seems very interested in telling johnny who his biological mother is.

Nikki: What?

Victoria: She says she wants connor to know that he has a brother — at least, biologically.

Victor: This is coming out of the blue.

Victoria: Uh, yes. I mean, it felt like it was. But who knows? Maybe this is something that chelsea has been considering for some time.

Nikki: What are you going to do about it?

Victoria: I have no idea. Johnny is aware that I’m not his biological mother, but it’s another thing altogether to tell him who gave birth to him.

Nikki: This was never part of the arrangement you made with her.

Victoria: Exactly. The decision to give johnny this information was left to our discretion completely.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] On the other hand, she’s not the same woman she was when you made that arrangement. She’s not a con artist anymore. She’s a mother herself now.

Victoria: That’s all true.

Nikki: And I do think keeping information like that from a child can cause problems later on.

Victoria: So, you’re saying you think I should break the news to johnny now?

No. You’re his mother. He’s your son. You’re the only mother he’s ever known.

Billy: What is going on here? Is this a therapy session I didn’t know I was having.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] I’m sorry if I’m overstepping. I don’t know what our boundaries are yet. I figure, since we’re working together, everything’s fair game.

Billy: Is that so?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. It would be great fodder for an episode.

Billy: Okay. Look, uh, I’m not upset that you’re asking me about victoria. I’m really not. I was just a little bit surprised. But I think you’re right. The more open and honest we are, the more authentic the podcast is.

Chelsea: Exactly. Like we said, the audience will know if we’re being fake. So back to my original question. What happened between you and victoria?

Billy: [ Sighs ] There’s really not one answer to explain why we didn’t work out, except for maybe the fact that I’ve never been able to hold on to a winning streak. Truth is, it was never her fault. You know? I mean, she did everything she could to keep me on the path. And, uh, I don’t know, for whatever reason, I would always find a way to slip up. But it was never her fault. And that’s not me being self-effacing or trying to protect her in any way. It’s just the truth. She was never the cause of me being at my worst.

Chelsea: Oh, that’s not what I meant when I said that. I just meant, you know, you guys brought up the extremes in each other.

Billy: Yeah.

Chelsea: But I don’t think you’re like that anymore. You know, you’re a lot more in control, a lot more mature. You’ve — you’ve calmed that wild side.

Billy: You’ve got a talent for coming up with new ways to call me boring.

Chelsea: Tat’s not my intention. It’s not. What, is that how you see yourself? Does part of you miss the billy you used to be?

Nick: It’s a little late for coffee, huh?

Chance: Oh, I’m not sleeping much these days as it is.

Nick: Sorry to hear that.

Chance: May be able to relax soon. There’s been some developments in the case.

Nick: That’s good for you, I guess.

Chance: Yeah. I’d like to sit down with you and victoria and your dad in the morning. We can talk about how things are gonna proceed from here.

Nick: Well, chance, I don’t see any reason why we need to prolong. Vick’s out at the ranch with dad right now. Let’s go out there and handle this tonight.

Chance: You’d be up for that?

Nick: The sooner, the better, as far as I’m concerned.

Chance: Okay. Let’s go to the ranch. A pool floatie is like whooping cough,

Diane: Come to think of it, kyle used to sleep like that. Remember? Thank you.

Jack: No, I don’T.

Diane: Guess I noticed it when he would have a bad dream and then come into my room in the middle of the night. He would crawl into bed with me and then spread out, just like harrison, and this — this little three-year-old taking up the whole bed. I would just go sleep on the sofa.

Jack: No, I-I don’t recall that.

Diane: Oh, I think that was when I left genoa city with him. I look back on that time with such regret. No wonder he was having bad dreams. I was keeping him from you. It wasn’t fair, jack. And I’m — I’m sorry.

Jack: Water under the bridge.

Diane: And now it seems like history is kind of repeating itself.

Jack: Wait. How so?

Diane: Well, kyle missed out on the first few years of harrison’s life.

Jack: That was a very different situation. I — I didn’t mean that to sound like I was taking a shot at you, but we both have spent enough time and energy on past resentments.

Diane: Yes. The last time we talked about the wounds from our past, you were a bit more antagonistic with me. Rightfully so. But, um, I kind of appreciate the kinder, gentler approach you’re taking with me tonight.

Jack: I still don’t think we should sweep everything from the past under the rug.

Diane: No, and I — I don’t want to gloss over what happened. There are so many people in this town who won’t let me forget any of it. But you seem to have found a way to rise above that pettiness.

Jack: You’ve made a lot of claims about doing the same thing. Do you really think you can let go of past resentments?

Diane: Uh, well, for years, I — I held on to grudges. They fueled me. Jack, I can’t believe how much my life has changed in a year. I mean, I still have regrets. And kyle’s pain tops the list. But here I am, having a life that I could have only dreamed of. I’m rebuilding my relationship with my son, I’m getting to know my grandson. And I have an exciting, new job that allows me to buy you dinner once in a while.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Diane: It’s unreal. Almost as unreal as the two of us sitting here together.

Jack: It’s all pretty amazing.

Diane: Yeah.

Jack: But what do you really want?

Billy: You’re killing me with these questions. You know that?

Chelsea: I’m just trying to get you to open up, give us some material for the podcast.

Billy: Right. Okay. Well, to answer your question, no, I don’t think I’m boring.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] But do you miss who you used to be?

Billy: I’m uh — I mean, I think everybody looks back on their past at a certain age and feels a little nostalgia for their youth. I will also say that that troublemaking side of me is embedded pretty deep in there. At least, that’s what my family believes anyway.

Chelsea: Who thinks that?

Billy: Oh, everybody thinks that. I mean, my mom, my brother, they don’t believe that I’ll ever be able to grow up. I will always self-sabotage myself. And when my mom said that just a few weeks ago, we were talking about the podcast. She believes that’s a gateway to the old destructive behavior.

Chelsea: Oh, she’s just being overprotective. Just pushing your buttons as only a mom can.

Billy: Yeah, maybe so.

Chelsea: Your mom’s not here. She doesn’t get to see you on a daily basis, so she doesn’t recognize how much you’ve changed. Now, lily — lily is the person whose opinion matters most.

Billy: Yeah, I don’t think — lily’s opinion of me isn’t much better. We had a little, uh, discussion, and it sounds like she wants me to quit the podcasts.

Victor: If you want my opinion, I think it would be a mistake to tell johnny about chelsea. It would only confuse the boy.

Nikki: Darling, you, of all people, should understand the importance of knowing where you came from, who your parents are.

Victor: Sweetheart, there’s a time for that. This is not it.

Victoria: Also, johnny is dealing with the loss of ashland. I don’t think it would be smart to pile all this on top of him right now. I know ashland wasn’t his stepfather for very long, but the children still feel the loss.

Nikki: I agree with you about the timing, but I do think it would be best to tell him at some point.

Nick: You’re all still here. Good.

Victoria: Is everything okay?

Nikki: What’s going on?

Victor: Why are you so late?

Nick: Chance is gonna be here any minute.

[ Telephone rings ]

Victor: Yes? Send him in.

Nikki: [ Sighs ]

Nick: Apparently, chance has uncovered some new information and he’s ready to move forward.

Victoria: What does that mean?

Nick: I don’t know, but i didn’t like the sound of it, so I convinced him to come out here and talk to us.

Victor: This going to be a courtesy call, or is he bringing handcuffs?

Nick: I don’t know, dad.

Victor: What was his demeanor?

Nick: Somber. He seemed weighted down, but he didn’t hesitate when I invited him to come out here and speak to us. Maybe that’s a good sign.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Chance: Hello, everyone.

Victor: Hello, chance.

Chance: Thank you for meeting with me. I think this will be helpful.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Helpful to you or to us?

Chance: For the process, victor. Now, I really just need to speak with the people directly involved.

Nikki: Oh. Does that mean I’m supposed to leave the room?

Victor: No, you’re not supposed to leave the room. You can say whatever you want to say in front of nikki, okay?

Chance: Okay. That’s fine.

Victoria: It’s late. Can we begin this conversation?

Chance: Sure. But nick may have misled you about why I’m here. This is not a conversation. I just need all of you to please listen to what I have to say.


Chance: Here’s what I have so far. A witness spotted ashland’s vehicle at a gas station near victoria’s property. There was security footage of someone driving that vehicle away from that gas station right after you called me that night. Now, the image is not clear, but we have determined that it is not ashland.

Nikki: So, he had an accomplice or he hired a driver.

Chance: Let me finish, please. Thank you. Now, while it does not look like ashland, he does bear a resemblance to one of victor’s security guards — one of the men assigned to victoria’s house that night.

Victor: He could resemble a million people.

Chance: He might. But he smokes. A cigarette butt was found where ashland’s car was parked at the gas station — his brand. Now, the security footage from the gas station has gaps, including where ashland would have got there and when he would have left. We also have ashland’s ring, which was found on the floor at victoria’s house, and it is very unlikely that that ring fell out of his pocket when he was walking out of the house, but more probable that it fell out of his pocket when he was being carried or dragged out of the house.

Victor: It’s all suppositions — cigarette butt, apiece of jewelry. Come on.

Chance: There’s more. The latest piece of evidence is a bloody fingerprint found on the door handle of the car. And the blood is ashland’S. The print is not. So, no, this is no longer a supposition. And once I compare that print to your security guards, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a match.

Victor: It won’t stand up in court.

Chance: Indictments have been made with less.

Victor: I tell you, you’ve got nothing. Right?

Chelsea: I can’t believe lily wants you to walk away from the podcast.

Billy: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. She didn’t outright say that. I’m just saying, it seems like she would be happy if I either walked away from being the coo or the podcast, but she doesn’t think I should be able to do both.

Chelsea: That’s not true.

Billy: Well, she feels like I’m spending too much time focusing on the podcast, and i know what other people aren’t saying — that I’m using it as a way to avoid my responsibility at chancellor-winters.

Chelsea: Well, I disagree. The podcasts are a perfect fit for you. No offense, but I said it before. You’re not a corporate guy.

Billy: None taken.

Chelsea: You’re a sensible risk-taker like me. You know, you take chances on love and life and the world.

Billy: I hear you. But I will say, lily’s got a pretty sharp insight, and I trust her. She has not steered me wrong yet, so maybe she’s right. Maybe I should leave my position as coo.

Chelsea: Well, that’s the most sensible thing you’ve said all day. It’s like you always go back to the c-suite because you think it’s what you’re supposed to do, but you always end up leaving for your real passion. Podcast billy is the real billy. The grinning soul is the real billy.

Billy: No, that’s — that’s not me.

Chelsea: Stop denying it. I figured it out a long time ago. I know you better than you realize.

Diane: What do I want? What does anyone want? Um, health and happiness… peace. Beyond that, to be a productive member of society and — and to be a welcome part of my son and my grandson’s lives.

Jack: Wow. This is a letter-perfect answer. Sounds like you’re competing in a pageant.

Diane: [ Laughs ] Well, do you have a tiara and a sash for me? Is that why you’re asking me these questions?

Jack: I don’t know. I was maybe hoping for some honesty that maybe you could dig deep and tell me what’s really going on, since obviously we’re in a different place than we were a few months ago, even a few weeks ago.

Diane: We are. There’s no longer a wall of animosity between us.

Jack: And that’s a good thing, right?

Diane: Yes, it is.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Diane: Where exactly are you going with these questions, jack?

I want to know what you’re thinking. Where do you think this is going?

Victor: Well, I think we’ll sort this all out.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

I can’t go on like this. Alright, we are living —

Chance: Nick, I advise you to say nothing more without a lawyer present.

Victor: Chance, let me ask you something. What are you doing here? You’re a member of this family. You’re my son-in-law. You understand the complexity of this case as it pertains to all of us. So…have you forgotten that you’re a member of this family?

Chance: Like I said, this is not a conversation. So I would appreciate it if all of you would just listen. Ughh!

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

[Sfx: Buzzing ] This is pretection

Chance: So, there are two scenarios here. Both involve a belligerent and unstable ashland locke showing up at victoria’S. He’s invited in. He makes threats. Nick arrives, coming to his sister’s aid. In self-defense, nick punches locke, and he falls and hits his head. Now, scenario number one. He’s injured, but he’s still alive. These two step outside for a brief moment. During that time, ashland gets up, he stumbles to his car, and he drives off. And at some point, he loses control of the vehicle and he ends up in that ravine, killing himself in the crash.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Go on.

Chance: Now, scenario number two. Nick’s altercation with locke, in defense of victoria, inadvertently caused the fall that killed locke. Now, nick did not intend for him to die, but it happened. And after victoria did the responsible thing and contacted me, the two stepped outside. Then, without their knowledge, victor’s men removed the body. They placed it in the rental car. They staged the accident to make it look like that was how he died. And all of that would absolve nick of responsibility for the death. Now, there is evidence substantiating this version.

Victor: It is circumstantial.

Chance: Now, there are holes in this case, and I think it may be what nick says he cannot live with any longer — a lie.

Victoria: He never said “lie.”

Chance: I know.

Victor: So, chance, tell us, which scenario will you pursue?

Chance: [ Sighs ]

Billy: Yes. I am the grinning soul. Now, question — did you know it was me when you were singing his praises earlier?

Chelsea: Yep. You didn’t realize that?

Billy: No, I didn’T.

Chelsea: Not even when I said you respect for the grinning soul probably went both ways?

Billy: I thought you were being supportive.

Chelsea: I was, but I was also trying to get you to admit it. Don’t worry, I don’t think anybody else knows. Your secret is safe.

Billy: Good. Is that what you meant when you said that that is the real me and that I’m not some dude in a suit sitting in an office looking over budgets?

Chelsea: Was I wrong? I just think you’re happier talking into a microphone about whatever you want to talk about than sitting in a c-suite. And frankly, I think secretly you’re hoping lily gives you an ultimatum and you have to decide between executive and podcaster.

Billy: I don’t know. But I do hope I can make a decision without lily having to force my hand.

Chelsea: Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Diane: What exactly are you asking? You can be talking about so many things.

Jack: Okay, so let me clarify. Us — you and me. What are you hoping for from this tenuous relationship?

Diane: Wow, you’re not messing around tonight. You want answers, and you want them now.

Jack: At this stage, after everything we’ve been through. Who has time to mess around?

Diane: There’s a lot of truth in that. So, if you’re asking if my feelings for you go beyond friendship, they do. You know me too well for me to deny it.

[ Chuckles ] When our hands touched before, I — I got butterflies in my stomach. I felt like a schoolgirl.

[ Chuckles ] And as conniving as I was in the past, I was never able to hide my emotions. Jack, that bet I made with myself about earning your friendship was absolutely true. There’s a part of me that wants more. And if I’m being completely honest, those feelings are both thrilling and terrifying.

[ Sighs ]

Jack: Terrifying? I didn’t realize it was that scary.

Diane: No, it’s not you. It’s me. It’s — it’s, my heart has been shut down for so long, I — I didn’t feel like I deserved affection, and I didn’t want it, because then it would make me feel even guiltier about everything I had done. But being back here, my heart is opening up, and it feels so good to be alive in that way again. But I know, in the end, there’s going to be some pain.

Jack: Why do you say that?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Because no matter how deep my feelings for you become, I know that you will never feel the same way about me.

Jack: I don’t —

Diane: You know, I wanted to delay this conversation forever, if possible, so I could — so I could just pretend for a while longer that there was still hope. I just… I didn’t want this daydream to end.

Jack: Well, maybe it doesn’t have to. I will admit that I didn’t see this coming either. But it must be clear to you, I — I, too, have some feelings.

Diane: [ Gasps ]

Jack: Diane. Diane?

Diane: [ Gasps ]

[ Sighs ] – It’s the birthday girl! – Let’s invite jacques

Jack: You seemed to drift off. Where did you go?

Diane: I — I’m — I’m not sure. I just — I think that drink went straight to my head. I just didn’t have enough to eat today.

Jack: So, did you hear what I asked?

Diane: Um, you wanted to know where I thought this was going?

Jack: Yeah, you’re someone who plans, makes goals. Now that you’re settled again in genoa city, I think it would be nice to make those again.

Diane: Well, you’re right. It’s — it’s a good idea.

[ Chuckles ] I just didn’t think that I would be having this conversation with you.

Jack: I’m a little surprised myself.

Diane: So, what exactly do you mean by “plans”?

Jack: Well, I mean, you can’t live in the athletic club forever, now that you have a job, now that kyle has let you back into his life. I mean, what is next for diane jenkins?

Diane: Oh, well, I, um — i haven’t given much thought to my living arrangements. Believe it or not, I’m taking a come-what-may approach to life. I find, if you plan too much for the future, then you don’t have a chance to dream.

Chance: What’s important here is that in both scenarios, ashland locke’s death was an accident, and no one meant for that man to die. And I believe that 100%. Nick was protecting his sister. He had no intention of taking a life. So, moving forward, we can all agree on that.

Victor: Yes, we can.

Chance: Now, context is also important. This man has put your family through hell — a man who lied about a fatal disease, solely for personal gain. I mean, a man like that, you just — you just don’t know what he’s capable of, how far he would go for revenge. So, with all that in mind, a despicable human being is dead. Sad, yes. But not necessarily a crime. Now, I think, given more time and more resources, I certainly could find a conspiracy that covers up the real cause of ashland locke’s death. But what would be the point? I don’t see any reason for anyone to stand trial for the death of a man who was not murdered. He’s put your family through enough trauma.

Nikki: So, what are you saying?

Chance: I will present the first scenario as my official version — that he was still alive, he made it to his car on his own, and he crashed. Terrible man died a terrible death, and no one will be punished for it.

Billy: Alright, it’s getting a little late. Time to get going.

Chelsea: Me, too.

Billy: Thank you very much for the therapy session/talk.

Chelsea: Anytime.

Billy: You’ve, uh — you’ve given me a lot to think about, so I appreciate that.

Chelsea: Hey, um, can I just ask you something before you go? I don’t mean to be pushy — or more pushy than usual — but did victoria mention that I went to see her and I asked her about johnny?

Billy: She did, yeah.

Chelsea: Well, she told me she would consider telling johnny that I’m his birth mother, but I can tell by the look on your face, she’s not on board, is she?

Billy: Just not good timing.

Chelsea: Yeah, I understand that, but the thing is, I’m kind of in a position now where I feel like I’m lying to connor. I’m withholding information from him. He’s at an age where he can understand what’s going on. And I feel like the longer I wait, the more he’s gonna resent me for not telling him earlier. And honestly, I think it could help johnny cope with ashland’s death, finding out that he has a brother.

[ Sighs ] Billy, will you please, please help me try to convince victoria?

Victor: Well, now, chance, I do admire your reasoning.

Nick: I’m glad a decision has been made.

Nikki: I hope we can put this whole episode behind us.

Chance: I want you all to know, I did not come to this decision lightly.

Victor: Of course you didn’T.

Chance: And I have been doing a lot of thinking about something that you said to me, victor. We do what we have to do to protect the ones we love. I’ve always believed in that. But this situation involved the law. And that is something else that I truly believe in. And I believe we did find justice here tonight, in a different way. It wasn’t by the books, but I need to believe we did what was just.

Victor: Chance, you did the right thing, and abby would be very proud of you.

Chance: Alright, well, I’m going to go home and I’m going to try to get some sleep tonight for a change.

Victor: You do that, alright?

Nick: Thanks for everything.

Victoria: Chance, I’ll walk you out. Hey, um, listen. I know it wasn’t easy for you, but you protected the family. And like dad said, you did the right thing.

Chance: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: It won’t be forgotten. If there’s anything that we —

Chance: I’m gonna stop you right there. Don’t even make me that offer. It’s not what I expect, and that’s absolutely not why I did this.

Victoria: I didn’t mean to imply that it was.

Chance: I hope you can find peace now. Okay everyone,

Jack: I’m surprised kyle and summer aren’t back yet.

Diane: Oh, they’re young and in love. They deserve a romantic night out once in a while.

Jack: I couldn’t agree more.

Diane: On the other hand, I need to get going. I have to be at work bright and early, and I want to make a good impression on my bosses.

Jack: Are you okay to drive after that little spell?

Diane: Oh, I’m fine. I just got a little lightheaded.

Jack: You sure? I — I could drive you home.. or call you a car.

Diane: No, jack, really, I’m — I’m fine. It’s nice to know you care.

Billy: Look, you’ve made some — some good arguments. Alright? And of course, I will talk to her about it, but right now, I think victoria needs a little bit of time.

Chelsea: I just don’t want to wait too long.

Billy: Look, chelse, I hear you, and like I said, I will talk to her, but I can’t promise anything. But if you want to get what I think you’re looking for, she’s gonna need a little bit of space to come to that decision.

Chelsea: Well, it means a lot to me to even try.

Billy: Of course. I will let you know. I’ll see you soon.

Chelsea: Bye.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Chance came through for us.

Nikki: He made the right decision, after all.

Nick: Still, I’m afraid we may have compromised the most moral man in genoa city.

Victor: He knew damn well he didn’t have enough evidence to hold up in court. We may praise him till the cows come in that he made the right decision. The fact is, he didn’t want to lose.

Nick: That may be. Doesn’t change what happened that night.

Nikki: Honey, you saved your sister. You should be proud of that.

Nick: Yeah. I got to go.

Victoria: Nick? I hope he’ll be okay.

Victor: He’s going to have to deal with the fact that he killed a man, although he knows it was an accident.

Nikki: Even though the investigation cleared him, he’s still going to punish himself.

Victor: He needs all of our support, okay?

Next week on “the young and the restless”…

Chelsea: I’m not falling for billy. Please give me more credit than that.

Chloe: I know what I saw.

Chelsea: No, you know what you think you saw.

Victoria: Let’s be bold, mom.

Nikki: What did you have in mind?

Man: Adam, open the door!

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