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You have questions about me? Well, join the club ’cause I have questions about you, too. Which is why I think it’s a good idea we go on date number two, learn more about each other. Much more. For starters, uh… how do you feel about anchovies on pizza? You’re assuming I like pizza. Everybody likes pizza. See, that’s a problem with assumptions. Everybody doesn’t parachute into a pool and then punch a mother’s boyfriend and announce they’re the son of said boyfriend’s dead wife. See? Now you know something about me. You asked about my father before. Why do you keep asking about him? I know I’m providing headlines for the invader, but the only headlines I really want to hear right now are from my girls. So, who’s first? Kristina. She’s got the best news. Oh, goody! What’s up? I was promoted to manager at charlie’S. Yay! Great. Congratulations. Well done. Thank you. I’m pretty happy about it. Seeing much of your dad? Oh, he doesn’t own the pub anymore, but he hangs out there fairly often, so it’s good to spend time with him. In spite of nina? I mean, am I happy that dad’s in a relationship with her? No. And I was clear about that. But I also told him that I’m in no position to throw stones, so he appreciated that. Um, so it doesn’t really affect our relationship. Look at you adulting. Oh, my baby’s all grown up. Aww. See? You’re the baby.

[ Laughs ] Could you be any more embarrassing? Okay. Your turn. How’s it going in the D.A.’S office? Well, as you know, A.D.A. Arden maneuvered me off trina robinson’s case because she felt I was biased. Which is both untrue and unfair. But isn’t it a little bit of a silver lining that you don’t have to try a case against someone in T.J.’S extended family? A definite silver lining, yeah. But I just hate that nobody gives the system a chance to work the way that it actually should. I mean, as a prosecutor, it’s my job — or should have been my job — to make the strongest case against trina that the facts would support. And her defense attorney, diane, in this case, makes the strongest defense, and then the jury decides. But jennifer arden wanted to prove a point. I mean, she followed the letter but not the spirit of the law with her case. Hmm. But at least it ended with the right verdict — this time. Tell mom what you’re thinking. What are you thinking? About following in your footsteps and going over to criminal defense. Yes! Wow. I mean… you can stay in the D.A.’S office. Whatever you do, you have my full support. Thank you, mom. Your turn. You’re awfully quiet over there, so is no news good news? Olivia: Okay, okay. Are you sure? Did you remember to order the special picnic dessert? Yes. Okay. Okay. Thank you, tamara. Oh, oh, oh! Also — also, uh, are you absolutely sure that leo’s donkey head is just what we discussed? Okay, perfect. Thank you. I will be in touch. Thank you. What was that all about? Oh, the, uh, first annual quartermaine picnic to support the G.H. Children’s wing is tomorrow, and my, uh, frozen dessert is the pice de résistance. With a donkey’s head thrown in? Yeah, naturally. Oh.

[ Laughing ] No. Leo’s summer drama camp is doing a production of “a midsummer night’s dream.” He’s playing bottom. Oh, yeah! The character who turns into the donkey. Yes. He must be so excited. He gets to play the — the donkey. He’s gonna kill that. It is great. He need help with running lines or anything like that? Actually, he’s already got someone helping him get into the role. Oh, yeah. Let me guess — chase? Actually, it’s your friend, cody. Uh… um… management checks the chlorine level on a daily basis, yes? Live dangerously, spinelli. Take the plunge. You can start by forgetting about britt and finding someone who’s a better fit. Who do you have in mind? No one specifically. But, generally, she should be a match for your heart and your intelligence, have an appreciation for your unique perspective. A sense of humor couldn’t hurt. It’s not absolutely necessary that she’s into sci-fi, but a basic knowledge of the “star wars” universe would help. So, no, you’re not gonna meet her at a business conference or whatever, but that’s what computer programs are for, right? I still don’t understand why you won’t try your own algorithm. Oh, well, there’s — there’s no need. Um, my brief infatuation with dr. Westbourne is — it’s already fading. I-I’ve put her in the rearview mirror, so to speak.

[ Gasps ] Have you been holding out on me? Who’s the lucky lady? You know, you got your sunblock on, but it’s still not good to get too much sun. Ah. Translation — “I know what I’m doing, dad.” Right, right. Of course you do. Look at your picture book. Sit you up there. And… how’s this one? Good? Yes. Good. Thanks.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] I can’t help it. I love her.

[ Breathes deeply ] I told elizabeth. Told elizabeth what? That I, uh… you know. I love her. Big step. Yeah. That’s why I can’t look the other way. Even she hates me for it. Nurse baldwin. What happened?

I was just examining scott baldwin’s nose… and then what? How did you cut your hand? I don’t know. The collection tube just seemed to shatter. Let me see. No, it’s — it’s nothing. No, it’s a nasty cut, and there are glass shards embedded in your hand. Yeah, I can take care of it. I’m sure you have patients to deal with. I do, and you’re the first one. Okay, has this ever happened before? What do you mean? I know you took some personal time for stress. Did scott say something to upset you? Did elizabeth say she loved you back? She did. That’s before I blew it all to hell. How’d you manage that? There’s something going on with elizabeth beyond the effects of the sleeping pills she was taking, something that involves her parents, maybe her father. Let me guess — she wasn’t forthcoming. Not in the slightest. Doesn’t that tell you maybe you should drop the subject? Who am I talking to right now? Weren’t you the one that taught me to analyze a problem from all sides and then draw a rational conclusion? Not when it comes to the heart, son. There’s nothing rational about emotions. Oh, now you tell me.

[ Laughing ] Well… listen, there’s a — there’s a million possibilities, but… everything tells me that elizabeth’s issue involves her family, especially since she keeps acting like they don’t exist. Daddy? Is aunt elizabeth seeing ghosts again? If you don’t fess up, I’m gonna throw you in that pool.

[ Chuckles ] What do I have to confess? Um, if you’re over britt, then who are you pining for? A…luminous creature, a beacon of warmth and intelligence with a working knowledge of “star wars.” Oh! Does this mystery woman know how you feel? Only been worshiping her from afar. But if things were different… austin: Hey. Oh, my god! Austin! Miss me? Mm. All concern for spencer, sam, but why do I have a feeling that you’d rather talk about him than dante? Yeah. You know, I kind of have the same feeling. Is everything okay with you guys? You know I just want you and dante to be as happy as T.J. And I are. Dante and i

are very happy. I mean, we were happy until… until…? Until he suggested that we move in together. You know, ma, last I checked, cody wasn’t a drama coach. So how is he gonna help leo? I don’t know, he knows about horses and donkeys and stuff. Anyway, you should see leo up there on the stage prancing around, braying. I never seen that kid look so confident. Well, good. I’m happy they’ve made fast friends. Yeah. Yeah. So, you need any help with this picnic? Uh, sure. You could find that embarrassing apron and help me with the grill. Oh, oh, oh! Before I forget, I saved seats in the front row for you and sam at leo’s play. Okay, cool. Yeah, sounds good. Really? ‘Cause, uh… your face is telling a different story. It’s fine, ma. Oh, my god. Okay. Now I know there’s really a problem. What are you — I said everything is fine. Dante angelo falconeri, from the time you were 6 — no, no, 4 years old, I know that when I hear you say, “it’s fine, ma,” in that tone of voice, I know two things. A, it’s not fine, b, you’re trying to hide something from me. Now sometimes it’s something completely innocuous, like the time that you broke aunt cia’s lamp. Oh, my god. This damn lamp again. It was hideous. And I was 7, by the way. Yes, yes, yes. Did the family offer up a silent prayer of gratitude for the lamp? Yes. But that’s not the point. That’s not the point. Is there a point, ma? The point is, I heard a crash, I asked what happened, you said, “it’s fine, ma.” Just like the time you got drunk for the first time. Mm-hmm. Like the first time you got shot. Why don’t you stop ducking and dodging the question? Just…tell me what’s really going on. I think I messed up with sam. Whoa! Whoa, whoa, there. All right. I mentioned your father once. You shut me down. I never brought him up again. You failed to mention our fathers knew one another. How’d you find out? My mother. What did, uh, she say, exactly? Cesar faison and leopold taub had “certain dealings” together. Isn’t it weird that our fathers knew each other? “Weird” doesn’t even begin to cover it. You could’ve told me that from the start. I barely knew you, britt. Hell, I didn’t even know leopold taub was my father until a few months ago. It was the same time I got poleaxed with the news that dominique’s my mother, and, oh, uh, by the way, your mother’s schnitzel ended up with the fortune that should’ve been mine. Well, as you know, that fortune belongs to a bunch of beluga whales thanks to scott’s daughter, serena, so you can kiss it goodbye. That’s harsh.

[ Scoffs ] You want harsh? Let’s talk about my family tree. Do you remember when I treated your cracked ribs when you received that beatdown in the alley behind the savoy? Yeah, probably not gonna forget that. Okay, then you also remember asking me about my parents, and you were particularly interested in my father and — what did you call it? — His legacy? Uh, your point? My point is, why didn’t you tell me then that my father and your father not only knew each other, they did business together? What else are you keeping from me?

You proud of being cesar faison’s daughter? ‘Cause I looked up leopold taub. I’m not proud of him, either. That whole cartel thing he had going on. And, yeah, cesar faison was listed as one of his members. So when dante told me that you were faison’s daughter… you smelled an opportunity. No, I smelled trouble. My first instinct was to run as far away from you as I could and never look back. What stopped you? Gratitude… for you scraping me up in that alley. Giving me my 50 back, driving me over to dante’S. Plus, I like the smell of your perfume. It’s gardenias, right? Camellias. Close. I liked your crooked smile… the way you always see the glass half full… of strychnine. Is that a compliment or a cheap shot? Hell, britt, I just liked you. But if that’s not good enough, I don’t know. I’ll just stick with horses. You can go back to society setups. See if zelda can do better next time.

[ Breathes deeply ] Something keeping you? My mother said the matchmaker may be more accurate than I thought. Honey, I thought you and sam were in a good place.

[ Sighs ] We are. I just — I should’ve just left it there. Okay. As opposed to…? As opposed to asking her to move in with me. Oh. I mean, that makes sense, all the time that you two spend together. Right? See? That’s what I was thinking. Like, we spend all this time together, we — we like each other. We have fun. I mean, the kids, the three of them, when they’re together, it’s the most perfect thing in the world. But…? Sam thinks I’m rushing it, that I gotta work through some stuff. What kind of stuff ah, you know, feelings, ma.

[ Sighs ] What, like, your feelings for sam? Or…? For lulu. Oh. Honey, you know I love lulu. I do. I pray every day that she’s gonna come out of that coma. But, honey, you moved on with your life, and — and lulu moved on with her life. I mean — I mean, even before the explosion, she was — she was getting ready to marry that teacher, wasn’t she? Yeah, she was. Well… he handed me the ring to give to her before he passed away. There you go. I mean, sam’s got to be aware of that, that — that lulu was moving on with somebody else. Right, but it’s not lulu’s feelings she’s talking about. She thinks I’ve papered over my feelings. Oh. Have you? I don’t know. You know, there’s a part of me… a big part of me that… thinks I should have been able to save her. Oh, honey… oh, my wonderful, sweet boy. No. Honey, you did not put lulu in that coma. That was cyrus renault’s fault. Even if you could go back in time, it’s still cyrus renault’s fault with julian jerome doing his dirty work for him. I know, but if I had just gotten there just a — just a little bit earlier, ma, it would’ve been a completely different thing. No, you don’t do that. If you would’ve gotten to the floating rib earlier, then I would’ve lost you, too. No, honey. We are living in the here and now. That is what matters. What matters are your feelings for sam.

[ Sighs ] Okay. So you and dante are moving in together. No, dante and i are not moving in together. Why not? Well, like I told spinelli, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Okay. Moving in together doesn’t fix a bad relationship. It makes a good one better. Yeah. You know, T.J. And i actually had our doubts about sharing everything, even the rent — guys… but… let her alone. Okay. We’re not, like, pressuring you. I mean, you are in a committed relationship with a loving, supportive partner, and not everyone gets that lucky. No, I know. I know. I hit the jackpot. Okay! So then what’s the problem? All you need is a moving man. Can we not talk about this, please? Absolutely. Now tell me what’s going on. I thought you were gonna be gone for days. Yeah, well, you know, what I had to do in pautuck I got through it really quickly. In fact, spinelli, I went through my business at warp speed. So I could get back here, be with you. You did? I did. Wait. You sound surprised. Well, I thought maybe all that talk about family had — what talk about family? Never mind. The important thing is you’re back. I am. I’m back for good. Sweetheart, what makes you think aunt elizabeth is seeing ghosts? You just said

they don’t exist. Your daddy was talking about your grandpa and your step grandma and how you never see them. Oh, okay. Okay? Thanks. Um… I gotta get back to G.H. Um… would you mind…? Oh, no, no. Go ahead. You sure? Yeah. Okay. Everything you need is right there. Hey, I’m getting kind of hungry. How about you? I’m so hungry. Yeah? Listen. Be good for grandpa, okay? Okay. And I’ll see you back home. Okay. I love you. Love you, too. Eskimo? Bye. Bye-bye, sweetheart. Bye, dad. I’ll let epiphany know that I am sending you home after the x-ray. You should not hold a steering wheel. I’ll — I’ll call finn to have him drive you home. No, no, don’t bother him. I’ll just call a rideshare. Okay. Let’s go. Okay. And I want to call radiology to make sure they get that x-ray right away. You’re being very thorough, dr. Ashford. I think the word you’re avoiding is “annoying” or maybe even “obnoxious.” No. No, no, no. I’m the one who should apologize for being less than cooperative. I get it. For a lot of people, it’s an automatic reflex. You insist you’re fine, you keep going. I think on some level, it’s actually a survival mechanism. We’re afraid that if we slow down and admit that we’re hurt, we won’t be able to get started again. I appreciate the “we.” Oh, I’ve definitely been through it. And I’ll probably go through it again. But if I go too far, hopefully there’ll be someone there to pull me back. Hi. This is dr. Ashford.

[ Ominous music plays ] I need to order an x-ray for a G.H. Staff member. I was hoping to bring her in now. Elizabeth baldwin. Barring any trauma… elizabeth? You okay? Absolutely. Radiology can take you now.

tionwith your mother… when she twisted your arm behind your back for punching scott?

[ Chuckles ] …I can see that she’s no pushover, yeah. I bet cesar faison met his match with liesl obrecht. Well, don’t let her black belt in karate fool you. Deep down, she’s a born romantic. She’s actually the one who signed me up for society setups. Remind me to thank her. You punched her boyfriend in the nose. I doubt she’s interested in a thanks from you. She did suggest we have something in common. Really? Tell me something. Yes? Did your dad ever mention mine? Spinelli, thank you so much for keeping an eye on maxie while I was gone. I hated the idea of her being here all alone. Oh. Makes us even. I hate thinking of her with the wrong people. Uh, well, your timing is perfect. Tomorrow is the first annual quartermaine picnic for the G.H. Children’s wing. Oh, uh, but given your resentment of the quartermaines, you may choose to skip the festivities, in which case I am happy to offer myself as escort to maximista. Spinelli, that’s very kind of you, but I can handle the quartermaines if “maximista” can. How about you both escort me to the picnic? Hello. Austin, where are your manners? Aren’t you gonna introduce me to your friends? How can I move in with dante when lulu is still so much a presence in that house? I mean, yeah, I don’t go there often, but when I do… like, all I see is

her kitchen, her — her books,

her furniture, at least the furniture that they picked out together. Well, sweetie, maybe he’s keeping those things around for rocco’s sake. Maybe it gives rocco comfort. Mom, fair enough. And that all makes sense, but… come on. It’s still really awkward for me. I get it. But for what it’s worth, I have not seen you this happy for a long time. So whatever dante’s doing, he’s bringing out a peacefulness in you that no one else has managed to. And you are bringing some joy into his life because no one’s seen him this joyful since he came back to port charles. I’m pretty certain that he’s not seeing lulu when he sees you.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Uh, you know what? I gotta go. But… thank you. I love you so much. Oh, I love you so much more. Okay. I love you guys. -Love you. -Love you. Alexis: Okay. Yeah. Grandpa, that’s the lady in the park. You hit with a frisbee. That’s me. I always know it’s gonna be a good day at the hospital when I see your face first thing. Hi. Hi. I assume you don’t mean me. Oh! Hi, T.J. I didn’t notice you there. What happened to the hand? Oh, it’s just a — a cut. Hmm. According to the x-ray, we got all the shards. Shards. What shards? I was just holding an empty collection tube, and it shattered. Huh. T.J.: I have to check on a patient. Do you mind waiting with elizabeth until her rideshare arrives? Sure. Yeah. Great. Great. Uh, go home and rest. I will. Hey, forget about the rideshare. I’ll drive you home myself. What about your patients? No, it’s not important. I’ll get someone to cover. It just shattered in your hand? Yeah, it was — it was — no, it — it wasn’t an accident. You deserve to know the truth.

I was distracted,not watching what I was doing. What was distracting you? Well, for one, walking in on you and terry talking about me behind my back. My fault, not terry’s, all right? We’re sorry we upset you. No, you upset me, finn. You don’t think I’m capable of taking care of myself. I never said that. Then why don’t you trust me? I do trust you. I trust you with my life. I just… I’m not exactly clear on how even mentioning your family is a violation of that trust. And I mean no disrespect by that. Listen, I just — I want to know how I can fix things between us. There’s nothing to fix. Well, if that was true, you would tell me what really caused you to cut your hand. Please join us. Molly and I would love to hear all about the frisbee. Well, it was an accident. Yes. Thank you for the offer, but, um, violet and i will find another table. Oh, now don’t be silly. I always enjoy violet’s company. Finn told me that you said I was pestering you. Did I actually use the word “pester”? According to finn. I vigorously denied it, of course. But if that’s the way you feel, I will pester you no longer. Don’t go. Pull up a chair. Pull up a chair for violet. I mean, it’s not every day you get to have a lunch with the davis girls. I asked her to move in with me. In retrospect, I can see that, yes, it probably did catch her off guard. We were at the hatchet range. Oh, that’s romantic. I know! Look, it’s just one of those things, ma. Sorry. I’ve been thinking about it so much. Right? And so I thought… she’s gotta be on the same page, or at least maybe she’s thinking about it, too. So then when she didn’t say yes immediately, I was kind of thrown off, and… anyway, I-I backed off. I don’t want to pressure her. Okay. I think I know where this is going. Anyway… we talked it out, or at least I — I think we did. At the hotel, I told her I loved her, and I’d wait for her as long as she wanted to wait to move in together. I thought we were good. But then the question of whether to move in together or not goes from this small, little manageable thing, and then it grows into this giant elephant that’s taken up permanent residence, not just in the room but in your psyche and probably sam’s psyche, too, right? I don’t want to mess this up, ma. And now I feel like I did, and I — I — I don’t know what to do next. Are you open to a suggestion? Yeah, please. Okay. Stick to basics. What do you want to happen with sam? I want us to have a life together with our kids. And we don’t need to live in the same place. I don’t know. Separate residences? It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t — I really don’t care about that. No, stick with the feelings. It’s all about the feelings. The living arrangements, all of that can wait. It’s about the feelings. I love her, ma. I want to trust her and support her. And… just try and make her as happy as she’s made me. Spinelli, maxie, this is my cousin mason. Country cousin, from pautuck. You didn’t tell me you had a cousin coming into town. Don’t blame austin. He’s a hot-shot doctor. Sometimes forgets where he’s from, even though the family’s so proud of him. Uh, w-what brings you to our fair city? -Family. -Business. Heh. Family business. We were hoping cousin austin would stay longer when he came home this time. I did what I had to do when I was there. And now I’m here, in my home. Port charles. Whatever unholy alliance my father made with yours ended before we were born. Unless there’s something else you’re not telling me. No. I mean, our fathers knowing each other was just a random coincidence. It’s just something we have in common. But, I mean, aren’t you the least bit curious as to what leopold taub and cesar faison were up to? You never knew your father. Unfortunately, I knew mine, and I’ve been trying to live him down ever since. So if you want to go digging around for skeletons in that attic, you can do it alone. Okay. No, no, no, no. Hey, hey. You’re right, you’re right. Okay, whatever our fathers did died with them. But — and hear me out — I’m a card player, all right? Not a very good one. Okay, well, it depends on the players and the game. My point is — okay — I always factor the odds and take them into account. Now, what are the odds that, on that day, I would parachute into that pool — and almost drown me. Okay. You got a little wet. All right? And if I didn’t say it then, I’m saying it now. You looked gorgeous.

And now you’re trying to flatter me. I think you look good soaking wet. So sue me. Trust me, I… really considered it. Okay, well, just a reminder — I can’t afford to pay a lawyer, so there’s no way I could pay you for the damages. Don’t worry. I’m not gonna drag you to court. Yeah, I knew you couldn’t be that hard-hearted.

[ Chuckling ] That gif of me climbing out of the pool is just now coming down everyone’s feed, so I don’t need to draw any more attention to it. Oh, so I’m being saved by your self-interest. Mm-hmm. Bingo. Nah. I don’t buy it. Hey, sam. Uh… well, I got quartermaine picnic stuff to look into. So I’ll see you later, sweetie. It’s nice to see you. It’s so good to see you, too. So the qua rtermaine picnicfundraiser’s tomorrow? Yeah. Yeah, my mom’s, uh… going crazy working on that. Plus, she’s got leo’s production of “a midsummer night’s dream.” He’s playing bottom, so he’s — he’s pretty excited about that. And you? Well, that depends. On what? On…whether or not you’re going with me. Well, that was delicious. Anyone for dessert? Ice-cream sundaes for all of us. Molly:

[ Laughs ] I like your style, kid. I’ve liked it since the minute we met. As much as you like my grandpa? Uh, I apologize for my granddaughter. She obviously has no filter. Don’t apologize at all. And to answer your question, I like your grandpa’S…writing. I don’t always agree with it, but it’s never boring. Violet: No, never. You should really hear one of his bedtime stories. So how long you in town? Oh, that depends on my cousin here. I think we said everything we needed to say to each other back in pautuck. Not quite. I can’t leave until you understand how much you mean to your family back home and how much we expect of you. Besides, I was hoping you’d show me all the sights here in port charles. Although I won’t have to look much further than this lovely lady. Uh, this lovely lady is not on the tour. Okay. I have an idea. Uh, why don’t you come to the quartermaine picnic tomorrow? Oh, I’m pretty sure mason’s got better things to do than that. I can’t think of one. As I hear it, the quartermaines are practically royalty. Too bad cuz here missed out on the family jewels. You’re right. It wasn’t just an accident. What happened? Well, I was… thinking about all the time you’ve wasted worrying about me, time we’ll never get back, and I just got so angry that I — I crushed the tube without realizing it. Okay. I know what it’s like to keep that kind of anger inside. Is there any chance that’s only part of it? Is there any way that that anger is about something else, maybe something in your past, something… maybe that you barely remember?

I’ve made my peace with my father’s family. That’s our austin. Some folks say money buys happiness. But austin was raised right. Weren’t you, cuz? Thanks. What do you say we get out of here, huh? Um, actually, uh, georgie, james, and bailey lou are with your parents. But mac and felicia can’t watch them all afternoon. Can we just talk childcare before you take off with him? Uh, give me just one second, and then we’ll go? Sure, mm-hmm. Okay, come on. There’s no way you’re going to that picnic. Watch me. Who knew the eminent professor chase is capable of blushing. I don’t blush. Yes, you do, grandpa. You blushed when daddy saw your name in the invader and said you were famous. Alexis:

[ Chuckles ] Well, he is famous already in academic circles, but now he just has a wider audience. I wasn’t looking for fame, just — just for fairness in journalism. It’s okay to enjoy some attention. Everyone likes attention. I’m not everyone. That’s for sure. How many times do I have to tell you? I’m fine. Now I have to meet my rideshare. But let’s not fight any more ’cause I really hate it. I hate it, too.

[ Door closes ] Gregory: You must know that disregarding elizabeth’s wishes could cost you the relationship. I know, dad. Losing elizabeth would hurt like hell. This isn’t about me. It’s about her. And I could stand losing her… if I knew she was gonna be okay in the end.

[ Breathes deeply ] Hi. This is dr. Finn for dr. Webber. Is she available? Yes, uh… tell her hamilton finn called. I need a consult with dr. Webber about… someone we have in common. Of course I will go to leo’s play. Really? Yeah. Okay, cool. My mom said she will get us good seats. Olivia’s gonna worry about seats after everything she has to do tomorrow? Uh, so, speaking of tomorrow… I said of course I will go to the picnic. Right. We don’t have to — my thought was —

[ Chuckles ] No, you first, you first. We don’t have to rush through this, okay? We — we don’t? No, we can…

[ Breathes deeply ] We just, you know… take it slow. We’ll know when the time is right, okay? We’ll just take it slow, just like you wanted to. Yeah. You want to come off as all selfish and uncaring, but it is — it’s just not true. Uh-huh, yes, it is. Oh, really? Then why’d you help me out in that alley behind the savoy? Why didn’t you just pick up my last 50 and walk off? Kind of wish I did. Really? No. I mean, you were pathetic, crawling on your hands and knees, all bruised and broken. I never got to thank you properly for that rescue, so let me do it now. How? I would like to invite you to the quartermaine picnic tomorrow. There’ll be so many people there, it’s not really a date. Well, when you word it like that… I accept. Shall we shake on it? See you tomorrow. Tomorrow.

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