Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, August 23, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Billy tells Chelsea that he has decided to give up the podcasts and concentrate on his COO job at Chancellor Winters. Billy tells Chelsea she is now the Grinning Soul, but she tells him he will not be happy because he isn’t the cooperate type and he will return to the podcast one day. Billy later tells Lily about his decision and she thinks he is just doing what she wants him to do and will someday resent her for it. Billy assures Lily that he wants to give up the podcasts and be COO because he wants to keep a promise he made to his mother not to let her down again.

Victoria tells Nikki she is ready to move forward and put Ashland behind her but Nikki is worried Victoria hasn’t dealt with her feelings about everything that happened with Ashland. Victoria tells Nikki she has dealt with everything and she wants to make some bold business moves at Newman Enterprises.

Nick tells Victor that he feels badly about accidentally killing Ashland and also lying to the police about what happened that night. Chance tells Kevin that he decided to close the case and say that Ashland died in a car crash because he didn’t have enough evidence to prove Victor moved the body after Ashland was punched by Nick and died. Kevin tells Chance that he did have the evidence and if the truth comes out they could accuse them both of coveting up a crime. Chance tells Kevin that won’t happen because everything is in the police report but some details are redacted so nobody will ever find out the second theory of Ashland’s death. Adam is listening to Chance and Kevin’s conversation and when Chance leaves Adam tells Kevin that if the truth comes out Chance is going to hang him out to dry unless he gets in front of the situation now.

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