GH Short Recap Tuesday, August 23, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Curtis proposes to Portia while he and Portia are enjoying a day off at the Metro Court pool and Portia says yes and TJ takes pictures when Curtis puts the ring on Portia’s finger.

Marshall and Jordan have a talk and Marshall tells Jordan he abandoned his family because of his Schizophrenia diagnosis and Marshall asks Jordan if Thomas showed any signs of the illness while they were married. Jordan tells Marshall that she never saw any signs of the illness in Tommy. He had PTSD and he died because he found out she had an affair with Shaun and TJ wasn’t his son. Marshall forgives Jordan for her affair with Shaun and tells her now she can lay down that burden.

Jordan meets TJ for lunch at the Metro Court pool and T.J tells her that Curtis and Portia are engaged and Curtis plans to do genetic counseling because he and Portia plan to have kids. Portia gets a call that her genetic counseling appointment for Trina is in three weeks. Jordan overhears the conversation and now she knows that Curtis is Trina’s father.

Willow tells Terry that she is going to wait until her second trimester to start chemotherapy so that her baby can have a better chance of making it to term. Willow also tells Terry she has decided not to tell Michael about her leukemia until she starts chemotherapy because she doesn’t want him to ask her to terminate the pregnancy.

Leo makes a batch of the Sicilian Thunderbolt love Potion and puts it in two cups so that Dante and Sam can realize they really love each other and make up from their argument but he takes the tray of lemonade cups outside and steps, away for a second and when he returns all the cups of lemonade are gone. Leo tells Olivia what happened because he is worried he doesn’t know who took the cups with the love potion in it.

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