Days Short Recap Monday, August 15, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex met Chanel and Allie for a date. He wanted to know more about their relationship. After they told him their story, they made out with each other. He was intrigued. Li was on the phone with Rolf when Gabi walked in. Li got off the phone. She said she didn’t want to give Ava a job. Gabi said she could string Ava¬†along until she got her shares. He believed she could outsmart Ava. They made love. When they were finished, He asked if she was okay with¬†having a meaningful relationship. She said she was. He wanted¬†her to take off Stefan’s ring. She said she wouldn’t take it off for Jake. She said Jake thought he was a replacement for Stefan. Li asked if he was. She said Jake wasn’t a replacement, but he wasn’t his brother. She said Stefan was gone and wasn’t a threat to them. She said she didn’t know if she would be able to love anyone the same way again. She said she hoped so. She said she would take the ring off when she was ready. She asked if it was okay if she wore the ring. He said it was. He said Stefan wasn’t a threat to them since he was dead. She wanted to go out for food, but he said he had to call his father. Alex was enjoying watching Allie and Chanel make out. They thought he should get a woman of his own. They wanted to know what type of woman he liked. He said he liked beautiful women. Gabi walked in the room. He said he liked women like Gabi.

EJ set up dinner for Ava and Gwen. Ava told him Gwen wasn’t coming. Johnny showed up and wanted to take Gwen’s place. EJ told Johnny that Ava was moving in. Johnny said EJ wanted Ava’s shares. Johnny told him that he and Ava were acquainted with each other. EJ wanted to know what was going on between them. They said they saw each other naked. EJ mentioned Johnny fighting for Chanel. Ava told him to give it a rest. EJ ended up making a toast to Jake. He said he wished he knew Jake better. When he kept making remarks about Jake, Johnny told him to stop. EJ left to check on their food. Johnny apologized for his father talking about Jake. She thanked him for having Jake’s back. While they were talking, Johnny took a call. EJ came back and apologized to Ava. Tony and Anna went to see Kristen. Anna reminded Kristen of the things Kristen has done wrong. Kristen wanted to know why they were there. Tony said he was there to talk her into coming home. Kristen said she would love to, but EJ said she couldn’t come home until she gave him her shares. Tony understood, but knew she couldn’t be happy there. She said she was comfortable. She said she felt closer to Jake. Anna looked at Kristen’s tablet and thought she was looking at Jake’s obituary. Anna noticed that she was looking at Stefan’s. Kristen said Jake’s death brought back memories of Stefan. Tony said he remembered Gabi begging Rolf to save Stefan, but he couldn’t. Tony told Kristen he would try to convince EJ to let her come back home.

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