Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina tried to convince Roman to forgive Kate for what happened with Lucas. He told her that he knew what it was like to have a child go to prison. He said he could have pulled strings, but he let Eric pay for his crime. He let him pay for killing Daniel. Paulina advised him not to blow his relationship. He said that if Kate refused to stop coddling her kids, they wouldn’t have a relationship. Lucas told Kate that he decided to plead guilty for kidnapping. He wanted to regain Allie’s respect. He let her know that he was already sentenced. Lucas told Kate that he was going to Statesville for three years for second-degree kidnapping. He wanted her there to say goodbye. Kate let him know that she was proud of him. Lucas told her that he had to talk to Allie. Kate asked him to put in a good word for her. She let Lucas know that she loved him. Later, Kate went to the pub to talk to Roman. Abe and Paulina were still there, but she pretended to fumble with her pocketbook so she could listen to them. Kate told Roman that Lucas pled guilty and she was going to do the same thing. Roman wanted to know why she would do that. She said it was never too late to do the right thing.

Kristen went to Rolf’s lab and saw Li there. She wanted to know why he was there. He said he found out about the lab and wanted to investigate it. Stefan’s machine beeped so Kristen ran over to it. Li smirked at Kristen as she put the power back on his machine. She wanted to know why he was trying to kill her brother. He acted like he didn’t know what she was talking about. She realized he was the reason why Rolf didn’t rush to wake up Stefan. Li admitted that he funded Rolf’s project because he thought Stefan would give him leverage at DiMera. Kristen thought it was funny and told him that his plan backfired when he started dating Gabi. Li knew he would win Gabi’s heart. He needed more time. She told him that he was done because she was taking care of her brother. She took out her phone to call Rolf. Li stopped her from making that call. He thought Stefan’s revival could help both of them. He reminded her that Stefan was into Chloe once. He thought Rolf could make sure that Stefan had feelings for him again. Kristen said there was no guarantee that Chloe would fall for Stefan. Li wanted to take the plan one step at a time.

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