Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla thanked Steve for the flowers. He said he didn’t send them. The flowers were from Orpheus. Steve wanted Kayla to get away from the flowers. He searched them for a bomb. Steve didn’t find a bomb. He said it was still a threat. He said he was going to deliver his own message to Orpheus by killing him. She told him to put the gun down. She said Orpheus was playing mind games. She told him to ignore it. She said Orpheus wouldn’t want to go back to prison. Steve said he could watch Orpheus, but this was too far. He said he couldn’t take matters into his own hands no matter what Orpheus was planning. He said he would go to prison if he killed Orpheus. He promised not to kill Orpheus. Sonny talked to Alex about Abby’s death when Alex saw an article about Leo. Sonny blamed himself for Abby’s death because he got Chad and Abby to help break up Leo and Craig. Sonny tried to call Chad, but he got the voicemail. Alex wondered if Leo was that upset. Sonny said Leo drugged him. Alex said that was sexual assault. Alex wanted to know why he hadn’t said anything before. Sonny said he was embarrassed. Alex was ready to go after Leo. Sonny said he didn’t think Leo killed anyone.

Chad and Jada went to the DiMera mansion to look for proof that Leo killed Abby. Chad told Jada about the tunnels. She asked why they didn’t seal it off.They noticed Leo’s plate. They looked for the murder weapon. She asked how Leo knew about the tunnels. Chad said someone came to mind. Jack went to see Gwen. She told him Leo was arrested for killing Abby. Jack asked if Leo hinted at killing Abby. She didn’t answer him. She said Leo wasn’t capable of murder. Jack said he was angry and had a motive. She said Leo wouldn’t do that. Jack asked who would if he didn’t. She said she wished she had an answer for him. Chad showed up and told Gwen and Jack that he found evidence that Leo was hiding out in the secret room. He accused Gwen of telling Leo about the tunnels and helping him kill Abby. Jack defended Gwen, but Chad didn’t believe it. Chad said she had more than enough motive. She said the tunnels weren’t a secret. Chad said she may not have known about Leo’s plan, but she told him about the tunnels. She wanted him to listen to her, but he didn’t want to. He ended up threatening her. Leo flirted with Shawn while he was questioning him at the station. Shawn offered him a deal to walk if he confessed to murder. Leo said he didn’t kill anyone. Shawn said Clyde could prove he was there. Leo said he was framed. Shawn asked why Clyde would blame him, Leo said it was Nancy’s fault. He said the police didn’t have anything that would stick. Jada went back to the station and told Shawn that she cracked the case wide open. Jada and Shawn talked about the tunnels. He said his family were trapped there. Sloan walked in. She said the police didn’t have any evidence. She said a kid and an ex-convict weren’t credible witnesses. When they were about to leave, Jada came in and said she had proof that Leo was in the basement. She said the fork had his fingerprints on it. Shawn told Leo that they had enough evidence to arrest him. Leo said he didn’t kill Abby, but he knew who did. He said he could prove it.

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