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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve was surprised to see Stephanie in Salem. She told him that someone wanted to use her PR firm. He told her the person was Orpheus. He thought he was doing that to get to him. He talked to her about having a way to eliminate him, but Kayla wouldn’t go for it. Stephanie also didn’t want him to do something that was going to get him injured or in trouble. He told her the person she was meeting was going to be Orpheus. She wanted her parents to stop worrying so much. She wanted to see Kayla before her meeting. Steve wanted to go with her to her meeting too. Kayla tended to Chad’s hand. He told her about Leo and Gwen. He couldn’t believe Jack defended Gwen. Kayla told him that Jack didn’t want to believe his daughter killed Abby. Kayla was worried about Chad. He insisted that he wasn’t going to commit suicide. He said he was homicidal. He wanted five minutes with Leo to make him pay for what he did to Abby. She said it wouldn’t end his pain. He didn’t want the pain to go away because it’s all he had. He said if it went away, he wouldn’t have anything. He told her that he couldn’t and wouldn’t let her go. She told him about wanting Lawrence Alamain to pay when she thought he killed Steve. She said she had to let go of her need for revenge because of her kids. Chad let her know it wasn’t the same thing because Steve came back to her. She wanted him to deal with his anger and let it go.

Sloan told Leo that she only took his case for the publicity and the profits for her book sales. She warned him not to make promises he couldn’t deliver. He said he could prove that he didn’t kill Abby. He didn’t want to hurt a friend, but he told her what she needed to know. He told her where she could go to find the evidence against the killer. Rafe arrived in the interrogation room. Sloan told him that Leo had evidence against Abby’s killer. Leo agreed to tell him everything he wanted to know for immunity. Rafe passed on his arrangement. Rafe told him that he had witnesses and fingerprints. Rafe wanted the proof and warned him that he would face Trask’s wrath. Leo agreed to help. Gwen went to see Ava at the DiMera mansion. They argue with each other until Gwen told her that Leo was arrested for Abby’s murder. EJ heard them talking and decided to eavesdrop on them. He heard Ava admit that she helped break Gwen out of prison the night Abby was murdered. EJ made his presence known. Gwen told him that her friend Leo was arrested for Abby’s murder. He hoped that the police threw the book at Leo. He thought anyone who was responsible for it should pay for it too. Gwen left so EJ implied that Ava helped Gwen kill Abby. Ava denied doing anything. He told her that he knew she helped Gwen escape from prison. He reminded her that he kept quiet about her helping Kristen get out of custody. He didn’t know if he could keep quiet about that.

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