Y&R Short Recap Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Lily and Billy have an argument because Lily feels like Billy is devoting too much time to his podcast and neglecting his job as COO Lily tells Billy he should decide which job he wants to do.

Chelsea talks to Victoria about telling Johnny she is his biological mother. Billy and Victoria talk later and decide that they should tell Johnny the truth, but they wonder why Chelsea is pushing so hard for them to do it so soon. Billy and Victoria also decide to keep Johnny and Katie in boarding school.

Devon and Nate continue to have the same argument and they can’t reach a compromise so they can work together. Abby and Chance argue because Abby thinks Chance is spending too much time working and not spending enough time with his family. Chance is feeling pressured by the entire Newman family to drop the case. Victoria tells Chance she inadvertently pressured Abby to ask him to drop the case and she tells Chance to do whatever he thinks is right.

Kevin tells Chance that a partial bloody fingerprint was found inside Ashland’s rental car and Kevin tells Chance they can’t talk to Victor’s security team because they have left the country.

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