GH Short Recap Thursday, August 18, 2022


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Recap written by Eva

Ned helps Brook Lynn come up with a musical image for Chase. Ned gives Chase a pair of leather pants made famous by Ned’s musical alter-ego Eddie Maine.

Lucy and Scott worry that Cody is still after Dominique’s money like his adopted sister Katherine Bell who came to Port Charles years ago after Dominique’s money. Scott advises Britt to stay away from Cody because he might be after her money. Britt also talks to Maxie about Cody and, after talking to Maxie, she decides to go on a second date with Cody.

Gregory advises Finn to respect Elizabeth’s wishes or he will lose her but Finn, says he could handle losing Elizabeth as long as he knew she was okay.

Anna forces Lucy to help her find out what Valentin is hiding from her since Martin left town. Scott tells Elizabeth that it is okay that she wants to stay away from her mother and father just as long as she doesn’t push away the people who love her.. Elizabeth is alone in the hospital treatment room when she remembers Scott’s words “stay away from your father… “ the words trigger a flash of memory of her grabbing the arm of a woman and telling her to stay away from her father. Elizabeth cuts her hand because she is holding her hospital badge so tightly.

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