Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Jack accepts Diane’s invitation to dinner and she tells him she is happy with her new life, and Phyllis shouldn’t feel displaced by her because she thinks they can both live peacefully in Genoa City.

Kyle surprises Summer with a Taste of Milan dinner at the Athletic club. The dinner is going well until Summer sees Nikki and Phyllis meeting with Thalia Morgan (The Talk co-host Natalie Morales) an investigate reporter, whom Nikki thinks can investigate Diane’s time in Los Angeles and dig up dirt on Diane that will make her leave town. Summer doesn’t believe that Nikki and Phyllis were meeting with Thalia because she is doing a story on Ashland. Summer wants Phyllis to tell her the reason she and Nikki met with the reporter.

Lily asks to meet with Nate to hear his side of the disagreement between him and Devon. Nate tells Lily that Devon doesn’t consider any of his ideas because he is used to running the company alone. Nate also thinks that Devon doesn’t consider any of his ideas because they come from him. Nate tells Lily some of his ideas and Lily later talks to Devon and tells him some of Nate’s ideas, but she tells him they are her ideas. Devon has some hesitation about the ideas but agrees to move forward with the ideas. Lily tells Devon thar the ideas came from Nate and Devon gets upset because he feels Lily tricked him. Devon tells Lily she doesn’t need to insert herself between he and Nate because they will work things out themselves. Devon later asks Nate what he was trying to pull by talking to Lily.

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