GH Short Recap Wednesday, August 17, 2022


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Recap written by Eva

Cameron and Josslyn persuade Spencer to tell Trina about his plan to help her stay out of jail. Spencer also tells Cameron and Josslyn that he is in love with Trina and that is why he worked so hard to prove she was innocent. Spencer goes outside the court room to the hallway where Trina is to tell her the truth about his plan, and that he has feelings for her, but he sees Trina and Rory kissing and hears them talking about being boyfriend and girlfriend now. Spencer asks Cameron and Josslyn promise not to tell Trina anything because she deserves to be happy.. Josslyn can’t make that promise to him. Trina invites Rory to her celebration party.

Victor manufactures an internet post from Esme which originated in France and makes Jordan stop her search of Esme’s room. Victor tells Ava and Nikolas they must present a united front to the police so they won’t be suspected in Esme’s disappearance.

Sonny tells Dex he should have told him he was discharged from the army for hitting a superior officer. Dex explains that when he was little his brothers would beat him up so badly that when he was old enough he joined the army to get away from them. Dex explains that one day he saw his superior officer hitting his wife and kids and he punched him to protect them. Sonny tells Dex he needs time to decide if he will keep him in his organization.

Willow leans on TJ who advises her to tell Michael about her leukemia and Willow tells Michael after her follow-up appointment with her doctors.

Carly considers going to Aruba for a business seminar but is sad Drew can’t go with her.

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