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[ Relaxing music ]

Taylor: Is anyone else having trouble processing this? I mean, we– we– we saw the proof. We– we heard the news. It– sheila’s actually dead.

Steffy: Yeah. It’s definitely hard to process.

Ridge: Hard to process, hard to believe. And I wouldn’t if I didn’t have dna evidence.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh.

Thomas: Yeah, I just don’t get it. Like, how is there only one toe left?

Ridge: I don’t know.

Steffy: Dad, I can’t believe you’ve got a picture of it.

Ridge: What? Needed a new background. Give me a break.

Taylor: It’s totally inappropriate.

Ridge: I– I understand this is hard to bear. But look, it’s over now. She’s gone. Let’s look toward the future.

Steffy: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: Right?

Steffy: Yeah. The best future for you and our entire family is one where you open your eyes and you run to mom. As fast as you possibly can.

Liam: Oh, my god. Is that– oh, my god.

Brooke: Her toe, yes. Ridge wanted a picture.

Hope: Dad, I’m– I’m so sorry. I know this can’t be easy for you. You and sheila were…

Deacon: You know, part of me felt for her. I think back on all the horrible things she’s done over the years I– obviously, most recently to steffy and finn and what she did to you. I don’t know. I guess if I feel sad, it’s because she never became that better person that she wanted to be.

Li: A part of me would have preferred sheila to spend years rotting in some dark cell unloved, alone. Regrets tearing up inside. But how she was torn apart instead works just as well. What? Too morbid?

Bill: No. No, not at all. Good to know we think alike. Anyway, good riddance. That maniac terrorized too many people.

Bill: It’s gotta be a relief knowing that sheila can’t hurt you again.

Li: Oh, it’s huge relief. You have no idea.

Bill: Look, no one would ever accuse me of being the greatest listener in the world. But if you do wanna talk about it, I know how painful this is for you. I can see it all over your face. And I remember how you were when I found you. So traumatized and broken. But look at you now. You found your voice again. You’re– you’re so much stronger. No– no pressure at all. But if you do need someone to talk to, I can be that someone. You can trust me.

Deacon: Why would ridge even send that to you? I mean, it’s disgusting. Can we just change the subject, please, to anything. Anything at all?

Liam: Mighty fine weather we’re having.

Deacon: I’ll run with it. Great. It’s been gorgeous.

Brooke: Look, I– I didn’t mean to interrupt you guys here, but I just wanted to give you the news. I didn’t think that I’d be staying so long.

Deacon: Because of me?

Brooke: No, because of me. Just don’t wanna do anything that might upset ridge.

Ridge: And there it is. How do I know you’re going to try and bring this conversation back to your mom and me?

Steffy: I’m just saying, after everything sheila put us through, it made me realize how every day is important. We have to spend this time on earth with the people who matter the most. And who matters more than the love of your life? That’s who you are to each other. Anyone can see it. She caught me. Just did it

Li: I eventually convinced sheila that I needed more medicine, which wasn’t a lie. Finn needed it. But soon as I left– thank you. She caught me. Just did it too soon. Things got ugly fast. Not much scares me, but my god, sheila carter attacking you with that evil look on her face, I thought it was over. But I fought her off. Got to my car. She followed. I was in such a panic, I could barely see in the rain. Next thing you knew, I was in the water. I lost control. Somehow survival instincts kicked in and I got free. I swam to shore. Injured, traumatized. Completely lost until you found me. I don’t know how much longer I could have been in that state if you hadn’t rescued me.

Bill: It wasn’t me. It’s what lives inside of you. Your– your strength, your resilience, your– your perseverance. You stood up to a true psycho and survived. Your son is alive because of you. He got away from sheila because of you. And he’s back with his wife and child. Because of you. Now listen, I am not a man who is easily impressed, but when I see someone who is pushed to the brink, whose back is truly against the wall, and they answer that challenge. You have earned my respect and my admiration.

Li: And you have earned mine.

Deacon: I don’t wanna argue about ridge.

Brooke: I don’t either. That’s why I am going to happily excuse myself so you can spend some time with our daughter. And I want you to have a good relationship, it’s just not going to involve me.

Deacon: Uh, well, there’s something you’re gonna wanna involve yourself with. Believe me.

Brooke: What– what are you talking about?

Deacon: Hope, tell your– tell your mother.

Brooke: What? What’s going on?

Hope: It’s nothing as of yet.

Liam: But, um, so thomas stopped by, and, uh, and he was thinking about making some changes.

Hope: About where douglas calls home. He brought up the idea of douglas living with him full-time.

Taylor: Steffy, I understand. And you’re right. You’re right. Who we spend our days with is very important.

Steffy: I sense a but coming.

Taylor: There’s a but. But we got this right. Right, ridge?

Ridge: Oh, yeah.

Taylor: We got it. And– and we can make our own decisions. Okay?

Thomas: Yeah. And you should. Like the decision to make out in monaco, which, by the way, we are fully supportive of.

Taylor: What is with these two?

Ridge: They’re relentless. It’s–

Taylor: Yes, we kissed. We kissed. We kissed. It was a good kiss. But– but you know, we got caught up in the moment.

Steffy: Don’t say you got caught up in the moment. Come on. It was more than that.

[ Phone chiming ]

Thomas: Huh.

Ridge: What? Some good news?

Thomas: Oh, it’s just– it’s douglas. I’m always happy when he reaches out. He wants me to go back to hope’s play some catch.

Ridge: Go. Don’t let us stop you.

Taylor: Yeah. Why don’t you use this as an excuse to stop talking about your parents making out?

Thomas: Oh, okay. All right. You got that. Are you– you’re gonna handle this.

Taylor: Oh, my god.

Steffy: [Indistinct] Dad, I got you.

Thomas: Uh, okay. Actually, he’s gonna get ice cream with the sitter first, so I’ll head over after. I do like jumping on any chance I can to spend time with him.

Taylor: Well, you should. He’s your son. You should spend as much time with him as you want to.

Thomas: Yeah. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

Taylor: What is it? What’s wrong?

Thomas: Nothing. It’s just– it’s, um, something douglas said to me earlier. Uh, he asked me if I missed him when we’re not together. It’s like– that broke my heart that he would even question. I– I just– I– I– I hate being away from him.

Steffy: You should never have to.

Taylor: No, you shouldn’T. It’s time, thomas. Douglas needs to be with you. This isn’t charmin! No wonder I don’t feel as clean.

Li: When you saw me in that alley, you could have looked the other way. You could have walked off without a thought to what I was going through. I just wanna tell you how grateful I am that you didn’T. That you chose to help a complete stranger.

Bill: It really wasn’t a choice, li. Walking away was not an option.

Li: Bringing me here certainly was. Letting me spend the night without knowing or having a clue of what I might be capable of.

Bill: That’s true. Turns out you were capable of a lot.

Li: I just wants– wanted to say thank you for taking a chance on me. And for everything you did for my son. If it weren’t for you, he might still be trapped with sheila. But instead, he’s home, reunited with his family.

Bill: But, well, you’re home, too. I– I just realize we got two reunions to celebrate. Your husband must have been worried sick, wondering what happened to you. He’s gotta be thrilled to have his wife home.

Brooke: I can’t believe this. That would– that– that would be terrible for douglas, removing him from his home.

Hope: I know.

Brooke: To where?

Liam: So thomas is planning on asking eric if he can move in with him. Which– I mean, I guess at least that would be a– a familiar place for douglas, but still uprooting him like that it’s kinda messed up.

Brooke: So he’s talking permanent custody? Is– is that it? A permanent home?

Hope: That’s what it sounded like.

Liam: Yeah, well, I mean, hope shut down the conversation before they could get too deep into it in front of the kid.

Hope: Look, I do feel for thomas in this scenario, okay? He– he cares about his son and vice versa. I know douglas loves being with his dad, but we’ve already established his home base with me and liam and beth, and he’s happy and thriving there. And I think disrupting that would be– it would be a huge mistake.

Brooke: But does thomas see it that way?

Taylor: You know hope is– hope has taken excellent care of douglas and we’re all very thankful for that. She’s provided security for him when you weren’t able to. But, honey, you’re in a completely different state of mind now, and there’s no reason that douglas shouldn’t live with you if he wants to.

Steffy: He’s been with hope and liam long enough. And we’re all thankful for what hope did after caroline died. But you’re the father. Time with your son shouldn’t feel like visitation. That’s ridiculous. Your son should feel at home with you.

Thomas: Yeah, that’s right. That’s– that’s exactly how it feels. It feels like when we’re together, we’re just visiting. And god what he said earlier that he could even question that I would miss him? Something inside me just couldn’t take it anymore.

Taylor: Then don’T. You need to talk to hope and tell her how you feel.

Thomas: I actually did. I already brought it up. I told her that douglas should live with me. Time. It’s life’s most precious commodity,

Bill: Your husband’s name is, uh, jack, right? Uh, poor guy had to be worried sick wondering what happened to you. Where you– I’m gonna stop talking now. It seems that I hit on a sensitive topic.

Li: No, it’s fine. It’s fine. I have nothing to hide. Whether jack was freaking out or not means very little to me. He and I are no longer together.

Bill: Sorry to hear that.

Li: I’m not. He lied to me most of our marriage. An affair. A child out of wedlock.

Bill: With sheila carter.

Li: I love my son more than anything. I’ll always be thankful that I adopted him. But the levels of deception jack went through pretending the child we were raising wasn’t biologically his. An affair I might have gotten over. But I will never forgive him for the amount of disrespect he showed me. Or for bringing that awful woman into our lives.

Hope: Hopefully, I will be able to get through to thomas when I talk to him, but I’m not so sure.

Liam: I mean, here’s the thing. He– he says that he wants what’s best for his son, but– like that’s obviously staying with hope and me where he’s secure and happy.

Deacon: Exactly. I mean, look, if thomas would just stop for a second and think what it is that he’s just–

Brooke: This is thomas we’re talking about. Does he ever stop to think? I mean, everything was going so well. You created such a beautiful, loving home for him. He has two very capable parents. An amazing role model in liam.

Hope: I just– I can’t– can’t imagine douglas leaving and what that would mean.

Brooke: Well, I can’t imagine that either. What would it mean to you? And to beth? Okay, so maybe thomas has made some improvements, but is he stable? Is he stable enough to care for douglas on his own? I honestly don’t think he ever will be.

Steffy: Hold on. Hope flat out shut you down?

Thomas: No, no it’s not that. She didn’t even say no. She just said it was a conversation for another time.

Taylor: Why would she wanna put it off?

Thomas: She didn’t want douglas overhear.

Taylor: And say, “oh, yes, “I’d love to live with my dad.” That’s probably what she was afraid of.

Ridge: Maybe she felt threatened. How did you phrase it?

Thomas: No, it’s not like that. It was just a suggestion. Okay. I– I just told her that I wanna be around my son. I wanna be with him more time than I have not with him.

Ridge: All right. But, you know, this is the last thing that douglas needs, right? This just doesn’t need to get contentious.

Thomas: No, I– that’s the last thing I want too. Douglas’ needs come first.

Steffy: Yeah. He needs you. He needs time with his father.

Taylor: Yeah, but ridge I don’t– I don’t think it– it doesn’t have to be contentious. It really doesn’t have to be. But– but, you know, hope doesn’t have the right to make this whole decision on any of this, especially with douglas saying that he thinks his father misses him. That’s not okay. Something needs to be done.

Steffy: He’s lived primarily with hope for a long time now, and it has been a loving, nurturing environment. Anyone can see that. But you could provide that, especially now that you’re doing so much better. I mean, obviously, we understand that douglas was staying with hope while you were working on yourself. But mom is right. You’ve made some huge strides. No one can question that, especially hope.

Thomas: I don’t think she is questioning that. I– I just think that she doesn’t want douglas to leave.

Steffy: You’re the biological parent, not hope. I know I’ve been very vocal about li being finn’s mother and not sheila, but that is something completely different. Sheila chose to give up her son. Caroline did not. She would never have walked away from douglas. She died. Okay. And hope wanted to fill that role? Fine. She’s the mother now. No one is saying she’s not gonna have time with douglas. But I think it’s clear you’re the one and only living parent, thomas. It’s time to acknowledge that. It’s time to stand up to hope. And to brooke. To all of the logans. They’re the ones who should be visiting douglas, not you. Douglas needs to come home to his family. That’s us. The forresters.

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