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Devon: Thanks, man. And get two of these.

Amanda: Wow. You must be really hungry. You’re ordering the entire menu.

Devon: Well, most of it is for you.

Amanda: For me?

Devon: Yes, because I noticed while you were helping your mother get situated in Virginia that you weren’t really taking care of yourself.

Amanda: I know. I know. I just — I — I needed to make sure that Naya had everything she needed, you know?

Devon: I know you did, and now that we’re back home, I can spoil you and get you all your favorite things and all your favorite foods. All the curly fries you can eat.

Amanda: [ Gasps ] Well, I have to admit that the surest and fastest way to my heart is curly fries.

Devon: Is it?

Amanda: Yes.

Devon: Oh, good.

[Both laugh] Well, I’ll joking aside, I hope that you know that you can tell me if there’s anything else you need me to do — ’cause I can tell that something is still weighing on you. You barely said two words on the flight back home.


Mariah: And the doctor said the procedure couldn’t have gone better. The only unfortunate thing is Tessa has to be on complete vocal rest for the next few days — so, no talking, no — no laughing or coughing or clearing your throat. And the hardest part, no singing or humming. I know. I’m sorry, my little songbird. But that’s kind of the best part in all of this, is I get to say sappy things to Tessa and she can’t groan. So, it’s kind of a win-win.

Sharon: Well, I plan on keeping you fully stocked with plenty of smoothies and decaffeinated teas while you recover. And maybe the best thing that Mariah can do for you is to stop cracking so many jokes. Tessa’s not supposed to be laughing, either.

Mariah: Uh…yeah. Wait, what are you trying to say?

Faith: Uh, that we don’t have to worry. Your jokes — not so funny.

Mariah: Wow. Okay, fine.

Faith: Oh! I have the best gift for this situation. You can use this instead of talking. What?

Thank you. I love it.


Faith: I get it. Obviously, Tessa could have just used her phone, but with the whiteboard, she can be more expressive — pictures, emojis. It’s like carrying around her own thought bubble.

Mariah: That’s a very good point. You know, we can also play hangman or ticktacktoe, draw charades. Very good gift. Thank you.

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