Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny tried to help Chad feel better by offering him a job. Alex walked in the room and told him the job was filled. Sonny introduced Chad to his brother. Alex told him that Victor hired him. Sonny was upset that Victor didn’t talk to him about it. Sonny was upset that Victor went behind his back and hired Alex. He used to look up to Alex and ended up resenting him for trying to take over the company. They talked about Alex a little longer and Sonny advised Chad to talk to someone. He wanted to talk to his son. Gwen went to Ava’s place and was surprised to see Kristen there. Kristen told her that Ava was at the DiMera mansion. She wanted some dirt so she could oust Ava from the company. Gwen refused to help her. Kristen reminded her what she did for her. She warned her that she would want something in return. Gwen was about to leave, but she told Kristen that the DiMera mansion wasn’t so great. After Gwen left, Kristen called Rolf and demanded that he wake up Stefan.

Gwen went to the DiMera mansion. She noticed Ava’s ring. She knew the ring used to be hers. She decided not to get mad and asked Ava not to tell anyone she helped her get out of prison the day Abby was killed. Ava wondered if it was because she killed her. Gwen said she didn’t kill her. She felt like they could benefit from her keeping quiet. Ava assured her that her secret was safe. Xander and Sarah went to Statesville. Xander was able to get the warden to get away from the desk. Sarah brought a USB drive so they could copy the files from the warden’s computer. The warden came back so they had to make up a lie to explain what they were doing. Sarah snatched the USB drive out of the computer. Later, Xander and Sarah went back to the hotel room. They noticed that Gwen was missing for a few hours the night Abby was murdered. They found out that Ava and Leo visited Sarah that day. Sarah also found out that Gwen made two calls. She knew she called Leo and Ava. They realized that Ava was the key to proving Gwen killed Abby.

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