Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Gabi not to give up on love. She said it wasn’t fair that she didn’t get more time with Stefan. She said she was open to something new. She said she wasn’t sure how to read Li. Rafe admitted to being jealous of Nicole and Eric. Gabi said Eric and Nicole were each other’s first loves. She said they had a bond that couldn’t be broken. She said they couldn’t make it work. She said Nicole was lucky to have Rafe. Rolf told Li that his medical staff did a wonderful job. Rolf thanked him for funding the lab while he was in prison. Li asked what could be more important than saving Stefano’s son. Li said he wasn’t happy about Rolf using Jake’s heart. Li said he would defund his experiments if he kept getting things from Jake. LI asked if the transplant was a success. Rolf said Stefano should wake up in an hour. Li said that didn’t work since he was involved with Stefan’s widow. He said if Gabi found out Stefan was alive, she would go back to him. He said he wanted Stefan to have an unexpected setback. Rolf threatened to fight Li if he wanted to pull the plug on Stefan. Li said he wanted him to stall Stefano’s return so he could think. He said he didn’t care what Rolf told Kristen. Stefan had to stay on ice until he said otherwise. Rolf didn’t like lying to Kristen because she scared him. Li told him he should be afraid of him.

Kristen told Brady that she wanted to see Rachel. He agreed to let her see Rachel if she resigned from Basic Black and left him and Chloe alone. Kristen said she respected his move, but refused the deal. She said she would fight for shared custody since she was pardoned. Belle went to the police station. She told Shawn that she had to resolve issues surrounding Jake’s death. Shawn asked her how things were going between her and EJ. She said things were cordial, but awkward. She said EJ asked if she and Shawn were getting back together. She said she told EJ that she didn’t know. She told Shawn that she loved him and wanted to move back home. She said she would stay in Claire’s room. She said it would be a good start. He said he would like that. She said she never wanted him to lose Shawn Christian the way he did. When Kristen went back to see Rolf, he told her Stefan’s numbers weren’t right. He said they needed to wait to wake him up. Brady told Chloe that he wasn’t going to let Kristen come between them. Li went to Gabi and asked if she was ready to introduce him to her family. Gabi said she wanted to see where their relationship could go. He said he was happy to hear that.

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